WWE Monday Night Raw, But it’s the Australian Dub

WWE Monday Night Raw, But it’s the Australian Dub

Fuckin’ oath cunt. (Commentator) Scarnon cunts and welcome back to Monday Night Raw. Earlier we had some cunt talk about some absolute fuckin’ bullshit, his name was Steve or some shit. I dunno, fuckin just play the replay ya cunts. (Stone Steve Cold Austin)
You’ll never face me in the ring! My name is Stone Steve Cold Austin. And I’m the best in the business you’ll never face me and survive it! Not if there’s a cage, not if there’s a fuckin’ steel pole, not if there’s a kendo stick or a steel chair. I’m gonna win all the fuckin’ fights in this place, and then I’ll leave with your title, your WWE Title. I’m Stone Steve Cold Austin, and this is me signing out! What an absolute shit-cunt that bloke is. Hold on a second we’ve got some more cunts live in the ring, let’s cross to it right now.. (Commentator 1) What the fuck?! Oh my goodness! What the fuck is mad Mick Dundee doin’ out here? He’s fuckin’ injured, he should be in hospital… this is absolutely horrendous! (Commentator 2)
Yeah alright mate calm the fuck down, let’s just hear what this cunt’s got to say alright.. (Mad Mick Dundee)
I hope you’re ready for an absolute ass-kickin tonight. I’m comin’ with all me mates – Chainsaw Fuckwit, fuckin’ Cuntis McBeefCake, they’re all comin’ down to beat ya in the ring. It’s gonna be a three-on-one, me, Cuntis McBeefcake and that other fuckwit. And we’re gonna take ya down, old-school fuckin aussie style cunt! Your title is mine you little faggot! (Commentator 1)
Holy shit can you bloody believe it!? It’s gonna be a three-on-one handicap match! Here I was thinkin’ he was meant to be in hospital. This is absolutely incredulous! I can’t believe it! Stay tuned ya fuckin’ cunce!

28 thoughts on “WWE Monday Night Raw, But it’s the Australian Dub

  1. Your title is mine you little cunce!

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  2. Australian dub for the WWF but it’s not Nathan Jones and it’s not even Outback Jack. … But then why would they need a dub….

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