she was gone some people can’t hack
loser they can’t step them they can’t realize that when you lose it’s just a
chance to get better it’s a chance to learn and it’s chance to grow what is up
guys welcome back to the channel and to another roundup episode keeping you
up-to-date on all the latest news and rumors in Pro Wrestling and we got a lot
of reports heading into SummerSlam some of the internal chaos that apparently is
happening in the WWE right now a huge report denied o Heyman latest changes
and pulling a match out of the SummerSlam car Becky Lynch goes at it
once again and much more but before we get into a cheap plug if you guys
haven’t yet hit a notification and subscribe to the channel just to be
fully up to date on all of my pro wrestling coverage for some exclusive
reward you cause to become a member to the channel nonetheless I let’s get into
it let’s round it out and let’s begin with my god everybody talking about
right now and that is WWE potentionally just taking over the indie scene which
more or less is what they’ve been trying to do for a couple of years now because
it’s part of their business even if we don’t want it to happen the next
installment to all of this is report indicating that WWE is interested in
purchasing fight TV what are those reports actually true and we got a good
update on it but the initial report indicated the following WWE has as I
said on purchasing streaming platform fight TV according to a latest Wrestling
Observer Newsletter which stated the following WWE has had
recent interest in purchasing fight TV to the point there are meetings upcoming
regarding it what that will mean is not clear Aska they just only thinking it is
a good future business and have it run separately from the WWE Network or
incorporate it into it as a higher tier 5 TV of course air several combat sports
including boxing MMA and kickboxing and a hell of a lot much more wrestling
promotions including Ring of Honor mo W New Japan Pro Wrestling and most
recently possibly the biggest one is a W in international market as well as
smaller promotions so if WWE were to buy them there are
ultimately by a very good at streaming platform and
honestly it could be a huge blow to independent wrestling on all levels
because once is in WWE hands who knows what they’re gonna do with it they might
just cancel it or just even make it harder for other promotions to be
featured in it which at that point we’ll just make it next to useless right now
the platform is so great because there’s just so many promotions in one place
making things easy it is like the home of independent wrestling it’s almost all
of them held their major events within that same platform most recently it has
gotten a massive boost because of aew and everybody tuning in to watch their
special events but without a tower ATW sooner or later is gonna have its
own type of service seperated from all of this they already go hard with the
bleacher report live which is related to their television network but as I
mentioned they are still bringing in a heavy traffic internationally on fight
TV WWE week you’ll be making this type of move especially after the big
influence weight W but as I said there is some good report because of ITV
Twitter account actually responded to this report and indicated the following
no worries fight is here to stay smiley face and know we are not in
discussion so with WWE so that is a great update coming directly from the
source unfortunately though as you guys know when it comes to these type of
rumors and reports everything has to be taken with a grain of salt because even
if they are talking with the WWE chances are they’re not able to reveal something
like that but it is promising that they’re denying it moving into some
other news in the latest in regards to Paul Heyman a new reports indicate that
he made the decision to put the WWE woman tag team titles change on this
week’s Raw instead of SummerSlam it’s being reported that the fatal 4-way
which saw Nikki cross and Alexa bliss captured the title by defending former
champions the iconic Sonja Davila Mandir oohs and AHS can carry Zane West
schedule for the SummerSlam car the match ended up happening on this week’s
go home raw episode the speculation is the Heyman made the move because he
figured the title change would mean more what a longer match which they
to unroll and it could be showcased better on ROI instead of being a
forgotten part of the loan pay-per-view car and all I gotta say is clap it out
for Paul Heyman because honestly Nikki Cross and Alexa bliss winning the title
wasn’t that bad because the match was actually decently long and it was
probably the most that we have seen Alexa bliss wrestle with in the last
couple of months this is much more better than them just getting a
five-minute match at SummerSlam I support Heyman probably expected so
good move on his part and talking about this it looks like the woman
championship are actually gonna be used from now on because they already got a
match for the next Monday Night Raw as it was announced that Alexa bliss and
Nikki cross will put the title on the line against Oscar and Kerry Zane on Raw
after SummerSlam look at that all of the suddens these title are actually gonna
be on television on a weekly basis I love it and sticking with SummerSlam
let’s talk about it because there is a lot of updates for it recent reports
indicate that SummerSlam is not yet sold out which one you like out it is a
surprise this is supposed to be one of their four big pay-per-view of the year
and it’s usually sold out right away trust me I will know because the last
four years summer something has been in my hometown New York City and it’s
always held to get tickets it’s always either very limited which is high
expensive or I just need to get it from a third party which is also high
expensive but this year apparently ticket sales are in such a low demand in
Toronto that they’re going dirt cheap on the secondary market that doesn’t even
include the amount of tickets on Ticketmaster there are still available
for NXT takeover Toronto Raw and Smackdown live ringside new reports of
sources describing this whole thing as internal chaos and it has been a bit of
a scary load for the WWE now there’s no doubt that they’re gonna sell it out as
we get closer to the event but again it is a concern because we are talking
about SummerSlam larly the second or third biggest pay-per-view of the WWE on
a yearly basis it’s hard to say the full reasoning of it but there’s no doubt
that the build-up toward SummerSlam has been lackluster even though the WWE has
been improving over the last couple of weeks so they’re just gonna have to keep
it going and continue improving Raw and Smackdown cause
ultimately that’s the only thing that really sells pay-per-view moving into
some other news we’re talking the revival oh my god to revive are going to
AE w JK guys is just a joke I feel like at this point this is a mean but it’s
because of the revival themself and it looks like they’re not happy with the
WWE once again I wonder if that’s because
they’re not holding Championships anymore so as we know there are yet to
sign a new contract with the company and they just recently lost the title so
there are definitely out of the summer salon card this year in fact when you
look at the full car from top to bottom there isn’t any tag-team titles or any
tactic wrestling on the show this is why that’s water tweeted out the following
which tag-team match are you most excited about this Sunday at SummerSlam
anything could obviously change but head mocking the WWE like that it’s probably
not a good idea it’s also interesting to note the fact that when they had the
championship they were not complaining now all of the sudden they’re teasing
going aw having a match with the young bucks and once again trolling the WWE
for their lack of tag-team wrestling to be fair though you can’t really blame
that’s water for speaking out like this because it’s true WWE where the hell is
the tag-team division you have three different taxis in your division and as
of right now none of them are being defended at a big event like SummerSlam
until some other news but we are not done just yet when it comes to people
calling out others cuz Becky Lynch had a very good message sent out to Sasha
banks and this is the Becky Lynch that I love to see as during a Q&A with Sky
Sports she went hard on Sasha banks monkey in
the production rolling oh yeah if Sasha banks could hack it and she didn’t just
get a jacket and she’s off crying like Ronda Rousey then I would love to face
her but unfortunately she couldn’t take losing she lost the Tag Team
Championship and she was gone she was some people can’t hack loser they can’t
step they can’t realize that when you lose it’s just a chance to get better
it’s a chance to learn and it’s a chance to grow and said she wants to talk about
oh the freakin wind and the butterflies and the freaking cocoons and I’m a
rabbit that’s coming from the earth and the soil and whatever else you want to
put on their little freakin social media Club
come find me Sasha if you wanted this message from Becky Lynch comes at a very
interesting time because as we’ve been reporting Sasha banks returned to the
WWE is eminent and separately things between her and the company has been
settled down and she’s ready for return and the last piece of news that I got
for you guys it’s in regards up to why one of the matches that were supposed to
happen at SummerSlam actually got next and given to us a bit early in the match
we’re talking about is Alistair black versus Sami Zayn a week before Sami Zayn
Charlie Tallis – black – a match out specifically SummerSlam
Alistair black accepted it this week but on Smackdown live and it looks like the
reason for all of this specifically been some men who showed up on Smackdown
hated the whole script ripped it up making this writer to come up with a new
one The Observer reports that after this new
script was written they were still like in our laughs of television time that
they needed to fill up which is why they decided to just do Alistair black versus
Sami Zayn at the event which if you guys look back on it it was a bit of a longer
match than the other ones so they did have that extra time anyways guys that
is what I got for you in this Ronda pepper so if you enjoy don’t forget to
elbow drop it and turn on those notifications to be fully up-to-date on
all the latest winter with 100,000 subscribers imma – t ow dig it you


