WWE SHOCK Ratings! Roman Reigns WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

WWE SHOCK Ratings! Roman Reigns WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk Super
News – I’m Oli Davis. Support WrestleTalk! Buy A T-Shirt! Press the thumbs up, buy a WrestleTalk t-shirt
by clicking the ‘i’ above my head, and leave a comment down below because I’ll
be replying to people FROM OUTTA NOWHERE. We’ve got a show more packed than my pectoral
muscles in this t-shirt today – with an update on Alexa Bliss’ return to the ring, a Twitter
bust up on the UK wrestling scene, WWE’s week of shockingly low ratings and news on
a hopeful Roman Reigns return soon – click the timestamps in the video description to
go straight to any of those. But first… Daniel Bryan Shouted At A Kid Celebrating
Their Birthday Daniel Bryan shouted at a kid celebrating
their birthday. While Bryan’s surprise heel turn and consequent
WWE title win might’ve come more out of nowhere than Randy Orton in a ninja outfit
– allegedly – his new villain character already appears to be fully formed. After adding a new environmental activist
dimension to his heel persona on this week’s episode – along with yet another comfy looking
cardigan – Bryan levelled up again in his dark match against The Miz following the show
by picking on a child in the crowd celebrating their birthday:
“We’ve got a kid over there with a birthday sign. What does that say? It’s your birthday, congratulations – you’re
stupid. And your parents should be very proud because
on your birthday it got recognised that you’re stupid. Don’t wish him happy birthday!” And that insult… is Samoa Joe approved. Bryan has thankfully been given a second chance
after being initially forced to retire due to multiple concussions… Alexa Bliss In-Ring Return Update
Hopefully we’ll soon be saying the same for Alexa Bliss. Bliss hasn’t wrestled on WWE TV since October’s
Hell in a Cell pay-per-view against Ronda Rousey, and now Mark Henry has revealed how
bad her condition was on Busted Open Radio: “She said she was in a bad way, and then
she came back too soon, banged her head again, and really was in a bad place…
…she was like, ‘Yeah, I was really bad off. I couldn’t remember where I was, I couldn’t
remember what I was doing in the city.’ We were flying from London to Switzerland
and she said, ‘I couldn’t remember what flight or anything. I had to rely one everyone else telling me
what to do. I couldn’t stand up straight, I had vertigo.’” Henry then revealed “She’s been cleared.” – even putting a percentage on how cleared
she was, at “100%”. Sadly, it seems Henry was taught maths at
a Steiner School. Which is a really good joke because of both
Scott Steiner’s infamously bad maths promo, and that Steiner Schools are also a real-life
group of experimental European academies that don’t really focus on maths. I read an article on it. Rebutting the 100% claim, F4WOnline are reporting
Bliss “is not yet cleared for in-ring action”, only having “limited clearance for physical
activity… she was taking light bumps at the WWE Performance Center last week with
WWE medical nearby monitoring her” – which Alexa herself tweeted about, posting pictures
of her two days at the facility. Bliss not being 100% cleared is supposedly
why she’s currently in the non-wrestling role of Raw’s women’s General Manager. Unfortunately, hardly anyone is watching her
because WWE just suffered one of their worst weeks ever in the ratings… Depressing Segway. WWE Raw & SmackDown Ratings
Both Raw and SmackDown this week sunk to record low TV ratings – with Raw pulling in a terrible
average of just 2.29 million viewers (their new worst ever number in the modern era – so
historic); and SmackDown only drawing an average of 1.95 million viewers – which is the first
time the show has dipped under the two million threshold since the brand split in mid-2016. And it wasn’t just TV viewers at home not
tuning in, as fans live in attendance for Monday’s Raw have posted photos of how empty
the arena was. But what about your thoughts on the shows? 46% thought Raw was AvRAWge, with 35% going
slightly lower at Poor, but 71% agreed with me and Luke that this week’s SmackDown was
a very solid SmackTastic. Enough of our thoughts, though. Let’s get some from not WWE Hall of Famer
Stone Cold Steve Austin… remember, for legal reasons, this is not Stone Cold Steve Austin:
“Oh hell yeah, it’s Basement Steve, live from the basement of ACD, Andrew David Cox,
at the ADC’s of wrestling. And that’s the bottom floor, swig a beer
for WrestleTalk. I’ve some ideas for a new nickname for the
new Daniel Bryan. No. 1: The Avocado Aficionado. Get it? He’s vegan. Ain’t nothing more heel than telling a bunch
of people about the stuff they do wrong. And how a guy likes to get his protein without
hurting stuff. What a jerk. No. 2: He Who Likes Hemp and Shawn Camp, ‘cos
he looks like Seattle McGrungeyFace. One of the listeners of the ADCs of Wrestling
suggested the Alpha Kale. I love that one. You can hear about it on the pod this week. And that’s the bottom line. Tune in where you can hear me being fickle,
fickle, fickle, fickle, fickle. Give us a subscribe.” Check Out The ADCs Of Wrestling
Thank you Basement Steve – who, again for legal reasons, is not WWE Hall of Famer Stone
Cold Steve Austin – who you can hear plenty more of over at the ADCs of Wrestling YouTube
channel. Steve, of course, was arguably the biggest
piece in the Monday Night Wars between 90s era WCW and WWF. WWE hasn’t had significant mainstream competition
since, and if it was up to Vince McMahon – which it is – IT’LL DAMN WELL STAY THAT WAY! More NXT UK Contract Details
WWE started their NXT UK project in late 2016, which is thought to be the pilot promotion
for Triple H’s “global localisation” world domination master plan. Business business business. If a UK version of NXT goes well, with its
own Network show and touring schedule, WWE seems set to open similar promotions in other
countries – with NXT Japan, Germany, South America and even Australia being discussed. Initially, William Regal promised wrestlers
signed by NXT UK would have “no restrictions” on where they’d work, theoretically protecting
the lively independent wrestling scene in this country. But as reported by both us and the Wrestling
Observer over the last few weeks, new contracts handed out to NXT UK talent have put a stop
to them working for the vast majority of other promotions. And now, according to Voices of Wrestling,
those limitations are even more severe. The site claims there are different tiers
of the new contracts, with the top tier preventing preventing talent from even appearing on WWE’s
partner promotions’ VOD services, only letting them wrestle in dark matches for the likes
of PROGRESS, ICW and wXw. This will remove a significant number of those
companies’ top stars from their On Demand platforms. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has added
an even more potentially devastating threat to the UK scene, though, reporting WWE’s
initial “working agreements” with those partner promotions included a clause where
WWE have the right “to purchase the companies for an agreed upon price… and then shut
them down so they would no longer compete ‘with themselves’” when running shows
in the country. And the tension behind-the-scenes has now
ruptured onto Twitter, with top NXT UK talents British Strong Style blasting WOS Wrestling
Champion Justin Sysum for his statement in support of the UK scene yesterday. In the post, Sysum declared he doesn’t want
a job with WWE, and would “sooner die on my sword in defeat than watch what makes our
industry so free, diverse and inclusive for both wrestlers and fans alike, get eroded
away as part of a ‘corporate strategy’ to get a bigger share price and global market
position.” Despite also expressing his respect and understanding
for those who signed with NXT UK, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven dismissed the WWE invasion
claims, with Dunne replying: “Every step myself and other members of
the NXT UK roster have taken within WWE over the past two years has been nothing but a
benefit to the independent scene. Don’t disregard that because of hear say
and rumours.” And then on his own page: “NXT coexists
with an independent scene in the US. The UK will be no different. Now let’s just take a look at how far British
wrestling has come. 12 years ago when I started this was not a
career for anyone, now it’s attainable and thus a thriving scene of top quality has emerged.” While Seven replied: “Hang your head in
shame Justin. We’ve all worked incredibly hard over the
past few years to create a thriving scene for all levels of talent to perform on. Delete your tweet and stop attention seeking.” Many fans haven’t bought into British Strong
Style’s NXT UK defence on Twitter, though, with the top reply to Dunne’s post being:
“WWE “coexists” with independent scenes the same way Walmart “coexists” with mom
and pop stores”, and Sysum’s original statement having over a thousand likes. What do you think about the NXT UK reports? Let me know in the comments below. Thankfully, we have some unequivocally positive
news to end on… Roman Reigns At Tribute To Troops Taping
…Roman Reigns might potentially be returning to WWE TV soon. Earlier this week, WWE put on their annual
Tribute to the Troops show in Fort Hood, Texas – which was taped to be broadcast on Thursday
20th December. The show was headlined by an interbrand tag
match between heels Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan taking on AJ Styles and Seth Rollins
– because Raw and SmackDown superstars going head-to-head in direct competition IS AN ALL
YEAR ROUND THING, MICHAEL COLE. Nia Jax and Tamina vs Natalya and Ronda Rousey
also took place on the card, and a host of other WWE stars and legends were also in attendance
– including the currently injured Braun Strowman, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, JBL and more. It also had R-Truth dressed like this. But the most significant person in attendance
was the aforementioned Big Dawg, with PWInsider revealing Reigns was at Fort Hood for the
tapings to take part in the festivities. It’s not yet known if the final December
20th broadcast will feature Roman, but if he is included, it will be Reigns’ first
appearance on WWE TV since he announced his leukemia diagnosis and relinquished his Universal
Title back on October 22nd. Hopefully this is a good sign for how he’s
handling the disease, which he reportedly started treatment for on November 8th. Is Daniel Bryan the best heel in WWE right
now? Click the video in the top left to hear our
argument why! And check out WrestleTalk.com for breaking
wrestling news! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “WWE SHOCK Ratings! Roman Reigns WWE RETURN Update! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2018

