WWE NXT  Today 8th January 2020 Highlights HD | WWE NXT Highlight 01 08 2020 |  wwe daily updates

WWE NXT Today 8th January 2020 Highlights HD | WWE NXT Highlight 01 08 2020 | wwe daily updates

there’s an opportunity to do this so
everybody remembers the name dodgy Kovac you see what UK women’s team gathers as
you file a big bro for 2019 and the only two topics camp memories like being inside of this ring
NXT Women’s Champion celebrating on top of your shoulders I am never ever ever
going to forget a storm storm bxg arena RIA I am so
proud of you I honestly am you you deserve this
remember that time when I beat it twice this Sunday I’m gonna become a next UK
women’s trap you’re gonna go ahead and become a double champion if you’ve got
the guts to accept to really turn in I accept
well Tony nobody really believes that I got 20/20 vision I can see them better
than you do I don’t even go here and I’m better than you you want to fight to the NXT Women’s
Title the NXT UK women ladies to me this will be a six women tag team match offend ignite she’s in the exterior
isolating the Rey a women’s wargames match but she was stabbed in the back
being ripped into those groups the way we started everyone on really in the end
looting such a good plane tomorrow all of these women elite competitors just as
soon won again opportunity making a vet bet that’s why he team Steve Clayton
another one to the chest pop junk over there overwhelming the way with these do
a punishment and dish it out as well chronic shoulder block what a tackle tag
is made tough Sunday at NXT UK takeover Blackpool food store
we looked all roughly the raisiny territory right now suplex by Bellaire
folks over to the lateral press hooks the leg
make that Bellaire will Ray and Ray Henry yeah
save for that hiccup that’s all they’re not tenacious even look at the wedding
on the NXT Women’s Champion get the official doesn’t lie well avoided by storm
waistlock Germany UK Lyrae there Oh Tony storm trail Ian native and forward
momentum Oh Jeff would like to become a trying to
set up school paintball mm sure I was great to end this thing but instead
belly Wow Oh dropkick Women’s Champion thanks every
heavy living s on bees where they are gonna have a big chest hitch and I
Marcel imperium the faction would love to okay
to show the world broken nose in a man so don’t hold on
pinfall attempt by the forgotten son NXT Tag v Peter rag team classic Martel he
gets up to an a half Phoenix tuk tag team champion of course
Mark Andrews and fresh mother Judy Marcel Bartok going at it by the native
of alien what a puss Imperium best cover is spoken by Cutler he was distracted by
L oh yes third Imperium working answer cookies know what’s at stake the
prestige of winning the dusty crossbodies play now looking to put a
tag has made Blake is illegal man I do what did you learn to the shins of
Bartel referee have a look at them into a pinning predicament and it’s foot
there’s coupling or feeling on me now this all by cobbler cover by Blake how did this pairing between yourselves
and Pete Don come to be let’s do this he gave me the Pete special I gave you the
bro special The Grocer weights were born a participant in the NXT breakout truck
and XP speaking of carbon is there but thank
you doing whatever needs to be on objectory
theory has the strength advantage we became highly touted and everybody’s
eyes there’s wild quarter mount swing shot stomping 22 years of age place of
experience in the squared circle breaks the grip on wives and wives under the
clothesline attend salon the Irish whip back face of tactic pile on top
turnbuckle what is up a Becky counter so quickly
with its version of the TK on it proves to be a stir on in each team winning an athenian priests lives
forever boots of course a part of dusty Rhodes legacy pieter hoff a year jealous no and an adjective
dare they have to be restrained by
this Sunday take over blackboard so many instant classic giant discrete
maderas while riley infinite fruit picking on callous callous first
appearance you can take over Blackpool turn streaming live on the Afghanistan
lose this match they lose Horace talk about differences of style galas the guy
who as was a fight at last time turf for the NXT UK championship on Sunday of
versed in various disciplines of martial arts but strip it into the corner by
classic coffee o king that his coffee rushing your app
in uppercut on Bobby fish O’Reilly and even Adam Cole NXT champion at ringside
tag is made in pubs Kyle O’Reilly juju Wolfgang rally back up mafia a
multi-time icw texting champion me tag was made Ronald’s gang anything black puckish
this dream tag-team match in the dust eclectic continues NXT tag team champs
the undisputed era battling NXT you kicked out his partner mark coffee
Wolfgang trying to fight off the Wolfgang away charges tough to remember
which player it is so much excitement here there’s no hyperbole when I say
2019 credible of coffee as a disqualification of a top-line coffee
doing this 42 best tag teams shaking those hands try to get feeling back in
those handsome it is amazing including here
function at the Junction’s max I better try to win this quickly
Oh catapults off driver but how much do these four men have left to the top of
their sporting forward now we’re about to find out kick by bring us this second out of his face
finn balor I’m not gonna take anything away for what you built to this brand
and I’m not gonna take anything away for what you did to me but that’s in the
past Finn you like to say your future is your past so how about you retrace your
steps you’re the flagbearer of NXT you
couldn’t wait to put that flag down and get the hell out of here a difference
between me and you I stayed here so while you were off and you decide to
play mr. extraordinary man and I picked NXT up where you left it and we took
this place to new heights without you it eats you alive that we didn’t need you
to six we should call you now Johnny Bravo because it’s the only team the
doctors are clearly for I could come over there and wipe that smile off your
face you little rat you are soft if you want your moments don’t talk to regal
and I’ll give you your moment message
a minute and entertains like tonight nonsense
this is one caveman and I will be the number one tip incredible tonight’s
action the street tuff’s San Diego nights it is ready for action was the 26th president me ahem
so much adversity not only to get to an extent yes over you cannot keep me again
down she is a way for opportunities Florida home winner we’ll see how that helps her against the
blasian bad Elson what you expect out of this match of Nigel Carter notice I
submit fire and me I am avoiding that’s again stopped in her tracks sands Carter
for the ride Carter loading sub fix and him a strong athlete spends a lot of
time in the way cooler secures the advantage Wow upset it would be tonight
for Kaden Carter to score a victory over me yet to record that pivotal feather
leverage they already kick out and no you know no testing really she made to
the quarterfinals of the 2008 my yonder Mason is that all again for circadian
Carter might be coming to me again garter trained by Hall of Fame first
championship here in NXT then what a start to the show with the hell but here
cards my Carter to the face this is the biggest opportunity for a victory we
need Carter don’t oh she’s been in a fight but there Carter oh goody
emily is the year the robert stone brand takes over and i mean a hottest chelsea
green-tea written XD that’s number one draft pick nine months ago
this match is nothing more than formality but it’s actually North
American champion get out of know that when the time comes
give me back my Goldie all I need for my title
I don’t know who I am without it well challenge Roderick
Strong for the NXT North American Championship opportunity means of 2019
I like real moments are we in store for here is by pinfall or submission as we
best it gets new to the main event scene trying to
board courtesy of dueling to novo well their rivalry Rita fuck partners
opponents gonna getcha Kovac in the quarter
we’re dodging trees taking advantage the toothpick man going at it washing the competition you the number
one contender in the rain by pinfall or submission entitled the current champion
Roderick Strong toe off Ridge with the facts of the rock smash here to describe Cameron Grimes Rises ah but
what a counter NXT on USA for the extreme North American Title fade of
theirs Dominic died chuckle II the difficulty of a fatal as the gold
standard with both quick quick get up kicks’
regression point all Katrina’s on both the can pre struggling there’s like a
Fabio Phoenix Grimes on the clock baby and praise
unzip please risk highly-charged evarin drawings which it would be ironic
pranks doing everything everything

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