WWE Star INJURED?! MAJOR WWE Title Change! | WWE Smackdown LIVE, Nov. 7, 2017 Review

WWE Star INJURED?! MAJOR WWE Title Change! | WWE Smackdown LIVE, Nov. 7, 2017 Review

A possible wrestler injury. A bad day for Rusev days, and…did anything
else happen, oh yeah – and we’ve got a new WWE Champion. I’m Oli Davis and this is the 7th November,
2017 edition of Smackdown Live…in about 4 minutes. Compulsory Shane McMahon Opening Promo
Shane McMahon opened Smackdown with his usual ‘here’s what we’ve got tonight, folks’
schtick – repeating the same match information that Tom Phillips just told us several minutes
before. After finally showing concern for Daniel Bryan
being taken out on Raw – about a week too late – Shane then celebrated the previous
night’s Under Siege Part II with The New Day and a boo-tay shake. To their credit, WWE are really pulling off
Smackdown stars being heels on Raw and babyfaces on Tuesday nights. This brought out Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens,
who were not fans of McMahon’s awkward dad twerking, and criticised Shane for overtly
favouring the good guys – presumably foreshadowing KO and Sami turning on Team Smackdown at Survivor
Series. Kofi Kingston beat Sami Zayn
This led to Shane booking Sami vs Kofi Kingston, which was decent TV match with the respective
faction members at ringside. Sadly, Kofi won clean with a Crossbody off
the top rope, when Sami would really benefit from going over, still early in his new heel
run. Bludgeon Brothers Promo
The Bludgeon Brothers destroyed another camera. Randy Orton beat Rusev
Today was not a good Rusev Day. That the Bulgarian Brute’s Team Smackdown
qualifying match went from AJ Styles to the already qualified and obviously not going
to lose Randy Orton was never a good sign. And despite another excellent rendition of
Rusev Day from Aiden English, Orton won with an RKO from… outta nowhere. Becky Lynch beat James Ellsworth
In a match that should’ve happened way back
in June after the Women’s Money in the Bank match, the first ever Women’s Money in the
Bank winner James Ellsworth took on Becky Lynch in a rare WWE intergender match. Which means, Women’s division, everyone
out here. It’s your one proper segment on the show
again, so all get in there as lumberjacks so we can see you. I rather enjoyed the match’s broad comedy,
with Becky really getting over her technical skill. Ellsworth tapped to the Disarmer, and then
got superkicked by Carmella. With all the recent WWE releases, that’s
rather worrying for The Chin. Natalya & Charlotte Backstage
Presumably upon realising all WWE’s champions are now heels, Shane then booked Natalya vs
Charlotte for the Women’s Title next week. American Beta beat The Usos
The Tag Team Championship match ended rather suddenly when Chad Gable – continuing American
Beta’s slowly building heel schtick – took out Jimmy Uso’s leg on the outside and then
hid under the ring, causing The Usos to lose via countout. Hopefully this was because the late addition
of Styles vs Jinder in the main event bumped whatever time they originally had planned,
rather than an actual injury for Jimmy Uso – which is what live reports from PWTorch
fear, as “after the bell, Jey just sat in the same spot. The lights dropped to black before he was
carried out.” AJ Styles beat Jinder Mahal
The main event of AJ Styles vs Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship was built throughout
the night, with them delivering promos looking straight into the camera for Smackdown’s
cold open – PROMOS STRAIGHT INTO THE CAMERA, SWAFT NATION. It was glorious – and Styles later promising
he’ll beat both Jinder and Brock to become… …the one who has the spirits of 5 animals
within his soul. A dog – woof. An eagle – cawcaw! A tiger – meow. A bull – exhale. And a dolphin – eek eek! He is…the Beastmaster! And AJ delivered on the first part of his
promise, defeating Jinder Mahal. After 170 days, the Maharaja’s reign is
over, and AJ Styles is our new WWE Champion. The two had a really good match – with AJ’s
brilliantly subtle selling of his knee, Styles absolutely annihilating the Singh Brothers
and a series of fantastic near-falls. An updated Survivor Series graphic ran almost
immediately after the finish, now showing Styles vs Brock Lesnar for the main event. So that was this week’s Smackdown Live in
about 4 minutes, here’s the usual ratings recap from top to bottom: SmackDamn, Smacktastic,
Smack Bang In The Middle, Ellsworthy and That’s The Last Time I Take A Leaked WWE Poster As
Confirmation Of Anything. I’ll reveal my score very shortly, but first,
vote in the poll above my head to give yours. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. AJ’s title win was a fantastic ending for
Smackdown – the first title change on the brand’s TV in 14 years. The rest of the show, however, was rather
average. The Shane McMahon opening promos have become
a formulaic chore, the Rusev vs Orton and tag team bouts were inconsequential and the
women’s division continues to be an afterthought. But sometimes it’s all about the finish. So this week’s Smackdown is SmackTastic. WWE apparently had no idea about Chris Jericho’s
shock New Japan announcement! And who debuted on this week’s Raw? Click the videos to the left to find out,
press subscribe and support WrestleTalk on Patreon. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “WWE Star INJURED?! MAJOR WWE Title Change! | WWE Smackdown LIVE, Nov. 7, 2017 Review

