WWE DROPPING Scripted Promos! WWE Faction REUNITING?! NXT & AEW Review! | WrestleTalk News

WWE DROPPING Scripted Promos! WWE Faction REUNITING?! NXT & AEW Review! | WrestleTalk News

Coming up on today’s episode, WWE may be
heading away from scripted promos, an ex-WWE star was backstage at AEW last night, a WWE
faction may be reuniting for Wrestlemania, Laurie recaps last night’s episode of a
post-Takeover Portland NXT, and Luke recaps last night’s AEW Dynamite featuring a Steel
Cage match. Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk STACKED
News and STACKED Reviews. I am Chopper Pete Quinnell. If you ask any current wrestling fan what
one of the biggest problems with the current WWE product is, they might respond by saying
it’s the 3 hours of Raw, Vince McMahon being out of touch with current trends, too much
wrestling in one week with Raw, SmackDown and NXT, the horrible booking of babyfaces,
uninteresting and repetitive storylines, feuds that never end and a partridge in a pear tree. But then eventually, they also might say it’s
the dreaded scripted promos. One of the things that wrestling fans from
times gone by might yearn for is the feeling that you’re watching real characters in
the ring, rather than a performance and a script written by some boomers to make it
sound all hip and cool with the youngsters. Suffering succotash, am I right lads? This was even highlighted by Jon Moxley as
one of the prime reasons he left WWE. But now it seems that it may be finally about
to change. WWE Hall of Famer and resident puppy admirer
Jerry The King Lawler appeared on an episode of The Steve Austin Show, and among other
things, he spoke about Paul Heyman being in charge of Raw is changing the product. “Now that Paul Heyman is sort of in charge
of RAW, it’s so much not the characters that are being predetermined by the writers or
creative. They’re giving the guys a chance to be themselves
just like [Austin was] back when [Austin] became ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. Nobody was telling you, ‘oh, this is how it
[has] got to be.’ [Austin was himself] and [he] was given that
opportunity and [Austin] took it.” Austin himself chimed in to echo the sentiment
by saying: “When you’ve got somebody micromanaging you
and telling you every single thing to do, you kind of turn into a robot and you think,
‘am I doing this right? Am I doing this wrong? Am I screwing this up?’ You’re too much in your head.” Fingers crossed this trend can continue, as
the quality of the Monday Night show has increased dramatically in recent times, with this change
in focus on characters being one of the main factors of it. But shifting over to their rivals over at
AEW for a second, and last night’s episode of Dynamite was a bit of a stonking episode
wasn’t it? Luke will have a full recap of the show in
a little bit, but an interesting point about the show was one that no-one in the crowd
would have seen. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, former
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Austin Aries was backstage at last night’s AEW show, alongside
DDP. Apparently Aries has been working alongside
DDP lately with DDP Yoga, and was visiting along with DDP backstage at the show. Now before we get all ‘Austin Aries to AEW
confirmed’ on you, according to Johnson’s report, Aries was just visiting, so don’t
expect any shock debuts from him in the near future. But then again if he’s backstage and getting
to know the talent and the producers of the show and the company, then who’s to say
what could happen in the future? Something we very well may be seeing in the
future however, is a former faction in WWE reuniting for WrestleMania. According to PWInsider, WWE have booked both
Brodus Clay and Cameron for WrestleMania 36 weekend, who some of you might remember as
being two thirds of The Funkasaurus & The Funkadactyls, alongside Naomi. With Naomi being reportedly pencilled in to
face Bayley at the Show of Shows, perhaps this is going to lead to a reunion of the
three, perhaps with Naomi being the frontrunner with Clay and Cameron as her backup. Or perhaps they could attempt to reunite with
her to steal her spotlight, before she pies them off and stands tall with the SmackDown
Women’s Championship after defeating Bayley. Feel The Glow and all that. Either way it’ll be interesting to see The
Funkasaurus back on our screens, unless they have just been booked for a WrestleMania Axxess
show, which is entirely possible. And now over to Laurie for the NXT Recap,
