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channel in WWE Clash of Champions 2019 pay-per-view is officially over so it’s
time to round it up discuss what ended up happening at the show some of the
highlights the surprises and give you guys my thoughts on the event we are of
course also talking some of the latest reports including the WWE finally
confirmed me some big reports but before we get into it you guys already know me
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let’s get into it and give you guys my general thoughts in regards to the
pay-per-view I definitely think that it was a thumbs up and it looks like for
most people it did ended up being a thumbs up as always I ended up running a
quick poll on Twitter and over 70% of you guys thought that it was a gift show
and that it was a thumbs up one of the best moments was of course the main
event with Bray Wyatt attacking Seth Rollins but before we get into all of
that we gotta go back to the beginning and let’s go ahead and run down the show
so for the kickoff we actually got two matches there for the cruiserweight
championship match drew gulag defending his title
successfully and then we had United state championship match AJ Styles
defeating sandrich Alexander this was actually a pretty good back and forth
match it was a short one and I wasn’t expecting it to be on the pre-show but
it ended up being in it after the match the oh she ended up attacking Cedric
Alexander in a three-on-one so it’s clear that this view is going to
continue and I’m all for it because we are bound to get an absolute classic
between these two superstars and then we get into the actual main car the first
match of the night we got the raw tag-team championship match
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode defeating Seth Rollins and braun strowman this is
of course a predictable ending to this match there was no way that that we’re
gonna continue having Seth Rollins and Braun attack team champions when they
were gonna be facing against each other for the universal title at the main
event it’s just typical WWE booking it was a
good match Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler ended up
looking good in it and Robert Roode and they’re painting the universe
so champion Seth Rollins certainly the highlight of his WWE career and I hope
they continue this momentum second match of the night we got the SmackDown
Women’s Championship match Bayley defeating Charlotte Flair so towards the
end of this match we had Bayley removing the turnbuckle pad on the bottom rope
and pulley Charlotte Flair down into the exposed turnbuckle
knocking Charlotte Flair ow long enough for Bayley to win the match this was a
bit of an awkward match because Charlotte was dominating for like five
minutes rates on to Bayley finally did this and won then she just went straight
running to the back the good thing was that at least that was a good ending to
this match the third match of then I would get the SmackDown Tag Team
Championship match the revival defeating the new day there was no Randy Orton
interference here the revival actually picked up a good victory against a new
day and ended up cutting a promo to the crowd which was great the one complaint
I got about this and I saw a lot of people point this out is the fact that
the revival is a Monday Night Raw tag-team and now they’re holding the
smackdown tag-team titles so indirectly it looks like the revival are going to
Smackdown live in the upcoming draft I mean they don’t even need to be drafted
they already want the title so they technically belong to the blue brand up
next we got the woman’s tag team championship Alexa bliss and Nikki cross
defeating Mandi rolls in Sonja deville not a surprise here I guess the most
shocking part of the match was that Alexa bliss almost became the 24/7
champion as r-truth was getting chased by the roster and when he got in the
ring Alexa bliss went for a rollup the truth ended up kicking out and was able
to escape into the crowd fifth match of the night we got the Intercontinental
Championship schinsky Nakamura defending his title successfully against
the Miss oh of course with the help of Sami Zayn up next we got probably what
was the best match of the night even though the finish wasn’t the greatest
bro boom a champion Becky Lynch taking on Sasha banks in the middle of this
match we had Sasha banks repair Lea trying to use a
steel chair behind the referees back Becky Lynch grabbed a chair and tried to
hit banks with it but accidentally hit the referee this led into them going
into the crowd it out even at the concession stand and
then finally back into the ring the referee is also finally back up
after like ten minutes of sleeping Sasha banks once again trying to use a couple
of chairs and Becky hat is so she just went on and got disqualified by
attacking Sasha banks with the chair herself she even put her in a chair
assisted disarmer which definitely look extremely brutal in the end again Sasha
banks won the match but it was by disqualification so Becky Lynch is still
