WWE Royal Rumble 2020 : Results Predictions

WWE Royal Rumble 2020 : Results Predictions

– I am the Wyatt Sister and welcome back
to the channel in this time I will gonna share you my results predictions for the
first pay-per-view of 2020 Royal Rumble so here we go first in the card we have
a match for the a Smackdown womens Championship will be Bayley defending
her title against Lacey Evans I think that Bailey will take the victory the
most likely scenario is she going to Wrestlemania as a Smackdown Women’s
Champion next in the card we have Shorty G against
the Celtic Warrior Sheamus I think that Sheamus must win after his return and in
Rory Rumble is the perfect scenario to make his return and take a victory in
this PPV homicide
next we have a Falls Count Anywhere match between Roman reigns against King
corbin in this match I think that woman will
take the victory because in TLC King Corbin took the victory I don’t think
that Roman reigns loose in two pay-per-views in a row so in Royal
Rumble he probably wins against King Corbin next we have the match of the World
Women’s Championship between the champ Becky Lynch against the women tag team champion Asuka I think that the winner of this match will be Becky Lynch
and she retains the RAW Womens Championship next we have a match for the universal
championship between The Fiend against Daniel Bryan I think the fiend will arrive in
WrestleMania as champion it is unlikely that Daniel will take away the title
from the fiend anything can happen but I chose The Fiend
as the winner this is the future next the 30 women
Royal Rumble match is the future I choose three candidates that possibly
can win this match first I choose Sasha banks Sasha banks is the friend of
Bailey and it could be interesting a rivalry in WrestleMania between Bailey
against Sasha banks for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
another one of my candidates its Ronda Rousey she could be coming back in Royal
Rumble to win the match and face Becky Lynch for the Raw Womens champion as a
rematch of the past WrestleMania and the favorite woman to win this match it’s
Shayna Baszler she recently lost the NXT Women’s
Champion against Rea Ripley and I think that she will enter in the Royal Rumble match
and she can win to face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania next we have the 30 man Royal
Rumble match like the woman’s I choose here three
candidates that posibly could win this match first I choose Drew
Mcintyre Drew it has been dominant in the recents raw and he will come
strong in the Royal Rumble match the next option that I choose is Cain
Velasquez Brock Lesnar announced his participation in this match entering
first and Cain Velasquez can be returned to eliminates Brock Lesnar or
also he can win the Rumble match to face him for the WWE Championship as
a rematch of the match they had in Crown Jewel and finally I chose Roman
reigns because he is the main favorite to take the victory in this match Roman
reigns is the strongest candidate to take the victory to be in the main event
of Wrestlemania against The Fiend for the universal championship it will be a
great surprise if another Wrestler apart for the ones I mencioned will take the
victory but I don’t exclude that a return can take the victory of this
Royal Rumble a return like edge or CM Punk or any other okay friends that was the final of this
video I hope you enjoy yet and if you have another candidate that can win this
Royal Rumble match leave below in the comments – thanks for watching

9 thoughts on “WWE Royal Rumble 2020 : Results Predictions

  1. We all think that Roman Reigns will be the winner, any other would be a surprise.

    But if it were Cain Velásquez it would be disastrous in my opinion.

    1 Bayley
    2 Sheamus
    3 Román Reigns
    4 Becky Lynch
    5 The Fried Bray Wyatt
    6 Shayna Baszler
    7 Román Reigns

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