WWE Raw Live Reactions and  Full Show Results 1-21-2019!

WWE Raw Live Reactions and Full Show Results 1-21-2019!

hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of
the Raw reaction show I’m your host Glenn Thomas as always wonderful for the
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about this past Monday night where all which we saw Monday Night Raw start with
a mark dr. Martin Luther King packages WS WWE always does all my Luther King
Day we know that dr. Martin Luther King is one of Vince McMahon’s favorite
people in history and so as throughout the show we saw a lot of superstars
whether were Seth Rollins whether was Dean Ambrose quote dr. Martin Luther
King I think they did a good job with a package but let’s get on to the show
which was Monday Night Raw the go home show before this weekend’s Royal Rumble
on the show started off with the The Advocate
as well as the universal champion Brock Lesnar I in the ring talking about this
cyst this Sunday’s match that he has an upcoming match against Finn Balor didn’t
take long for the chairman Vince McMahon to come out I didn’t take long for even
Finn Balor to come out but one thing that made me make mention of that in
this opening promo hey Paul Heyman said beast it’s not scared of anyone he’s
taking anybody and everyone to sue plek city and it does not matter who it is oh
we saw Bronx raunch throw me come down to the ring and just cry a little bit or
whine a little bit about how he was fined $100,000 and how his title
opportunity yet the Royal woman was taken away from him and how he’s not
scared of Brock Lesnar no way no shape no form no how but Vince McMahon told
but the Beast I put braun strowman in his place very
quickly say you should have been fired so we don’t want to hear none of that
then comes out finn balor finn bálor comes out and you know what
happens if you watch Monday Night Raw for a long long time we end up having a
match between braun strowman in a finn balor
now this match went to a no contest because brock lesnar got involved as
well as the paul heyman i got involved as well and we saw the
beast f5 finn bálor also we saw the beast destroy a little bit braun
strowman Brock Lesnar is on his way to the Royal Roman as a universal champion
would like it or hate it the fans let Brock Lesnar know how they feel
in Oklahoma fans left Brock listen know how they feel throughout the show felt
throughout the show they booed him when he did his promos they booed him at the
end of the and into the match bronze Brock Lesnar could not get any love from
the Oklahoma City crowd at all on this past Monday night let me know what your
thoughts are you happy that Brock Lesnar still the universal champion would you
like to see him losing the finn bálor or would you be fine with him holding on to
the championship and tell WrestleMania dropping it to whoever it may be and
maybe we will find out and tell us we won’t find out until Sunday because the
winner of the world rumble has opportunity at a championship of their
choosing so let’s see it will be a raw person who wins the universe a wins the
Royal Rumble this year to take on maybe Brock Lesnar or Finn Balor depends on
who wins at the Royal Rumble and then we move on to Bobby Lashley the new
Intercontinental Champion in Apollo Cruz good to see Apollo crews are getting a
lot of TV time on Monday Night Raw as well it’s talking a little bit Bobby
Lashley is your new Intercontinental Champion who won last week against Dean
Ambrose and Seth Rollins we saw Leo rush coming out there holding
the title said Bobby laughs she’s not doing the open challenge that’s for kids
Bobby laughs she’s gonna have a celebration Bobby let’s go have a pose
down and this way we get Apollo Cruz comes out and give Bobby Lashley some
props about winning the Intercontinental Championship and you know once again
know what happened this is wrestling ladies and gentleman this is
professional wrestling and these two end up having a match later on and in these
two in them have a match in the show oh we saw that Leo Ross got involved here
and our Paolo Cruz just launches Leo rush on top of the Bobby laughs she’s
good to see Leo rush man this guy right here can talk to you into your seats
love him I hate him a little Russian Barbie last year are a good pair they
work for each other the whole big man little thing and we everybody said for
years that Bobby Lashley needed a mouthpiece and Leo rush has been his
mouthpiece for the last couple months and Bobby Lashley has gotten a push good
to see that Bobby last she’s no longer doing things like he did with Sami Zayn
but nonetheless in the match very good match back-and-forth and Bobby Lashley
picks up the win over Apollo Cruz it might be a little bit of a feud going
like going down the road but Bobby last year will go into this Sunday as the
Intercontinental Champion Oh Intercontinental Championship match
I’m going to give you a little bit of my snippet my prediction for the world