hot tag! It’s post TakeOver NXT which means all the
matches you didn’t get to see on that card! Devlin vs Rush! Strong vs Dream! Chelsea Green and Kayden Carter…? The show kicks off with the arrival of the
Undisputed Era who are looking a little light around the waists following Portland. But Adam Cole is still carrying his gold bay
bay, and he says he’s the greatest champion and someone so obsessed like Ciampa could
never have defeated the Era. Strong then talks up his match with Dream,
but is cut off as the Experience goes aural, aural like in your ears, and Velveteen’s
disembodied voice tells him to leave the boys at home for their match and make time for
the two of them. After that Lio Rush challenged Jordan Devlin
for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship for your weekly dose of black and gold flippy
shit. It was as ever an awesome match – though I
never really bought into the Rush win, maybe because of the looming spectre of NXT UK Takeover
Dublin. But I’ll happily watch Jordan Devlin headbutt
his way to victory until then. We then saw Dakota Kai and her taller clone
Reina Gonzalez cementing their friendship backstage, but an unasked for Big Willy Reegs
interrupts to dick on proceedings and tell Kai she has a steel cage match with Tegan
Nox in two weeks. We then see the last ride of the angel Cathy
Kelly, interviewing Rhea Ripley who says that though Charlotte cheap shotted her, she ultimately
got what she wanted at Tortuga 36. Austin Theory is scheduled for a match, but
Daddy is home and I think he lost some money on the races because he is pissed. Ciampa grabs a mic to go off on one about
Gargano, Theory tries to yank the mic, but gets donked. He then tries the same thing expecting different
results and meets the very definition of insanity. Which is Ciampa, who knees his head off and
chucks him about at ringside, for ages. They’ve got a match next week. Finn Balor cuts a promo saying he’s now
proven he’s the best in NXT, but we’ll hear more from him next week. Long tenured tag team Joaquin Wilde and Raul
Mendoza, who haven’t just been thrown together because they’ve nothing else on, psst, you
shut up, come out and get a mauling at the hands of the Grizzled Young Vets, who I think
could be being groomed for a big Takeover showdown with The Broserweights. Post match Gibson calls everyone neckbeards
while mocking the star-spangled banner – all the shoes across America came off at this
exact moment. Shoes off if you hate Gibson. Speaking of the finger snapping, spliff banging
bros, they’re out next and their golf cart has been impounded and according to Riddle
the stallion cup has a wellness policy violation and is suspended for 30 days. I’ve said it before, I’m not blown away
by this stuff – but I really enjoyed their match with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, because
this was stifffffffff. Stiff Matt, not spliff. Broserweights win fairly handily, but it was
lovely to see the tough nut team return. Also returning to NXT was Kona Reeves, who
makes the very silly mistake of attempting to interrupt Keith Lee, earning himself a
pounce for his troubles, Keith then says ring the bell, hits the jackhammer and gets another
win under his belt. Dominik Dijakovic arrives to say he had Keith
beat at Portland, but his back gave out on a top rope spanish fly. Lee no ‘ifs’, because the fact is he won,
but if Dijak can talk everyone into it he’s more than happy to fight forever. The Robert Stone brand relaunch sees Chelsea
Green and Kayden Carter go at it, the match is interrupted by Bianca Belair doing a Kanye,
I’mma let you finish, she wants Charlotte and she’s gonna whoop that ass. Back in the match though, Stone trips Carter
letting Green hit an unprettier for the victory. I don’t know what is going on with this
brand or why everyone is interrupting everything. For the main course we get Roderick Strong
verses Velveteen Dream in a match that was sloppy in places. Roddy worked the back injury of Dream, living
up to his messianic moniker, but ultimately came a cropper as Dream fought off the whole
UE, nailed a last second kick out, and Dream Valley Drivered his way to victory. Before the obligatory swarming of the Era. Who stood tall to close the show. NXT was a touch disjointed this week, with
great wrestling as always but too many interruptions in odd places. It felt like a rest week after the magic that
was Takeover Portland though, so I won’t hold it against them too much. Over to Luke and his review of the inferior