  1. OLI: Well that was fun! Maybe we'll do the same thing tomorrow with Luke's Super News and see how it goes. He's much better at replying to stuff anyway. Love you all ❤️

  2. Roman Reigns leukemia is a WWE storyline to get fans to like him again. There's nothing more Babyface than overcoming a grave sickness. WWE has shown time and time again they are not afraid to get personal in the storylines.

  3. Ah yes Roman will be returning very soon after his ingrown toe nail surgery… hang on a minute. That's not how Leukemia works! He's gonna be out for at least a year.

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    So the only good talent left is Ambrose, Rawlins, Strowmen and Bala for the men that tge crowd want to see.
    Ronda is still learning and trying hard but her timing is still way off.
    So Sasha, Bailey, Jax, Asuka who has had a lousy story line, Becky and Flair are pretty much the best thing at the moment, problem is they are split over 2 shows.

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    And generally if the Wwe Universe don't like what is happing in the Wwe they change it straight away to avoid losing sales and viewers, yet they haven't done anything about it, It is obvious Braun is gonna demolish Corbin at TLC and the way things have been going it looks like Dolph, Titus O'neil, Elias and Finn Balor have his back as Drew, Lashley and whoever else is helping dumb F*ck Corbin, I won't doubt it if they all get involved in their match

  10. if Reigns comes back this soon, then this was nothing than a ploy by WWE to use his condition to get him over with the fans since every other attempt failed.

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