WWE Star WALKS OUT On Raw?! John Cena WrestleMania 35 Match REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

WWE Star WALKS OUT On Raw?! John Cena WrestleMania 35 Match REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

Hola y beinvenido a las noticias de WrestleTalk
– soy Oli Davis. Donde está la biblioteca? Si, tendre el pescado… what other Spanish
do I know? Oh yeah – I mean, oh si! – Lucha! Lucha! Lucha! The Return Of Juan Cena
Following their victory at WWE’s live event in Huntsville, Alabama last night, Lucha House
Party celebrated backstage about being undefeated so far in 2019, where they were suddenly joined
by a returning WWE star… Juan Cena – who, in absolutely no way, is
connected to 16 time WWE Champion John Cena. Now potentially with four members, Lucha House
Party can beat The Revival even more unfairly. Alas, that’s not to be, though, as Kalisto,
Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado all decided they couldn’t see him. According to the latest Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, nobody could see Lars Sullivan at last week’s Raw, either. Lars Sullivan Walks Out On Raw? NXT wrestler Lars has been lurking around
the main roster since November, with the first video package teasing his call-up originally
airing during the Survivor Series pay-per-view. That makes it 57 days of hype, and a whole
load of lurking. Lurking that was supposedly meant to end at
last Monday’s Raw where he was reportedly scheduled to finally make his main roster
debut… in a dark match that wouldn’t air on TV. WWE are taking an odd strategy to rolling
out their next crop of NXT call-ups, with EC3 and Lacey Evans wrestling in the Main
Event taping before last week’s Raw, and Heavy Machinery wrestling in the dark match
after last week’s SmackDown went off-air. Nikki Cross, meanwhile, has been touring with
the SmackDown Live crew for months. The Wrestling Observer claim Lars was also
meant to wrestle in a main roster dark match last week – meaning all the New Era’s NXT
call-ups would have technically now debuted – but those plans had to be scrapped:
“Sullivan was scheduled to debut on the main roster, probably in a dark match, on
the 1/7 Raw in Orlando. He either didn’t show up at the arena, or
did and left the building, believed to be due to an anxiety attack.” If that happened just a few years ago, you’d
expect that story to be followed up with reports of backstage heat now on Lars. Thankfully, this really is a New Era in some
ways, and officials are now a lot more understanding of mental health issues after Mauro Ranallo
briefly left the company in 2017. Apparently the office talked with Sullivan,
“smoothed things out and everything was fine.” His dark match was then rescheduled for the
following night’s SmackDown in Jacksonville, but he reportedly didn’t show up for that
either and instead “flew back home to Colorado.” It’s not yet known how this will affect
Lars’ reported “monster push”, a monster push reportedly fitting of a huge WrestleMaina
35 opponent… John Cena Vs Lars Sullivan For WrestleMania
35 Juan Cena…I mean John Cena – whom Lars is
expected to beat. Dave Meltzer speculates that if WWE are still
committed to the match-up after the incident last week, “all hints and signs pointed
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48 thoughts on “WWE Star WALKS OUT On Raw?! John Cena WrestleMania 35 Match REVEALED?! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2019

  1. I'm willing to bet that Sullivan is also not going to enter the royal rumble & his match with Cena, will actually be Cena wrestling a Broomstick & he'll bury it just like he would of done to Sullivan if he actually wrestled the match.

  2. Here's some Spanish for you you goofy little wanker…"Eres un estupido y apestas y no sabes nada de lucha"….take that to heart,please!!!!

  3. Lars had been dealing with Mental Health issues for some time. Lars' mental health is apparently crippling his every waking moment & he's finding it extremely difficult to cope.🕊

  4. He didn’t walk out, he was allowed to leave, framing it that way is deceptive and casts a negative view on the issue he’s dealing with. Always thought you were better than this Wrestletalk

  5. I've suffered brutal anxiety attacks so he has my sympathy but at the same time I can't see Vince trusting in him after this.

  6. People give big guys shit for "being a pussy", but anxiety is real. It can affect anyone. Give the big man time. You're going to bury him anyway. It's not like he'll get pushed past Braun.

  7. Lars vs Ceana, no thanks. Taker vs Alister yawn. Taker vs Soma Joe, Juan Cena vs Jhoun Cena, Rousey vs De Vile vs Flair vs Lynch for the title Auska vs Evans for the title, let's do an inter brand match in mania 35 for a change.Lars is a coward, for a big man.

  8. Its funny and Ironic he was the one who told people with anxiety and mental illness to stop being bitches and to grow up.

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