WWE Stars RETURN To NXT! Daniel Bryan WWE Future LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

WWE Stars RETURN To NXT! Daniel Bryan WWE Future LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk news – I’m
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below, my fan. At the start of this year, it was heavily
reported a top WWE star might leave the promotion so he could return to wrestling for All In,
Arena Mexico and events like MediaCon – but now it appears that speculation can finally
be put to rest… Daniel Bryan WWE Future Leaked
…because Daniel Bryan is now all but set to resign with WWE.
Bryan was forced into an early retirement in 2016 due to multiple concussions, but managed
to get medically cleared by various doctors afterwards thanks to experimental treatments.
There was only one man’s opinion who mattered, though, WWE doctor Joseph Maroon – who was
the one responsible for letting him return to the ring.
While out on the sidelines, Bryan was very vocal in interviews about wanting to wrestle
again. And if WWE didn’t let him, he’d just leave the company and return to the independent
scene. Because Daniel Bryan gives zero… Terry Funks.
This even got to the point where Cody Rhodes began teasing him vs Bryan for a match at
All In, and there were reportedly discussions in place to make that happen. But Maroon ended
up clearing Bryan in time for WrestleMania 34, and those plans were dropped.
But despite being able to wrestle in WWE again, Bryan had not resigned with the promotion,
and his contract expiration date was approaching on September 1st – coincidentally the same
day as All In. And Bryan had said in interviews how “interesting” the wrestling world
is right now, teasing a possible return to the indies.
The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter now writes, though, that “Daniel Bryan just
signed his new contract so they’ve agreed on terms. As of 9/3 it was not official since
WWE hadn’t signed it, but that’s a formality and it should be official very soon if not
this week. It’s been pretty much a given now for several weeks that he wasn’t going
anywhere for a number of reasons.” Pro Wrestling Sheet have confirmed the report,
adding that their sources tell them “it’s a multi-year deal.”
Wait a second… No, it can’t be. I think it is! The counter has heard its call, and
it’s here to update us on how many f**** Daniel Bryan now gives. He’s resigned. His
getting to work with his wife, Brie Mode. Daniel Bryan now gives… one f***! Daniel
Bryan gives a f***-. My Dan.
But while we now know what’s going on with Bryan…
WWE Stars Return To NXT …Luke Harper and Tyler Breeze’s WWE futures
just got more interesting. Both men have found themselves partner-less
in recent months, with Breeze’s Fashion Police being a man down when Fandango suffered
a torn labrum in July, and Harper’s Bludgeon Brothers had to quickly drop their SmackDown
tag titles when Rowan tore his bicep at SummerSlam. To fill time while main roster creative get
something for them, both men appeared at last night’s NXT house show in Buffalo, New York
– with Harper losing a North American Championship match to Ricochet, and Tyler Breeze beating
Marcel Barthel. A former WWE star has been arrested. Click
the video onscreen now to find out who. And become a WrestleTalk Patreon today to get
access to loads of exclusive podcast content! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “WWE Stars RETURN To NXT! Daniel Bryan WWE Future LEAKED! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

  1. Oli, Luke, El fakidor. please post videos of your stage performance when you do it so that we can see the fruits of your hard work and bask in your glory!!! #SUPPORTWRESTLETALK

  2. Seeing these behind the scenes clips of you guys working so hard for a damn internet wrestling bet is so wonderful and amazing, makes me love WrestleTalk even more. Been watching y’all for the longest time and I’m seriously so pleased to see how successful you guys are getting. Keep up the amazing work, you have thousands of people around the whole world supporting y’all and got your back. #TeamWrestleTalk

  3. Breeze and Fandango should have been on NXT to begin with. They could use the improvement still, and they'd make a welcome additon to the NXT Tag division

  4. Daniel Bryan has now become a puppet for the WWE. They use the Bellas as bait to keep them there. I can't wait for him to realize the mistake he just made.

  5. WWE should do a story line with these half injured tag teams where each individual belt in the tag team champions are put up for grabs in separate matches. End up having two people who are not partnered together but have other tag partners win the belts, then have a semi lengthy run of where the belts are separated and the overall story is how will they be reunited with a solid tag team. You could even throw in the occasional match where they have to defend the titles as a whole with the non tag partner.

  6. Hope Daniel Bryan enjoys being a jobber and wrestling shitty gimmick matches. what a sad end to such a promising career.

  7. Ok forreal tho the whole “brie mode” thing is getting old as fuck…. you were reaching the first time you said it sounded like slow motion & now it’s just becoming more and more annoying 🙃 is there not a single new joke that you can replace it with?

  8. Baron Corbin, sick of Finn, should trade him to Smackdown for Harper. That way we can get a Bullet Club and Wyatt Family reunion

  9. MY MAN!!! What's the status on Paul Ellering and is it possible for a team up with The Ascension? Since we have Rock star Spud managing the AOP???

  10. Harper vs Ricochet? I wonder how well Ricochet did against such a tall and good wrestler. Might show the higher ups if he is ready or not for the main roster.

  11. The Love Doctor Donnie Jennings ❤ ,The King Of Connecticut Matt Granahan 👑 ,The Southern Fire Amp Dominick 🔥 ,UFC Hall Of Famer The American Psycho Stephan Bonnar 🇺🇸 ,The N.Y Badass Phil Baroni 💪 😎 BEST EVA!!!,The Legends 🙌 The New Legend Chuck Sloan, Buckshot Buck Carter,Bret "The Crippler" Watson 💀 & Micky May 💋 😎👌#TheFLIQClub Stay Too Sweet!!!🍬🍫🍭

  12. now that all in is over I am less interested where bryan winds up.  I was hoping he would make the jump but hopefully he got paid big $$$ to stay in wwe.

  13. ROFL, can say "Terry Funks" but get demonetized for "Alicia Fox" looks like YouTubes demonitizer has an issue with women having names! lol

  14. DB was never going anywhere. With his wife in WWE along with her show and now that he is a father. He was never going to go back to the indies. DB is going to settle for WWE for comfort and money.

  15. Dammit Oli, why did you have to remind me of Brie Mode? I haven't watched the Bellas since they came back but you just had to mention fucking Brie Mode!!!

  16. i hated tyler breeze for the 1st several months but when he teamed with fandango he rubbed off on me and i actually like his current style its a shame with fan but hopefully breeze but if he gets matches and stay in the light i think all will be well.

    funny enough i was not a a fan of fan until they teamed together as well didnt care much for him… isnt it funny how making a good move can make you rethink someone like that and im not talking about baby face or heel i mean i just didnt care for either of them….but now i wanna see them have several runs as tag champs…its just funny how things work sometimes haha


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