  1. Well Macho I got to tell you straight up Vince McMahon doesn't care about the tag team division which is sad. Macho T stays in Brooklyn side in NY no wonder why you a Savage.

  2. Spoiler: Sasha banks is the one that going to take Becky’s title at the next paper view after summmerslam yup Sasha retune to face Becky

  3. I might really really dislike Nikki cross and she's my least fav women wrestler but….she deserved it .

    But I'll still like to see the kabuki warriors.

  4. Fake news man! I think Marty Fakenewsman has been spreading shit. Fite already came out saying theres no truth to the rumour

  5. Wwe should have a meeting with Disney and gets some tips on how to take over a company cause you know Disney pretty much owns EVERYTHING!

  6. If wwe want to sell out in Canada they need to make history they have make the man vs Natalya as the main event off summer slam

  7. I bet Paul want the women tag titles be defended on raw because it was reported that Vince doesn't care about those titles and have no for the titles.

  8. I got to disagree with you about the Revival. They were not happy before they had the titles because of the way they were being used. They really haven't been happy for a while not just because they don't have the titles anymore

  9. Do you even do any research before opening your mouth…….FITE TV released a statement indicating that WWE isnt buying them and they arent for sale. Please stop spreading bullshit news what you are correct one out or 20 things you talk about. Please do more research your wrestling news suck

  10. You are so right that this response from Fite, should be taken as a grain of salt, if something is in the works, you can bet that Vince is not going to allow this to be revealed just yet, the reasons are obvious. As for the title change, this is a great & long overdue move by Paul. It doesn't matter where it took place, it had to happen as soon as possible. This is one of the reasons that the true wrestling fans are so upset w/WWE. Do I need to get into the many reasons that this needed to be done as soon as possible. I don't think so. I don't think that you really believe that comment you made about the Revival, You know why they aren't happy, they've been where they are heading, & it's plain to see that they are tired of being on the shelves. Who's Becks fooling, & I remember when she wasn't such a good looser either.

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