champion I can’t in my opinion match of the night even though it ended up in
this type of finish they definitely went at it we got a lot of back-and-forth for
action prowl fighting in the backstage area and so on and the reason why I’m
not crazy complaining about the finish is because it’s clear is gonna lead into
Sasha banks taking on Becky Lynch in a Hell in a Cell match which I am all down
for so bring it on we had a backstage segment with the
three prophet running into king Booker of course hyping up the King of the Ring
tournament finals that is gonna be happening on Monday Night Raw the
seventh match of the night was to No Disqualification match ever-growing
defeating Roman reigns with the help of Thor attorney Luke Harper so he is
finally back after so many rumors that WWE and specifically Vince McMahon
didn’t have anything for him and they really quote-unquote didn’t see any
potential and Luke Harper well he made a shocking return joining up his
bludgeoned brother to defeat Roman reigns and for the main event of the
night we got the universal championship match Seth Rollins taking on braun
strowman braun strowman kicked out of three curb stomps but Seth Rollins was
finally able to put him down after a pedigree followed by a fourth stomp very
good back-and-forth match we got a couple of tables being broken and
magically braun strowman getting up from all of those bumps within a second but
whatever there were some also extra highlights like braun strowman giving us
a freakin frog splat from the top rope so now with savage and i got the crowd
pumped up chanting this is awesome but again in the end Seth Rollins and that
are picking up the victory with a pedigree
Krum stomp that was the fourth one of the match but we’re not done there just
yet because herself is celebrating on the stage we get the fiend that Bray
Wyatt attacking self Rollins first hitting him with the sister Abigail and
then finishing him off what a mandible claw clearly the sets
out Bray Wyatt taking on Seth Rollins at the next pay-per-view heroin a cell
which been teased already it hasn’t even been confirmed by the arena so it’s
happening the other big question is what’s gonna happen to brunch from him
because it’s clear that he cannot win the big one WWE just doesn’t want to
give it to him for some apparent reason so there it is guys that is the recap
for WWE class of champions some of the highlights like a mention Bray Wyatt
attacking Seth Rollins the only title changes that we ended up seeing came
from the tag team champions from Raw and Smackdown on the male side of things and
then we got the big surprise return of Luke Harper which as you guys know he
been kept home for months after requesting his WWE released WWE of
course didn’t grant that release and are finally getting to use him on to some
other news early on today WWE finally confirmed that the draft is coming and
it’s official date has been revealed they posted the following article
there’s about to be a draft in here so it’s not just a superstar shake-up which
is great it is the actual draft the destinies of WWE Superstar will be
determined during a two-night WWE draft taking place live on Friday Night
Smackdown on October 11 which is a week after it debuted on Fox and then the
following Raw which is on October 14 on the USA Network on both nights of the
draft superstars from Raw and SmackDown will appear along with personalities
from Fox and Universal programming to announce select picks that will
determine the roster of each distinct brand so based on this initial
announcement you can expect some surprises there whether it is
celebrities and even some of the extra Fox executives that we probably never
seen on television before they try to spice it up and make it seem like it’s
more of a network type of thing where the USA is competing with
and they tried to get the best superstars this is great and it’s making
it feel more like a sport more specifically like the NFL does it which
I’m sure that Vince McMahon want to handle it that way to make it as
eventful as possible sticking to this and adding extra fuel to what we have
been reporting WWE is spreading the news in a big way that they are moving to Fox
and we got the first looks of the new billboard that are being feature in the
trucks traveling across America and in all of them you can see the new day
Roman reigns Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch which as you guys know have been
featured in multiple of the commercials that we’ve seen so indirectly it really
looks like these our superstars are gonna be drafted to SmackDown I mean
Roman and Charlotte are already in the brand for Becky Lynch and others that
continue to be featured in the advertisement seems to also be drafted
to the blue brand anyways guys that is what I got for you in this video if you
enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to be fully up
today on all of my coverage for pro wrestling
we’ll be back once again covering the latest reports and rounding out Monday
Night Raw so stick around we’re in the road to 200 thousands of screw drivers
am i to t ow you


