WWE Releases Coming?! WWE Champion LEAVING?! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

WWE Releases Coming?! WWE Champion LEAVING?! | WrestleTalk News Nov. 2019

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Go go Battle Breakers. And they’re not the only heroes stuck in technomagic crystals.
Metaphorically. If WWE contracts were technomagic crystal-it’s a hard one to Segway from,
OK. As a quick recap so far, this year alone has
seen the following WWE superstars either publicly or reportedly request their releases from
the company: Mike and Maria Kanellis. The Revival. Hideo
Itami. Tye Dillinger. Goldust. Sasha Banks. Mike Kanellis again. Luke Harper. Sin Cara.
ACH/Jordan Myles. And, most likely by the time I’ve finished saying all this, Mike
Kanellis for a third time. Of all those, only Itami, Dillinger and Goldust
were granted their releases. And now we have yet another one to add to
the list: 205 Live and NXT wrestler Oney Lorcan. PWInsider is reporting that Lorcan actually
requested his release at the end of last month, with multiple sources confirming their report,
and – true to their current form – WWE have not yet granted it. The Wrestling Observer
have since corroborated this, with Dave Meltzer revealing Lorcan had been “unhappy” for
quite some time. Supporting the reports, Lorcan himself has
changed his Twitter name to Biff Busick – the name he used on the independent scene before
getting signed by WWE in 2015 – where he continues to post totally sane tweets like this:
“My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time My girl wants
to party all the time, party all the time, she parties all the time Whoooohooohoohoo
(party all the time) She likes to party all the time (party all the time) Whoooohooohoohoo”
And an amazingly Photoshopped image of Dave Meltzer sitting at his computer typing the
text ‘Biff Rules’. I just can’t see the joins, how do they do it?
After making his name in EVOLVE and CZW, Lorcan was signed by WWE in 2015, where his hard
hitting style and bald head found its perfect partner in Danny Burch at the start of last
year. The two have been an NXT tag team since, but have rarely been in the championship picture,
despite an excellent match against the Undisputed Era at 2018’s NXT TakeOver: Chicago. He
also debuted on 205 Live in March as a singles star in the Cruiserweight Division.
Of the now 12 people who have reportedly asked for their releases this year though, only
three have been granted – and none since February. Those are bad odds. But WWE’s stance on
that might be about to change. Apparently the reason behind WWE granting
Itami, Dillinger and Goldust’s releases at the start of 2019 is because the company
thought they wouldn’t pose a threat to them outside it. Itami was going to move to Japan,
where he debuted for New Japan as KENTA. Goldust was apparently too old, and Dillinger was
only a ten chant. The last two quickly proved that mindset wrong,
with Goldust joining his brother Cody in All Elite Wrestling to have what is still my favourite
match of the year, and Tye followed him to have another good blood feud with Cody as
Shawn Spears being packaged as a serious mid card act with Tully Blanchard. WWE quickly
stopped granting releases to frustrated wrestlers, and even started offering ridiculously large
sums of money to anyone with their contracts expiring soon – with JR even revealing “an
undercard guy… early 30s… just signed for half-a-million dollars.”
Last Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, writes that WWE’s stance on this
might be changing… Dave Meltzer has written: “It was noted
[WWE] may be giving releases to some people with the idea they don’t believe they would
be going to AEW, or if they do, wouldn’t help them.”
The case Dave Meltzer was writing about specifically there was NXT wrestler Jordan Myles, aka ACH,
who has publicly accused WWE of racism, initially sparked by them creating a racially insensitive
t-shirt design for him. While the shirt was never actually sold, and
WWE claim ACH actually signed off on the design before changing his mind, the controversy
has grown into a hashtag on Twitter, with ACH and others promoting a For The Culture
movement. Then, last week, ACH went to Twitter again to state he forking quits the company.
He’s now conducted a live Q&A on Twitter to answer questions about the situation, and
he’s already talking about where he wants to go next:
“New Japan, not that I got anything against AEW, but New Japan, I love New Japan. I feel
like I got a lot more left to accomplish there.” ACH has previously wrestled for New Japan
in the 2017 and 2018 Best of the Super Juniors tournament. One fan asked if ACH was legally
able to move on from WWE, though, to which he replied: “Legally, no. Mentally, yes,”
I’m sure that argument will totally work in court!
But if ACH is intending to go to Japan, WWE might release him to just be rid of the controversy,
as he won’t be going to AEW. And ACH isn’t the only one who might be
leaving the company soon… BROKEN BRILLIANCE SEGWAY!
The brand new episode of Matt’s YouTube series Free The Delete – a not so subtle play
on the Young Bucks’ series Being the Elite – sees Hardy continue to search for his Broken
character, asking Vanguard 1: “Teleport me back to 2016 when I was the hottest act
in the business!” He then beats up a guy fixing his piano while
screaming: “No I’m not at work, because I’m not booked, Terry. And that pisses me
off!” The most significant factor here is that Matt’s
talking about his ‘Broken’ character, which he can’t use in WWE as they changed