rumble I think bobby lashley will be one of the final four in the ring for the
Royal Rumble especially if Brock Lesnar defeats Finn
Balor I think Bobby Lashley will be one of the final four at the world one we’ll
give you our predictions this week on this effort this week’s episode of the
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you won’t miss myself my predictions as well as a wizard nephew Cory’s
predictions on this week’s show let’s move on we saw Seth Rollins Rollins take
on drew McIntyre good match cheers but seeing this match a couple times
throughout the last couple months on Monday Night Raw
I wish WWE was sometimes not give us the same matches over and over you let it
build up to what it is this feud right here between drew McIntyre and Seth
Rollins could be one that we seed a little bit down the road for the
universal title if WWE can get it right between now and a Wrestlemania about
nonetheless they had a decent match going back and forth one of the
highlights of the show or was this match between Seth Rollins and drew McIntyre
but Seth Rollins picks up the win I stole the win if you want to say it over
drew McIntyre in the drew McIntyre was upset at the match but nonetheless the
Kingslayer gets the win over this over the Scottish psychopath psychopath when
we move on then we saw thee as you want to say heavy machinery dear parents of
heavy machinery come to Monday Night Raw we saw them a little bit last week
during the moment up list but this week they had some in-ring action and the
interaction will get the Ascension a very quick match against the Ascension
Oh heavy machinery picks up the win here they’re good to see them in the tag team
division on Monday Night Raw maybe the stacked with the heavy
machinery joining the tag-team division on Monday Night Raw it may get a spark
because we haven’t seen a o P in a while and we’re speaking of tag teams the
revival after speaking to Vince McMahon in the back get a tag team title shot
against Bobby Roode and Chad gable who came out with matching tights matching
robes looking like a true tag-team now we a
lot of people saying I’m gonna say it again
Bobby Roode is a little bit better than being a tag team
which at gable but hey he is right now employed by the wabe
this was the W wants them to do he ain’t complaining and they are the tag team
champions we know that the revival has actually
released which bye-bye now if you have not figured out WWE’s not giving the
revival their release rumors have it and some have been confirmed that the
revival contract with the W is not up until April 2020 so with anything the
revival will be part of the WWE brand until April 2020 whether it be on TV or
off TV that W member with the W did to Neville let his contract one out and he
just wasn’t on TV they could do that’s a revival if they push the issue but
nonetheless the revival loose to jag gable and Bobby Roode in this tag team
title match after trying to cheat after cheat that’s a cheat well we had a
special guest referee which was Curt Hawkins who every time they try to cheat
caught them and Curt Hawkins went right down the book as the referee unlike
those that was in the New Orleans Saints in the Los Angeles Rams contest Curt
Hawkins didn’t mind throwing the flag when he saw some foul play Curt Hawkins
which led to this alleged revival beating up on Curt Hawkins and we salt
that’s right whoo-whoo-whoo himself Zack Ryder making his appearance on Monday
Night Raw mind you Zack Ryder had not appeared on Monday Night Raw
and a long Wow he would fifty-one weeks in 2018 not appearing on Raw and finally
got appearance on Raw the 52nd week of the year now we already into the third
week of January the new year and we already seen Zack Ryder on Monday Night
Raw congratulations to Zack Ryder for being on Monday Night Raw but not
nonetheless Zack Ryder attacks the revival and him and Kirk Hawkins may
renew their friendship well we know their friendship stayed intact maybe
need a new their tag team chips if you don’t remember day we used to be the
edge hitch and they edged heads and they were former WWE Tag Team Champions so we
may see a few between the revival and Scott Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins go and
check out their podcast podcast is pretty good you’ll find out on iTunes as
well as Google Play in stitcher check it out but the revival with the ww I do see
them being tag team champions somewhere down the
road but right now it not if you really want to call this segment this
Thank You Phi the AE W segment because all these guys could be in the aew but
no time soon we move on and then we saw bear and Corbett take on Elias who wants
to walk with Elias not me because Elias hasn’t picked up too many wins on TV as
of late and he didn’t pick up the win on this past Monday night where Baron
Corbin picked up the win over Elias after he got there lies got hit with the
