WWE PLANNED FINISH FOR Clash Of Champions! Last Min REPORT, Vince HIGH ON RISING STAR – The Round Up

WWE PLANNED FINISH FOR Clash Of Champions! Last Min REPORT, Vince HIGH ON RISING STAR – The Round Up

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and to another roundup episode keeping you up-to-date on all the latest
news and rumors in Pro Wrestling and in this episode we got a lot to discuss
heading into the Clash of Champions pay-per-view possible title changes that
we could be seen at the event huge spoilers pertaining to one of the big
matches in what is going to lead to my quick prediction on the full match car
and we’re also talking the latest outside of that backstage news regarding
WWE pushing certain superstars the new format that is being used to elevate
superstars Vince McMahon Eric Bischoff and even Kevin Dunn extremely high on a
certain superstar and much more but before we get into what you guys already
know elbow drop it and have those notifications turn on to be fully
up-to-date on all of my pro wrestling coverage nonetheless let’s get into and
we’re gonna start off with some backstage news pertaining to a Monday
Night Raw superstar eccentric Alexander is set to return home to Charlotte North
Carolina on Sunday to challenge WWE Champion AJ Styles a class of Champions
pay-per-view but according to reports he might have to wait for his big title
reign to kick off sandrich is one of the talents that WWE row executive director
Paul Heyman is extremely high on which were reported before and the Wrestling
Observer Newsletter is reporting that Paul Heyman once to give Alexander a
slow push to the top of the ladder as his new format to elevate superstars is
for them to start off slow before getting pushed into that top title
position and this is apparently plan for a few different raw superstars reports
indicate that even if eccentric Alexander end up loosing on Sunday his
push is set to continue and the good thing about this whole report it’s the
fact that Paul Heyman is so behind this so we could almost rest assure that it’s
not just a one-off Championship match sticking with
superstars which the backstage is treating them well right now it looks
like Mustafa Ali has also captured some serious interest from very important
people once again 5-foot select reports that
both Vince McMahon and every Bischoff are big fans of Mustafa Ali and
they even both reportedly walked up to Ali backstage to congratulate him for
his King of the Ring match he recently had against Elias some also remarked
that allele versus Elias could be the Drifters best performance so far it
appears that Eric Bischoff is all for pushing Ali at this point as well that
could be a very good sign for him on the Smackdown life bring another back thing
executive that is a fan is Kevin Dunn which is unheard of but it looks like he
was also a big fan of the match so let’s keep a look out because these high
rising superstars are about to keep it going on some other news so we ended up
reporting the changes are gonna be happening in the commentary team one
smackdown life moves to Fox and it looks like we got some new reports some of the
changes that we discuss include a focus on a two-man move and reports indicate
that the current plant is for Michael Cohen Corey graves to switch to
Smackdown live with Corey graves no longer pulling double-duty on both shows
if this does happen Vic Joseph would head from 205 life to take over lead on
Monday Night Raw also reported with Fox interests in Renee young particularly
would hosting the weekly fs1 WWE Studios show as reported by wrestle boats they
indicated that this show will begin in October live from LA every Tuesday night
and it will be hosted by Renee young and Booker T there’s no specific yet on
where Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are gonna end up but they could end up being
part of a three-man booth on Raw with big Joseph I will certainly keep you
guys up to date on all of this and before we get into the potential
spoilers for the actual class of Champions pay-per-view let me go ahead
and refresh you guys on the full match car and give you my quick predictions on
it and who I think is gonna be coming out victorious for the universal
championship match Seth Rollins versus braun strowman i don’t see this match
having a conclusive winner so don’t be surprised if we get a double count now a
disqualification victory or something like that
including what an interference which is actually one of the reports that we’re
gonna talk in a bay for the role woman’s champion
Becky Lynch versus Sasha banks I still don’t see Becky Lynch losing her title
but for some reason I’m going with Sasha banks I feel like she’s gonna walk out
as Women’s Champion WWE Champion Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton I’m still
going with Kofi on this one cuz even though his last match at SummerSlam
wasn’t that great I still feel like WWE been doing a good job with him as a
champion so I wanted to continue Roman reigns versus Erick Rowan and a No
Disqualification match I wouldn’t bet against Roman and unless there’s some
type of double swear going on here where Daniel Bryan helps out Rowan even after
what happened I don’t see Roman losing but again you never know maybe Daniel
Bryan played it off I think like Rowan did betray him but in reality he did
there is definitely a possibility smack that woman champion Bayley vs. Charlotte
Flair witta Sasha bangs possibly picking up the victory I don’t see Bayley losing
this match as I do see the buzz in her connection coming out of class of
champions on top row tag team champion Seth Rollins and braun strowman versus
Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode I feel like this is an easy one to predict
Dolph Ziggler and Robert rule are pretty much gonna walk our champion considering
that Braun and Seth waking up the title has always been about the universal
championship so there’s no point for them to continue with the tag team
titles Plus this match could see something that could be happening at the
main event in that Universal championship match WWE women’s tag team
champions Alexa bliss and Nikki cross versus Mandy rose and Sonya Deville when
I likes a blessing Nikki cross just recently winning these titles and the
fact that they have been losing a weekly television tells me more or less that
they’re gonna retain the titles it’s just the way WWE usually book these
type of matches Smackdown tag team champions Big E and Xavier woods versus
the revival I don’t see the new day losing those titles just yet but if WWE
is really gonna go with the stable of Randy Orton in the revival having Randy
help out the revived could be a good way to start to elevate
them ac3 19 Intercontinental Championships can a Kimura versus the
Miss knowing the WWE they probably gonna give this to the Miss just so that he
could break Chris Jericho record United States Champion AJ Styles vs and Rick
Alexander I’m going for the phenomenal one on this one
and for the cruiserweight champion I still want joerger like to continue
being champion especially so that he could show up on NXT next week when they
debut on the USA Network now those are just my prediction let me know yours
down in the comments below and now we’re gonna go ahead and get into spoilers
territory discuss some of the favorites to win their respective matches so some
of the possible title changes that we could be seen and the biggest report
it’s in regards to the main event the universal championship match as Bray
Wyatt has seemingly staked his claim in the universal title match at Hell in a
Cell no matter who wins a class of champions
he already been teasing it in some of the Firefly funhouse WWE themselves kind
of hinted about it and of course the arena has already been advertising Bray
Wyatt versus whoever is the universal champion and your reports coming from my
Johnson PW Insider indicated that Bray Wyatt will show up at the event this
could definitely create an unexpected element the fans really need to drive up
excitement for this match the report specifically indicated that they already
made it clear what the finish here will be Bray Wyatt will show up a non finish
to this match is expected to set up Bray versus someone at Hell in a Cell inside
the structure itself one looking at the betting at Seth Rollins is actually
favored to defeat braun strowman in this match but all of this could happen in
many different ways it could be a disqualification or a double count-out
like I predicted or the match catches and would Bray Wyatt attacking both
superstars which can lead into a Hell in a Cell match with the three of them this
in turn will protect Seth Rollins and also braun strowman from getting pin and
continue the momentum that they have as for the rest of the matches let’s go
ahead and take a look at who is favored to walk out
Turia’s or since all of these are championship matches let’s go ahead and
look at who could be coming out as neil champions for the row tag-team
championship match we do have Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode favorite to
capture those championships for the road woman championship match
sasha banks and Becky Lynch has actually been at a coin toss so anybody could
walk our champion as of me recording this Sasha Bank is slightly favored but
not by much the rest of the championship matches are gonna be happening the
actual championship holder is expected to retain so Seth Rollins Kofi Kingston
Bayley drew Gerlach schinsky Nakamura the new day Alexa bliss and Nicky cross
and AJ Styles are all favored to retain their titles the last match that is now
for a championship is Roman reigns vs. re growing and they no disqualification
and Roman reigns is heavily favored to walk out victorious so there it is guys
that is all the ladies that I got for you in this roundup episode don’t forget
that we are gonna be doing a watch party for class of champions so make sure to
check the top coming of this video and go right ahead hit me with a follow
anyways we on the road to 200 thousand subscribers on my to tiao did you