the name to ‘Woken’. With reports from Fightful that WWE don’t have plans to use
Jeff Hardy anytime soon following his recent arrest, perhaps the Hardy brothers could leave
the promotion when their contracts expire in April to reignite their Young Bucks feud
in AEW. And they’re not the only one with question
marks over their WWE future. As Rusev Cucked, Rusev Not Re-Signedka?
Since returning after a five month hiatus, real life married couple Rusev and Lana were
quickly put in a cuckold storyline, where Rusev would see his wife get jiggy with Bobby
Lashley on a weekly basis. He couldn’t even escape infedility in the beautiful progressive
city of Riyadh! Looking at how Mike Kanellis was also put
in a breakup storyline with his real-life wife Maria on re-signing with the company
– oh wait, news just in, Mike has asked for his release yet again – some thought the same
might have happened to the Bulgarian Brute, with one fan tweeting:
“WWE have their stars on 5 year deals, and you just don’t see how any of these guys are
going to reach their potential. Rusev made a huge mistake re-signing.”
A piece of breaking news, that Rusev himself disagreed with:
“Who said I’ve re signed !?!?” If Rusev and Lana really haven’t committed
their future to WWE yet, there contracts are reportedly up very soon.
News hot tag to Luke! Thanks Oli! That was a lot of information
about men blokes wanting to leave WWE, but what about the lady folk of professional wrestling
that also reportedly want to leave? It’s been a bumpy ride for Kairi Sane since
joining WWE in 2016, from the highs of winning the Mae Young Classic and the series of matches
and title switches with Shayna Baszler on NXT TakeOver events and WWE’s first-ever
and currently only all-women PPV Evolution – which had nothing to do with the Saudi Arabia
controversy whatsoever – to the lows of being brought up to the main roster despite not
finishing her storyline with Io Shirai, and being thrown into a random tag team called
The Kabuki Warriors with Asuka who only a few months earlier had been the Smackdown
Women’s Champion beating the company’s top star Becky Lynch, and doing nothing because
WWE had more or less given up on their women’s tag team division after giving the belts to
The IIconics. Thankfully a heel turn has rejuvenated the
team – who are now the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, however it’s now being
reported that Sane’s contract – which she signed in 2016 – is coming to an end, and
she might not be re-signing. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio
over the weekend that Sane’s contract is up in early 2020, and while her tag partner
Asuka is happy staying in the US, The Pirate Princess could head elsewhere. Meltzer said,
“I could definitely see [Sane] leaving. I don’t know that she’s gonna leave, but
she’s definitely expressed interest in exploring other options.”
However before you all jump on the Kairi Sane to AEW confirmed bandwagon, it’s interesting
to note that Takaaki Kidani, the head of Bushiroad who recently purchased Stardom, said in a
recent interview with Tokyo Sports that he wants to bring back Kairi Sane and Io Shairi
to the promotion once their WWE contracts expire in an effort to build Stardom back
up. So it’s either going to come down to whether Sane is looking to explore other options
like Meltzer is reporting, or whether she’s happy making a lot of money on the main roster
in WWE. However it should be noted that when she signed with WWE in 2016, she was reportedly
making less than what she made in Japan. At this point it might be easier to do news
episodes about wrestlers staying with WWE… …As there is a possibility that Rey Mysterio
could be on his way out too. Mysterio signed a 2-year deal with WWE last
year, which means his contract expires in 2020, however it’s being reported that WWE
offered Mysterio an 18-month opt-out clause – the same offer WWE gave The Young Bucks,
Cody and Kenny Omega before they launched All Elite Wrestling. What this means that
18 months into his 2-year contract, Mysterio can choose to leave WWE and not complete the
remaining 6 months. The current report is that Mysterio’s opt-out
comes shortly after WrestleMania, but that also depends on whether WWE have added time
to the contract due to his shoulder injury – similar to how WWE have added six months
to Luke Harper’s contract due to his injury in 2018.
But before you all jump on the Rey Mysterio to AEW confirmed bandwagon, someone asked
Big Daddy Meltz about his thoughts on this situation on the ol’ Twitter Machine, and
Bruce Prichard’s best friend replied, “He signed for 18 months but I don’t see him leaving
because they have the angle with Dominick’s debut.”
It was reported early after Mysterio signed with WWE that one of the big draws for him
penning the deal was that his son Dominick would have access to the WWE Performance Centre,
and it would be an open door for him to sign with WWE right out the gates when he was ready
for his main roster debut. And with reports that Mysterio is looking to retire in the
near future and pass on his mask and gimmick to his son, could that convince him to stay
in WWE? Bray Wyatt revealed the new look for the Universal
Championship on Friday’s Smackdown – so check out Pete Quinnell’s review of it!
And watch all the highlights from this past week’s WrestleTalk Live shows by watching
Vinny Schway’s highlight cut. Thanks for watching and a special thank you to our Patreon
Pledge Hammers, some of which you can see scrolling their way into my stomach. I’ve
been Luke Owen, and that was wrestling.

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