WWE Has CONCERNING PLANS For Top Stars! Huge Plans For WRESTLEMANIA Returns – Round Up

WWE Has CONCERNING PLANS For Top Stars! Huge Plans For WRESTLEMANIA Returns – Round Up

I feel like I’m watching one of my
movies cuz this whole damn thing sucks what’s up guys welcome back to the
channel it’s always rounding up all the latest in Pro Wrestling coming up we got
some catching up to do because there’s a lot of breaking reports heading into the
Royal Rumble and WrestleMania talks of four different incoming potential
returns that could created for some very good storyline this WrestleMania season
including a retired superstar rumored to have a match soon which I never thought
I would be reporting on the latest regarding NXT nae w looks like WWE’s
planning to embarrass a certain tag team for the next couple of months just in
case they decide to leave the company and it’s not good news we’re also
talking the latest in regards to Smackdown before we get into it don’t
make sure to elbow drop it and keep a look out that those notifications are
turned on to never miss a coverage anyway so let’s dive into it and let’s
start off this weekend with the hot topic of discussion we already know that
we are on the road to Wrestlemania or at least we are on the way to it because
the next big pay-per-view is gonna be the Royal Rumble and this is the best
time of the year to be watching the WWE as is usually when we get the biggest
product and when WWE put all of their eggs in one basket and we get to start
seeing major returns or at least reports indicating that we could be getting big
names on TV fairly soon and one of those names that just popped up is John Cena
as new reports indicate that he wants to have a big role at WrestleMania 36
wrestle votes made the report stating the following her recently that John
Cena wants to do something substantial at WrestleMania
more than just an appearance like last year John Cena resides within the Tampa
area seems like this WrestleMania is important to him the big takeaway from
all of this is that he wants to do cronic or something substantial not just
an appearance at WrestleMania 35 early on this year we had John Cena in a
segment where he brought back doctor of talk anomic John Cena and went back and
forth with Elias for a little bit or I shouldn’t say it was back and forth it
was more like john cena just insulting elias i stuck
the dog anomic skit only do it was a very special moment honestly one of the
highlights of the year even though John Cena didn’t even wrestle he was just
there for five minutes to entertain the crowd but he made his WrestleMania
appearance and kept our streak going of being at WrestleMania for multiple years
consecutively he now at wrestlemania 36 takes place on April 5th 2020 and it
looks like he wants to do more than just being there for a segment without being
said that means odd John Cena wants a match at the big event
Cena has spent most of the year focusing on his acting career we know he could
still go he worked two more time man matches back on Raw in January what
hasn’t wrestle since then so he has been away from the entering competition for a
while and it’s gonna be good to see him back it’s kind of crazy maybe five years
ago I didn’t want to see John Cena on a weekly basis but now that he has been
gone for so long every time the dirt room was that he
might return I get excited I mean I know a lot of you guys also do because John
Cena’s just one of the guys that could go out there and kind of sell us a match
literally in one promo which not a lot of superstars could do right now he
could also go out there and with the right opponent give us an entertaining
match now the big question is this substantial thing that he wants to do as
a match who will he be facing will we get a rematch of him versus the
Undertaker which I only bring that up because there were so many rumors last
year indicating that WWE wanted to do that rematch there were also reports of
him going against the like of Jim McIntyre or maybe it would just be
against someone who we have no idea but let me know your thoughts down in the
comments below sticking with WrestleMania season the
Royal Rumble is just a month away and there seems to be some slight
confirmation on another return according to wrestling or server Kane next day
with WWE is the 2020 Royal Rumble pay-per-view while it is not known what
exactly he will be doing at the event Brock Lesnar will also be at the show
and there has been rumor about a potential rematch from the crown jewel
event between these two superstars also worth mentioning
that on Twitter Cain announced that he was pumped for Wrestlemania week in
Tampa Florida even letting the WWE Universe that they could use a pre-sale
cocaine WWE and get tickets for all of the WrestleMania week event so clearly
he’s going to be there he’s gonna be part of that whole week and wouldn’t be
surprised if WWE’s planning to have a big match with him hopefully by then
we’re not getting the one-minute match that we got a crown jewel between him
and Brock lesner and we extend that maybe to like five
minutes so that we could get a bit more another big-name rumored to be returning
at the Royal Rumble that is Ronda Rousey as we covered before she is even favored
to win the woman’s Royal Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania to take on Becky
Lynch at the same time though we have gotten contradicting reports some
indicating that maybe Ronda Rousey is never gonna come back to the WWE but
that doesn’t seem to be the case I Stephanie McMahon did talked about Ronda
Rousey in a recent interview confirming that Ronda Rousey will indeed return
although she didn’t indicate one Stephanie stated the following Ronda
Rousey would definitely be back that is the plan but as of now I’m not sure
where and one brand that has been away from WWE since loosing the world woman’s
title to Becky Lynch in the WrestleMania 35 main event which also featured
Charlotte Flair Ronda Rousey took time off as she and her husband wanted to
expand their family which was covered on total divas and she recently even did an
update indicating that she is still trying to get pregnant but maybe all of
that is to throw us off and maybe she is gonna be back just for the wrestlemania
36 season so that we can finally get that Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch
singles match that so many of us wanted to happen at this year’s WrestleMania to
add to all of this a couple of months ago Triple H reveal that Ronda Rousey
has been pitching ideas for her WWE return so if this isn’t confirmation
that she is 100% going to be returning and sooner than later then I don’t know