43 thoughts on “WWE PLANNED FINISH FOR Clash Of Champions! Last Min REPORT, Vince HIGH ON RISING STAR – The Round Up

  1. Ill te ya… this os one ppv where im not really sure what is gonna happen in a couole of the main events….people keep saying Braun heel turn, but i dont know, i am not sure i see it…

  2. I saw a dream today where Chris Jericho invades Smackdown after they move to Fox. I keep hearing Commentators saying AEW champion Jericho has invaded Smackdown but never saw AEW championship title. Then I went to YouTube and searched this segment but couldn't find it. What a dream. I am not even joking.

  3. I got a pretty wild prediction imagina at hell in the cell seth is in the ring the feind makes his entrance all is set the ref holds up the belt sognals for the bell to ring soon as it rings the lights go out and when they come back on the new wyatt family is in the ring Liv Morgan Luke Harper Erik Rowan and Braun Strowman all surrounding seth rollins they gang up on him the feind hits a sister abigail and goes on to win the strap

  4. We don’t no if these are true reports because you continue to cover faults reports. Actually he made his claim at Sting first. That could set up a match down the road. I got AJ, The new day, Kofi. Seth and Stroman keeping there tag belts because we seen Ziglar and Rude be in this middle card push before they lose the push, Bailey, Becky to continue that beat down heel that Sasha is on to set up a match at Hell in the Cell, Drew, Roman, I think the USOS might get involved. Stroman, but by DQ, The Miz, . Mandy Rose and Deville, .

  5. i guess whoever is champions on all 3 brands after WWE clash of champions will be champions in WWE 2K20 since they didnt released the game like how they been doin the last few WWE 2k games in early October n every champion after summerslam weekend pay a close attention to clash of champion n WWE 2K20 once it's released

  6. i agree Corey Graves need to have one job and that job is for him 2 go to Smackdown and stay there don't have him doing both RAW and Smackdown

  7. Everyone one knows that the fiend is going to show up, which doesn't leave you with a surprise, why not have someone take out braun but not the fiend, that's to predictable. Then make a big deal of seth not having someone to defend it against. Then make it look like shane is looking for someone for seth to face. Make him hint at himself, like new day did at wrestlemania, when the hardy boys came out. Then the lights go black, the fiend attacks seth from behind with abby the witch aka liv Morgan. New champ the fiend. Braun doesn't have to lose, seth will still look strong

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