WWE Signs Another Former Superstar, Jeff Hardy’s Dream Match at WrestleMania – Wrestling Report

WWE Signs Another Former Superstar, Jeff Hardy’s Dream Match at WrestleMania – Wrestling Report

Welcome to the Wrestling Report,
First up today we have news on the signing of a former WWE superstar. Just after the return of Rhyno, Shelton Benjamin,
and possibly Curt Hawkins who is said to come back shortly, WWE has signed a new deal with
Jinder Mahal. Based on his previous run with the WWE, Mahal
could be featured mostly as enhancement talent, but who knows, maybe Jinder will be back a
different man. Mahal will be featured on RAW instead of SmackDown,
unlike most of the other recent signings. What are your thoughts on this one? Second we have Jeff Hardy making the headlines. During an interview, Jeff talked about how
he would want to end his career, or in other words his personal dream match. Jeff said that if he returned to WWE, he would
want to go out after a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania against the Undertaker. He says he wants to “Swanton off the top
of the cell, onto the commentary table”, followed by a “Swanton through the cage”
when Undertaker is in the ring, only to miss and then get Tombstoned and pinned. I’d definitely pay to see that, especially
the way Hardy describes it, but I highly doubt this match would ever take place. What do you think? Next up we have ratings for this week’s
RAW and SmackDown Live. According to ShowBuzzDaily.com, Monday Night
RAW averaged 3.34 million viewers, which is up nearly 7% from last week’s show. SmackDown however didn’t benefit much from
going live, but actually performed worse than last week. Last week’s edition of SmackDown which featured
the WWE Draft averaged 3.17 million viewers, while this week that number dropped to an
average 2.74 million. Now to be fair, the Democratic National Convention
aired on Tuesday as well in the US, so that could have impacted viewership. Finally, just a quick update on The Rock and
his Presidential ambitions. Speaking of the DNC, a sign advocating for
The Rock to become President was seen on CNN, which sparked TIME Magazine to write a piece
on him. This whole “Rock for President” thing
seems to be picking up a little bit of steam now, and clearly the man himself isn’t against
the idea. And that’s the Wrestling Report for today. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in
the next one!

67 thoughts on “WWE Signs Another Former Superstar, Jeff Hardy’s Dream Match at WrestleMania – Wrestling Report

  1. Jinder mahal? Don't. u mean Jingle MyBalls XD….Btw if he returns he will most likely be a jobber or maybe he can get a mid card push or something idk


  3. Nah jeff hardy vs undertaker at wrestlemania ain't gonna happen if jeff is gonna be fighting anyone at wrestlemania in hell in a cell it should be shane mcmahon

  4. I definitely think the WWE will let Hardy come back for that match. The ratings would be good I think.

  5. if the rock ever becomes president he will truly be the goat in the wwe, he would even surpass Vince McMahon when it comes to having more power

  6. we should she Neville vs jeff hardy ..or finn ballor vs jeff hardy. or prince puma vs kill shot in lucha underground.. or prince puma vs night claw in lucha underground

  7. Why would Jeff hardy want to return only to lose to undertaker at mania it makes no sense because why would he want to put undertaker over when undertakers career is over and Jeff can still be a part time wrestler who has some gas still in the tank so to speak no offense to undertaker or his fans

  8. Rock as the president hahaha if he does opt to be one and ends up as one I'll move to America…. He'll cut the best promos of his life 😂😂😂

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