  1. Macho T I've attended the Clash of Champions live in the audience it was lit Clash of Champions was good in my hometown

  2. I think Bray Wyatt is trying to tell Seth Rollins something!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️✌️👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  3. Strowman should have been Wwe champion by now everyone loves 2 see him whats wrong with wwe why cant they push him already?

  4. I believe becky lynch will be fined for attacking the official then she will have to drop the title then she will be draft to smackdown.

  5. I don't think it's that wwe don't want Braun as champion. Its just Seth's time, plus whats the point of Braun getting it when Wyatt ganna go after it next. Strowman can take the u.s title for awhile. Wyatt turns next then it's Braun

  6. I've been watching WWE 20 plus years and honestly this ppv wasn't really good… Beside the fiend and Luke Harper, the show had no interesting matches. The match order was terrible. Why the hell wasn't the woman's tag titles defended on the pre show. They put one of the biggest stars on the pre show I'd rather see AJ Styles than most of the ppl on that ppv

  7. The Luke Harper thing didn't surprise me.Just wish DB was revealed to be behind it,cause then that whole story would make sense.Fiend at the end attacking Seth was a perfect set up for their Hell In The Cell match.Dolph and Roode seems like a legit team.I also like what Bayley did cause now she seems more like a hell,who still gets love from the fans.And the Sasha and Becky finish made sense cause their Hell In The Cell follow up would be even better and a great way to get a definite winner.As far as Braun I think they are leading up to a Fiend and Braun championship match in the future.So he will get his time for sure!

  8. Hands down, Becky v Sasha was the match of the night! I was there live, and we were so into this match, the match we were most invested in.

  9. Can someone please explain to me why Braun strowman still haven't captured the universal title despite having received so many universal title opportunities.

  10. Is Kofi Kingston banned from your show or something 🤷🏽‍♂️ You didn’t even mention his match nor his presence in the Fox ad

  11. 1:17 to be honest i did not know that the United States Championship match was gonna be on the kickoff i thought it was gonna be on the main pay per view

  12. 4:58 hell i would love to see Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks at Hell In A Cell in a falls count anywhere match for the RAW Women's championship

  13. I don't know what you thought about this paper you can just pay per view was f**** boring as f*** there was no interest at all the crowd I don't know if it what it is but the crowd was that they were like dead like me watching a show like I didn't even care about the matches Braun strowman again they're not pulling the trigger for him to become world champion in all they doing this guy dirty Sasha Banks return for what for her not to get the title that should have gave her the title you know and then create a different story directions storyline but they didn't do that didn't pull the trigger Bailey winning the way she won was f**** stupid always they always do some dumb s*** for ending the tag titles for the women division they were boxing a few things here and there I don't know it was on so and so the Bray Wyatt coming out at the end I don't get that part I don't know why they trying to rush pre-wire to fight Seth Rollins for what's so Seth Rollins cook squash Bray Wyatt that's what's going to happen you know you going to get Bray Wyatt returning any going to squash Bray Wyatt I mean the way they did Braun strowman if it was ridiculous man it's like Seth Rollins should have never won that match Braun strowman should have went through this guy like nothing but again WWE all they focusing on if it's not Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins this is the reason why do you know animals left it wasn't doing s*** with him and I have to wash it with nobody else the tag team division Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode I don't even know why they're giving these guys attack titles these guys should have been on the unsingle path give the tag titles to the Tag Division is that they give it to single guys for sure. Time or whatever Luke Harper returns to pair up with these guys with this guy ever-growing for what what are they getting these guys how many times he's got going to switch gimmicks bludgeon Brothers the Wyatt family now what you going to call these guys what what what are you calling these guys I mean I don't get it I don't get with that Direction with with these two but he's Minute Men these guys I don't know what they going to do with these guys you guys there going to be a tag team or what I don't know what the f*** is going on she's ridiculous Kofi Kingston mattress boring as f*** I'm keeping it a hundred man it was pouring coffee as a champion it doesn't do anything for me at all is getting stale I'm hoping maybe they create a storyline where these guys break up or something I don't know or surprise some people I don't know the backstage segment was f**** ridiculous with the f**** Street profits what are you doing with these guys put them out there and wrestle I don't wrestle out there like all this commotion s*** I come on man I'll have them beat on you guys to be part of the new day or something like that I don't like the Pay-Per-View