what is because it certainly looks like it
and thinking would return gesture is just way too many reports of returns
right now it’s just what happens every single year heading into
the biggest show the grand stage of them all Never Say Never in professional
wrestling even with wrestlers who have said in the past that they will never
wrestle again and this time we’re talking about the rated-r superstore
edge to catch you guys up to speed we had a wrestling or server a month ago
indicating that the words talk of edge returning to wrestling again since that
time edge was seen in PA what wrestler goes to get cleared and the word from
people in WWE is that he signed a new contract another interesting note on
this is that he is no longer doing his podcast with a Christian and he has been
telling people that he is in great shape and feels better than ever
then at WrestleMania this year he speared Elias and was said to be feeling
better than he was in years it was just his beer of course it was nothing way
too crazy but technically when it comes to the WWE they wouldn’t let him do it
if they know that he could actually do it now we’re getting reports from PW
Insider indicating that edge sign a really good money deal with WWE with a
nice outside Mike Johnson also speculated that we will see edge as he
surprised in the Royal Rumble and we will probably see him do a few matches
over the next few years now that Royal Rumble return is just a speculation as
of right now but things are really lining up and it feels like we are gonna
be getting a rated-r return and if he is indeed returning and stepping back into
the ring then we will likely not get official confirmation on anything on to
the day of the show as it will probably be a massive surprise what is
interesting is that he has signed a lucrative deal which will mean that he
can be integrated into storylines similar to someone like Brock Lesnar or
Goldberg it’s retired in 2011 due to neck issues which is a serious thing
which kind of makes me concern about the whole situation but I do feel like WWE
knows what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff look at Daniel Bryan they
made him retire and before WWE approved Daniel Bryan for his return he had to go
all over the world getting clear by multiple
mutters when then WWE kinda ease into it so again they wouldn’t be doing it if
they know that edge is not ready to compete so overall this upcoming year
it’s gonna be interesting when it comes to returns all of these reports of
course edge has been denying for a couple of months now so as we mentioned
here we won’t know until it actually happens moving into some other news if
you guys been keeping up with the Wednesday night warning for Wars here’s
the latest on all of this there was a clear winner this week between WWE NXT
na W dynamite and exceed won the night significantly by more than 100,000
viewers both shows were likely affected by the impeachment coverage that
dominated the major cable networks and the ops I on the WWE side of things is
that NXT also won in most of the key demographics so it’s clear that the
decision to put on two big title matches was he good move by WWE
they had Adam Koch versus Finn Balor which saw the return of Johnny gargano
so Adam Coe managed to retain the title and then in the main event Sheena Baylor
400-plus title reign came to an end at the hands
of RIA Ripley on the other side we had a aew featuring Chris Jericho taking on
jungle boy in a 10 minute time limit match and see you defending the world
tag team titles against the young bucks and the show opened up with a very good
taxing match with the lucha bros defeating hangman page and kenny omega
moving into some other news and not some good news that is as there’s some worry
reports regarding the revival in the WWE despite holding both the role in the
SmackDown Tag Team Championship this year 2019 has certainly not been the
best year for the revival that’s water in Scott Dawson were part of a goofy
feel with the Oso for a couple of months it showed that WWE sees the revive was
nothing more than a comedy tag-team despite being one of the top tag teams
in the industry right now they also been taking a lot of loss of
late even getting defeated before Survivor Series before they got a
massive tag team match that was supposed to happen and it seems like the comedy
segments and all of this are going to continue into 2020 as in
the latest wrestling a server newsletter reports indicate that after – waters a
planned trip during his entrance last week on Smackdown life
WWE plans is to turn the duo into comedy character which is probably the worst
thing that you could do with this acting because they go out there and they
preach the traditional pro wrestling style how is that going to work
clearly WWE is gonna be wasting their time and more than likely the plan is to
try to embarrass them just in case they try to leave next year when the contract
is up we know there’s multiple reports indicating that the revival one towel
and yes they’ve been playing that often they be denying it but everyone denies
these type of rumors are first until of course it actually happens WWE should
instead be taking them serious and utilizing these guys to the rest of the
ability which is inside the ring giving those five-star matches and if they’re
not gonna do that please just trade them to NXT so we could get another classic
between them and the undisputed era that was literally one of the best matches
that we got in this year and the revival look like a complete different team
because when you see them rest on Raw Smackdown there are overly produced then
you see them go back to NXT and we literally get a 30 minute classic
certainly a bit frustrating to be hearing all of this anyways guys to end
this run up we’re talking about Smackdown live tonight if you’re
watching before that they’re gonna be at the Barclays Center – 9 New York City so
it looks like I’m making a trip and I’m gonna be watching it live so make sure
to follow the social media so that you guys can see some of the extra pictures
that I’m gonna be posting anyways there are two matches confirmed for tonight
that is the new day taking on schinsky Nakamura and Cesaro and Dana Brooke
taking on Bayley in a rematch from last week they’re also teasing what’s next
for Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt anyways guys that is Teddy for this coverage if
you enjoy I found this informative you already know me so – elbow drop it join
us we Underwood’s 200,000 subscribers I’ll see you on the next one so stay

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