WWE RAW 2K15 : Undertaker & Kane vs John Cena – Brock Lesnar Returns 08/03/15 (Guest Booker)

WWE RAW 2K15 : Undertaker & Kane vs John Cena – Brock Lesnar Returns 08/03/15 (Guest Booker)

Welcome back to ElementGames! and welcome to a brand new episode of WWE 2K15 RAW guest booker! John cena makes his way to the ring! having already wrestled one match tonight against kevin owens he now has to take on the reunited brothers of destruction kane and the undertaker! immediate domination from the offset as a fatigued john cena takes some heavy damage Double chokeslam followed by a tombstone seals cenas fate here tonight at raw The post match beat down commences on the united states champion and undertaker and kane lay the pain to john cena. but wait a minute, its brock lesnar! good god almighty! lesnar hits the f5 to kane on the ramp! now onto undertaker! Undertaker misses with the big boot and gets nailed with the f5 by lesnar! Lesnar sending a strong message before WWE summerslam 2015! now cena and lesnar face off! and they shake hands, cena and lesanr have officially buried the hatchet! how will this change the dynamic of the WWE universe? Thanks for watching!

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  1. We are back with some more WWE RAW guest booker! Be sure to read the video description for the reason this was booked in this way! I put tonnes of editing into this one so i hope you like it! The Brothers of Destruction re-unite for one night only to destroy Cena, how will it all go down on RAW? Watch right until the end so you don't miss the epic drama!

  2. Taker is to old at battleground he struggled to tombstone lesnar but I think taker will win by DQ cause I know someone will inefer wat about u and this video was well put together

  3. I came across your channel while searching for WWE 2K16 info & I was blown away by your 2K16 demo videos. I'm an idea guy & I dig your ideas, how you present your videos & how much you put into the content. I subscribed right away & am looking forward to seeing more. I do an audio version of 2K15 Universe Mode (latest episodes on SoundCloud & old episodes are archived here on Youtube) so from one idea guy to another, can I drop the link to my playlist for you to check out?

  4. Lesnar may win,but from wrestlemania 30 undertaker was waiting to kick brock lesnar ' s ass I don't know but I will find out at summerslam

  5. I think Brock will beat The Undertaker at Summerslam to lose at WrestleMania, the Streak will be restored to 22-0 and Taker will retire (Even that I don't want him to retire).

  6. @Element Games the Fans are too loud so i can't really hear the entrance music please make the music louder

  7. Brock lesnar is going to lose of course. He has been rubbing his wrestlemania win in takers face and has hurt his brother. Brock forgets you can't kill the taker Kane couldn't and he buried him alive. Brock might have his suplex city but taker has an army full of creatures of the night out there. He thinks he will kill taker well think again. Ok Rant over and yes i hate brock lesnar. And in my opinion when taker bears lesnar at summer slam takers streak will go from 22-1 to 23-0.

  8. I Have A Vote On Google+ Who Will Win At Summerslam 2015, Undertaker Or Brock Lesnar And So Far Undertaker Has The Most Votes

  9. the undertaker will win summer slam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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