  14. I'M HAPPY that the revival won the champions. I was disappointed when Seth won but it was a great match that keep me at the end of my seat .I was shocked that Harper came back Roman vs Rowan was one of the most boring match of all time untill Harper came back. I liked the Becky vs Sasha because they will prob have a hell in a cell match at the ppv I hope Sasha wins that.I liked how kofi beat Orton but at hell in a cell I think that they will have a cell match and I think the revival will be under the ring and come out and attack kofi and Orton becomes new champ.
    Clash of Champions was a thumbs up yo me.

  15. I thought that the Sasha/Becky match was booked properly. Becky didn't need to lose last night, and Sasha didn't need to win in the first match of their program. They could probably do the maint event of Hell in a Cell.

  16. Randy Orton jobbed clean to Kofi Kingston. Calling it right now: John Cena will win the Rumble and face Kingston at Wrestlemania. Kofi will win after taking 2 AAs and going to the ropes twice from 2 STFs, then nailing Cena with 1 TIP.

  17. Robert Roode should get a Universal Championship Match against Seth Rollins after Roode pinned Rollins & I Hope the Upcoming WWE draft is not just a one off thing I really hope wwe keeps RAW & Smackdown with Everything Sepreate no more cross Branded Matches until survivor series I just want WWE To keep them separate like they did in 2016,the One where they can had cross Branded Matches like the Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton Fued or even & Im Going with This The RAW/Smackdown Parking Lot Brawl from 2005 Where Team Smackdown came to Fight Team Raw & The Other stuff like Eric Bischoff telling Edge to Go do Something & On Smackdown We get Edge vs Batista but it was a trap When Kane came out & Chokeslam Batista throug the Announce Table or even from Last Year when the Women From Smackdown came to Raw & Nia Jax Broke Becky Lynch's Face I hope WWE does that when The Draft returns no More Wild Card Rule

  18. I Hope Luke Harper is in WWE 2K20 & I'm Glad Luke Harper is Back All I need is the Fiend with Luke Harper & Erick Rowan In thier Buldgon Brothers Attire that would be So Awesome& While Not add Bruan Strowman Into the Mix I Wouldn't mind seeing all Four of Them back Together again

  19. It was an all right ppv but mainly left me scratching my head most of the night: why were a majority of the matches so short? Why did bayley run to the back like she was guilty of murder? Was that a heel turn from becky after the match?

  20. I hope in WWE 2K20 we Get to do Woken Matt Hardys turnbuckle Delete move where he slams his opponents head into the turnbuckle multiple times while he is saying Delete Delete Delete WWE Should Do Broken/Woken Matt Hardy & Brother Nero Jeff Hardy When He Returns from Injury vs The Fiend Bray Wyatt & Bruan Strowman if He joins up with The Feind that would be awesome to see

  21. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but Rollins needs to lose the stomp. I can’t even tell you how bored I am of seeing him hit stomp after stomp after stomp until he wins. 🙄 If you need to hit it more than once, it’s not a finish move. Why is that so difficult to understand?

  22. Becky lynch was always a smackdown superstar she was the first smackdown women champion. So Becky lynch need to come back to smackdown and she is the queen of smackdown not Charlotte.

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