AEW Dynamite, sorry Tony, please don’t cut our funding. Thanks for that review there, Fakidor – but
it’s now time to get Elite! As I review the 19th of February 2020 edition
of AEW Dynamite… in about 4 minutes. I did say 2020 this time, right? The show kicked off with the tag team battle
royal which was fricking awesome. The match not only had a lot of fun spots,
but also furthered some storylines and started others – like Best Friends now warring with
Butcher & Blade, Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz, and SCU’s war with Dark Order – who teased
that Raven was the Exalted One. Please be Raven, please be Raven, please be
Raven. Dark Order even gave a mask to CIMA of Strong
Hearts who seemling accepted the offer – which ties into the history between him and SCU’s
Christopher Daniels. There was a lot of spinning plates here. The finish saw Matt came back from a two-man
deficit against Santana & Ortiz of Inner Circle to win the match for the Young Bucks. This was a lot of fun, and a brilliant way
to kick off the show. Britt Baker joined commentary for Kris Statlander
vs. Shanna, which felt like the next chapter in AEW’s subtle reset of the women’s division
last week. Statlander picked up the win in a really decent
match, and set herself up as the next contender to Nyla Rose during her really solid promo
with Tony Schivone. Big Swole also got involved too so is this…
is this a storyline in the women’s division over the title? Taz came out for commentary for Jon Moxley
taking on the debuting Jeff Cobb, presumably so he could get off on all of Cobb’s suplexes. And he wasn’t the only one, as I was popping
hard throughout the match. AEW did their best to protect Cobb in the
loss to Moxley here, having him pick up Mox off a pinning attempt that he could have won
– which he did because he was hired by Jericho to beat up Le Champion’s #1 contender – and
Mox eeked out the win by hooking Cobb’s leg off a deadlift suplex back into the ring. Chris Jericho was watching from ringside – or
was he, I don’t know maybe there’s a truther out there who can tell me he was a figment
of my imagination implemented by the satanic government – and he and Inner Circle beat
up Mox after the bell. Dustin Rhodes came down for the save, and
Darby Allin made his AEW return to a humongous pop – Turns out Atlanta love skateboard riding
goths – to beat up Inner Circle with his skateboard like he’s Bart in the Simpsons Arcade game. This was awesome stuff. Mox looked good, Cobb looked great, Dustin
continued his build with Jake Hager, and Allin’s pop showed that he really could be one of
the top guys in this company. And there was little time to let up, as Lucha
Bros. took on the tag team champions Hangman Page and Kenny Omega in a fan-flipping-tastic
tag bout. This was all action all the time, and featured
some truly mind blowing spots and nearfalls. This was seriously so, so great. Page picked up the win for this team after
the Buckshot/V-Trigger combo, and celebrated with the crowd afterwards. This was just amazing. Go out of your way to see it. We’re getting AEW action figures, with the
first series including the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Cody and… Brandi Rhodes. Huh. And then we got our main event of Cody vs.
Wardlow in the first-ever AEW cage match. Here’s my first note: The AEW cage is huge. My second note is that Cody is proof that
you can have a true whitemeat babyface in 2020, which he showed perfectly when he picked
up the win over Wardlow – pinning him from a moonsault off the enormous cage after the
big man kicked out of a Diamond Ring shot and Cross Rhodes. This was an insane spectacle, and it was an
exceptional way to end an exceptional episode of wrestling. So that was this week’s AEW Dynamite in
about 4 minutes, vote in the poll above my head to let me know what you thought of the
show using the options on screen. This was the perfect wrestling show. It featured great matches, great promos, great
storylines, great characters, and great drama. I loved every single second of it, and have
no doubts in giving this the full 5 out 5, All Elite. Were Matt Hardy’s WWE exit plans changed? Click the video on screen right now to check
that out. And click the other video to watch my interview
with Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler where we play a fun guessing game! I’ve been Luke Owen and that was wrestling.

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