  1. So the main event of Survivor Series pits two former IWGP World Champions who are currently the champions of their respective brands.

  2. vince saw that tickets aint selling. So they booking cena, making aj styles as champ and prob giving charlotte the title next week.

  3. Does anyone else think that if Jinder was having matches like that from the beginning he wouldn't have been so much of a joke.

  4. Fantasy booking warfare Challenge: Rebook Jinder Mahal's title run. You can go back to when he won the #1 contender match, but he must win the title. Go

  5. Am I The only one who is seeing stupid marks wanting to see Jinder Champion again And constantly cursing Aj Styles comments all over YouTube…..if someone else has seen them plz reply

  6. I don’t understand why cena is on the SD team makes no sense it’s unfair to other SD wrestlers who should have gotten it like rusev

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, as of 20:53pm GMT, this channel has hit 400K SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS OLI AND LUKE!!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 #WrestleTalk400k

  8. I realy cant believe they fired Aries and kept elsworth.. 😂 im starting to think the reason benoit did a " heath ledger" was cause he had to talk to Vince everyday 😂

  9. Love your chennel guys, but can we avoid spoilers like title changes in the headlines! The moment the tag title match ended I knew the result of the main event (still watched….Because AJ Styles) but still… :/

  10. Natalia s neko ears just kill me lol omfg 2005 called and want his gimmick back… 😂 the things wwe make people do

  11. That Poster with Lesnar and Styles make Survivor Series look like a big 4 PPV, too bad they wont mention Aj and Brock are both former IWGP champs

  12. I would’ve give it a ‘Fantastic’ rating myself, if I wasn’t spoiled to begin with. I just wish they would’ve aired the program LIVE when they do their shows in the UK, but on an earlier time. It’s really annoying when they do that. So I gave it a ‘Smack bang in the middle’.

  13. Jason will cost Kurt the match because its payback for not being there for him after years thus getting fired. Predictable.

  14. I can't be the only one absolutely bored with Randy Orton for years and him continuing to win when other people need pushes is just making him even more unlikable and a detriment to his own company.

  15. AJ winning was fucking bullshit.
    We had all this build up for Jinder V Lesnar (which i was actually interested in) just to change it and make Styles win a match with no build up at all? Fucking shit story telling that is.

  16. Guess
    what ladies. In real life, James Ellsworth would beat the piss out of Becky. Dont want you bitches getting delusional.


  18. As a former wrestler, Ellsworth was the one who lead Becky Lench & even hooked onto her to make it look like she was moving him. Too bad most will never understand how much he did for her.

  19. Natalya vs Charlotte? snoresville. time for Carmella to cash in while Charlotte sobs in the middle of the ring holding the title in front of her hometown sheep. to be fair, Carmella makes a better opponent against Charlotte than Natalya. that is unless they want multiple bathroom breaks during an episode of SD. Baron, you're the other one.

  20. Sami zayn is the worst ever they need to totally deconstruct him and completely redo his character. Start with that awful music!

  21. Oli, please make a new WrestleSketch with snake-speaking Randy Orton for Survivor Series. I need more "Triple H has a sweaty ass face" in my life.

  22. AJ styles vs Jinder Mahal was the only Jinder match I genuinely enjoyed. They made Jinder look pretty good. Too bad it was his last match as champ.

  23. I'm glad im not the only one that noticed aj turn into a cheetah to tackle one of the singh brothers, jus like the beast master would

  24. People can finally stop bitching about jinder. I like both jinder and aj but brock vs jinder would have been a better and a dream match

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