WWE RAW Review The Undertaker Return’s Full Show Results, Brock Lesnar F5’s Goldberg (Highlights)

what’s good YouTube it’s casper and today i’m back for another WWE results, review, reaction. Jericho coming back he confront Kevin Owens she aked him why did he do what he did Kevin Owens comes down, explained himself. Jericho then says he wants a match with him. they go on to say that their match will be a Wrestlemania 33. jericho then says hey we got nothing to do tonight. there aint nothing but space and opportunity. let’s fight tonight! Kevin Owens then seys ok. he gets down to the ring. jericho starts putting the work on him. samoa joe comes, he started attacking Jericho. now they’re jumping jericho, Kevin Owens and samoa joe are jumping Jericho, when all of a sudden Sami Zayn comes out. Sami Zayn comes out to help Jericho. now they each end up having their own individual matches. first match end up starting off for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn kevin owes quickly beat Sami Zayn I think sami zayn was still injured. I think sami zayn was still injured because of yesterday. then, we move on to the second man Swan vs neville good match which swan end up doing crazy swanton Bomb to the outside of the Ring. it was a real good match. neville ends up beating rich swarn at the end of it though so. after that, austin aries ends up coming into the ring and he does a interview with neville, neville ends up being real disrespectful with austin aries. Austin Aries has enough, attacking Neville then they up a getting into a little scuffle. neville ends up running up the ramp looking back at austin aries, so we prepare for austin aries vs neville match. Goldberg is coming down to the ring he says a couple of words next, you know Paul Heyman comes out. Paul Heyman ends up saying that he’s not alone. Brock Lesnar comes out. Brock Lesnar Goldberg get face-to-face they have a few words. pual heyman says that. Brock Lesnar wanted to shake Goldbergs hand, that was not the case. Goldberg ends up f_5 by Brock Lesnar when I seen that was like oh my god what happened now we move on. TAG team match luke gallows carl anderson Enzo and big cas enzo and big cas come out there talking a lot. enzo ends up doing a move to the outside of the Ring hitting cesaro cesaro sheamus are outside. then cesaro ends up running attacking Enzo. match ends by disqualification but enzo and Cas end up getting that win. next thing you know Sheamus and Cesaro take out everybody carl anderson Luke Gallows cast and enzo get taken out by Sheamus and Cesaro finally the ravishing one rick rude will be entered as a new hall of famer next we have akira tazowa vs. davari tazowa ends up beating davari real fast then he gets on the mic, he calls out brian kendrick. brian kendrick says that he will fight but not tonight. tazowa wanted to fight tonight. kendrick says he will fight but not tonight. next we have the new day they come out they end up talking about the new ice creams. they named the cart the cart is called the pop cycle almost like popsicle. play on words. the popcycle they end up fighting the shining stars real quick big E destroys the shining stars along with Kofi Kingston they end up winning. interview. foley cause bayely down to the ring they’re speaking about the championship and like I said it’s going to be thrown in that sasha banks helped Bayley out Bayley says it doesn’t feel right but that’s always going to follow her as long as Sasha banks keeps coming out to help her. next thing you know Sasha banks does come out bank says that she wants a match with bayley at WrestleMania. Charlotte’s not having it Charlotte ends up coming out immediately Charlotte says “oh that must of been the plan because you knew you wasn’t gonna have another fight with me because at road block the condition was, whoever loses doesn’t get another rematch mick Foley promises the WrestleMania match between Sasha banks and Bayley Stephanie McMahon comes out Stephanie McMahon says “no you dont make the matches” mick foley says ‘the boss needs a shot” Stephanie McMahon says “im the boss” mick foley tells her “yeah you’re my boss but shes the boss” Stephanie McMahon gets mad she makes Sasha banks and bayley end up fighting right there and then. anyway Sasha banks ends up fighting bailey & Bayley ends up tapping out I got a feeling that’s gonna lead to a feud. Sasha banks and bayley fued coming soon. interview! we have another interview Triple H gets interviewed about the whole seth rollins situation. triple H says Seth Rollins is not him. he says that all the names hes called is because people named him that for a reason. it’s not like seth rollins where he calls himself the best, he calls himself the man or, or any of those names that he does call himselves. he says that he was given names like cerebral assassin because the people gave it to him. the people chose that name for him. and he says that would be a mistake for seth rollins to show up at WrestleMania. my thing is seth rollins is going to show up at WrestleMania watch. then we move on to samoa joe and Jericho. I kind of new Jericho was going to lose. samoa joe is at a level right now where they’re trying to build him up. they’re not going to let him lose to a mid Carder. Jericho is good but he’s a mid card right now and they’re trying to push samoa joe to a main Carder and a dominant force on RAW right now and with the whole Kevin Owens situation it was clear that Jericho was going to lose right now. jericho did sneek in that code breaker at the end after samoa joe wanted to keep being hungry and destroy him, braun strowman vs roman reigns. strowman wanted to fight Roman reigns, he’s calling Roman reigns out. Roman reigns music is about to drop all the Sudden its remixed undertaker’s music comes on. Undertaker comes down to the ring. he’s in the ring with braun strowman. braun strowman walks away! next thing you know Roman reigns comes out. Roman Reigns says hey man he wasn’t calling you out, he was calling me out. this is my yard so do me a favor and leave. Undertaker looks at Roman. Roman reigns gets close in his face undertaker then chokeslam! boom! it’s his yard. im telling you right now Undertaker, roman reigns, Wrestlemania. Roman reigns going to heel turn. watch. my review on Raw tonight. it was pretty good we had Roman versus Taker. we had Goldberg get F5 by Brock Lesnar we had bayley and Sasha banks fight. we had Jericho and samoa joe we had Sami zayne vs kevin owens. those are a pay-per-view cards right there. this was actually better than Fastlane. the match quality wasn’t there, you know. it wasn’t up to par, but those names together, that’s definitely a pay-per-view card. it was ok. ive seen better RAW’ but, this raw was definitely a comeback after yesterday’s fastlane. I give it a solid three raws a solid three tonight. if you like this video please drop a like perhaps leave a comment share this video like comment subscribe peace

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