end of days now this is kind of made me scratch my head Baron Corbin picking up
wins why he just been fired as general manager what are we gonna do a Barry
Corbet yet by barry corbin to me his good way
was that she’ll continue to be in the raw general manager but to be a major
player picking up wins over elias we keep throwing Baron Corbin into things
he’s not gonna win the Royal Rumble he shouldn’t be in the match last week for
the universal title picture Baron Corbin is right now one of your best midcard
well it’s a mid Carter at best but nonetheless he’s pushing them on TV you
keep picking up wins and maybe Baron Corbin will be a play a major player
later on only time will tell but the boos of the crowd really lets you know
that Baron Corbin doesn’t have respect of the universe and we move on to the
moment abliss the moment of bliss segment where Alexa bliss comes out and
tells basic named the 21 women they were gonna be in the WWE Roy over women’s
Royal Rumble she lets them know look we’re not gonna have any fights on my
stage which we all know if you watch wrestling long enough again that they
broke out into a fight but the major announcement it came from this was that
Alexa bliss herself made mention that she has been cleared finally cleared
since October since she suffered a concussion from Ronda Rousey the Alexa
bliss will make a return at the Royal Rumble and will be a participant in the
women’s Royal Rumble this year Alexa bliss to me I thought the W should have
held off on this but I got a bigger pop and a bigger emotional reaction from
myself as many other fans if they would have just let Alexa bliss come out doing
the Royal Rumble at maybe number 20 number 15 even number 30 in her music
hits and she comes out and what kind of pop when she got there I thought it
would be a great moment but didn’t we got another reveal on the moment up list
and that was none other than a lady herself
miss Lacey Evans mrs. Lacey Evan comes out and say that she is also throwing
her hat into the Royal Rumble and she’s such a lady and she not like the other
do women in the WWE hey he’s good to see Lacey Evans up on the main roster
finally whether she be on Raw or Smackdown only time will tell but we do
know that she will be in this weekend’s women’s Royal Rumble and she made
opportunity to show the WWE he will have opportunity to show WWE Universe who
don’t know about her what she’s all about hey right now we have 23 women in
the Royal Rumble currently 23 women that’s currently in the world won with
at least sleeve seven slots for surprises and we only time will tell
what surprises we’ll get from the WWE and the women’s Royal Rumble then we
move on to the main event of the night which we saw Ronda Rousey and Natalya
take on Sasha banks in Bayley look at the matching uniforms by still Boston
hug connection here and before the match even got started Ronda Rousey and Sasha
bank went back and forth back and forth about they match this weekend at the
Royal Rumble this match right here will be one of the better matches on the show
if not still the show I think we’ll see the Sasha banks from NXT that we saw a
years ago from NXT takeover not the Sasha banks we saw for the last six
months arguing and fussing with Bailey and semi lesbian Angle and all this
other stuff that’s been going on with Sasha banks but we’ll see the Sasha
banks that was whooping Bailey’s but in NXT the Sasha banks and that was going
toe-to-toe with Charlotte Flair when she first came into the WWE and we will also
see how Ronda Rousey has progressed in within less than a year because this
match right here is gonna test her physically contestant mentally let’s see
if she can keep up with the mortality and more technical Sasha banks in this
in the ring from this unease overall Rumble but we got nonetheless let’s get
on to the match the match here we went back and forth
got a hot tag here but at the end of the day it was Sasha banks making Natalya
tap out that’s right Natalya tapped to the plate to the bank
statement and will this be what we see this Sunday where we will run the Rousey
towel to the bank statement only time will tell
I gave you my prediction as I mentioned this week on the rest of the marks of
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button so you won’t miss our predictions this week myself in every quarry as we
talked about the Royal Rumble but the end of this match saw a little where
these two women had to be separated yet again this match right here is gonna be
fire as I mentioned earlier it will not only be a wrestling match but I think
it’ll be a little bit of a brawl at the end of the day the women right now are
the top in WWE and they get closed another Monday Night Raw all in all the
go home show I give it a thumbs up once again ladies and gentlemen Glen Thomas
here one for for the rest of marks an excellent please don’t forget to hit
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