WWE Title Change BOTCH?! | WWE Smackdown Live Jan. 29 2019 Review

WWE Title Change BOTCH?! | WWE Smackdown Live Jan. 29 2019 Review

We’ve got a new United States Champion!
We’ve got a new WWE Championship! And move over random Elias heel turn, Rusev would also
like to randomly turn heel too! I am Luke Owen, leave a comment down below I can reply
to, and vote in the poll above my head to let me know what you thought of the show – where
you can choose from: SmackDamn, SmackTastic, Smack Bang in the Middle, SmackDowner, and
A Smack in the Face. This is the 29th of January 2019 edition of Smackdown Live… in about
4 minutes. The winner of the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble
and the woman who will face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, Becky Lynch opened the show
this week – cutting a short promo on ol’ Ronnie before being interrupted by Charlotte
Flair – who spoke incenserly about being happy and proud of Lynch for winning a match she
wasn’t supposed to be a part of. Hey, if Shane can do it why not Becky. Becky responded
to this promo in the best manner possible – by punching Flair right in her face. The
two then brawled around ringside – because I guess they still have issues despite feuding
since Summerslam last year – and Becky seemingly hurt her ankle in the process. This was a
really solid start to the show, and it keeps the plate of Flair vs. Lynch spinning as we
head towards WrestleMania – particularly as reports suggest it will be a triple threat
in the main event. Shinsuke Nakamura’s first run with the United
States Championship was pretty much a wet fart – with no storylines over the belt despite
holding it for hundreds days. Maybe he’ll fare better with his second run after winning
it from Rusev on Sunday. Nope, wait, R-Truth is now the United States Champion after pinning
Nakamura in what felt like an accident. Truth rolled him up and Nakamura kicked out and
the two continued to wrestle – but the ref called for the bell and announced Truth was
the new Champion. But clearly this title switch wasn’t an error as Rusev then came out and
cut a heel-ish promo on Truth winning the belt – leading to a match between the two… …Which Truth won rather quickly. Rusev then
teamed with Nakamura – the man who led to his wife Lana getting hurt so bad she couldn’t
even compete in the Royal Rumble – to complete his random heel turn and the two left Truth
laying. Later in the show they set up a tag team match with The Good Brothers, who I’m
shocked are still employed. This was all very weird. The finish to the Truth/Nakamura match
did feel like a botch and the commentary played it up as one – but it must have been the plan
given the Rusev stuff that followed it. Very odd indeed. There was supposed to be a match between Rey
Mystreio and Samoa Joe, but Zelina Vega cut a promo on Rey, and Andrade attacked him from
behind to leave him laying. We got clips of Paige and The Rock at the
Sundance screening of Fighting With My Family, a movie which The Hollywood Reporter said
in their review, “A couple of scenes with The Rock don’t energize a run-of-the-mill
sports story.” In a backstage segment, Sonya Deville and
Mandy Rose announced themselves for the Elimination Chamber match to win the Women’s Tag Team
titles. How come they didn’t have to qualify like the other teams did on Raw? But more
importantly, Rose revealed why she hated Naomi so much. It turns out that Naomi – when she
was part of Team BAD with Sasha Banks and Tamina – was a bit mean to her on Tough Enough
in 2015 and Rose has never mentally recovered from it. Well, at least there’s now a reason
for these two to be feuding. This show really could use more promo segments.
Thankfully Miz and Shane McMahon came out to celebrate their tag team title win – with
Shane bringing down Miz’s father who said he was proud of his son. This was all really
rather lovely. Some might wonder why Miz’s Dad wasn’t proud of his son being the WWE
Champion and headlining WrestleMania – but that was one of the worst Mania main events
ever and no one should be proud of it. Shane also announced that they would be defending
their titles at Elimination Chamber and booked a fatal four way to crown new number one contenders. By WWE’s own admission, the tag title scene
on Smackdown was really repetitive because it was the same three teams facing each other
for the belts – which doesn’t really explain why they made up three quarters of this match
– with NXT call-ups Heavy Machinery filling out the teams. Has anyone seen EC3? As one
would imagine, this match was a lot of fun and really showed off Heavy Machinery’s
comedy and power spots. I also get a giggle out of Corey Graves saying Otis Dosavich looked
like Gwildor from Masters of the Universe, which is shockingly accurate. Heavy Machinery
eliminated New Day, The Bar eliminated Heavy Machinery, and The Usos pinned The Bar to
become the new number one contenders to Miz and Shane McMahon. Daniel Bryan came out for more talking next,
wearing a t-shirt that asked for no homophobia, no racism and no sexism. Ooh, what a heel.
He then brought out his new Planteer member Rowan who he said joined him for the Greater
Good. Bryan said that AJ Styles was right, and he is indeed a hypocrite. He’s been
carrying around this WWE Championship that was made from the skin of a cow he decided
to name Daisy. He then told a story about poor Daisy and how she was needlessly killed,
which the crowd responded to by chanting Thank You Daisy – and then chanted Goodbye Daisy
as Bryan threw the belt in the bin. He then introduced the new WWE Championship which
is made of hemp. This brought out, in order, AJ Styles, Randy
Orton, Jeff Hardy, Mustafa Ali and Samoa Joe – who all wanted a shot at Daniel Bryan’s
Hempyweight Championship. I’m surprised Matt Riddle and Rob Van Dam didn’t come
out to be honest. After an oooh Wendy reference a brawl broke out and Triple H announced on
the big screen that all six men would complete for the title at Elimination Chamber. For a change this was actually a really newsworthy
episode of Smackdown Live. Truth won the US title, Rusev turned heel, we’ve got a new
WWE Championship design, and a couple of matches were announced for Elimination Chamber. The
problem is that on this wrestling show there was only really one proper wrestling match
– with both Truth matches only going a couple of minutes combined. With that said, I really
liked the Becky segment, and Bryan unveiling a new WWE Championship not made from leather
really is an inspired choice. This week’s Smackdown Live is a high Smack Bang in the
Middle. Is Dean Ambrose leaving WWE? Check out the
WrestleTalk News by clicking the video on screen. And vote in the poll for which PPV
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82 thoughts on “WWE Title Change BOTCH?! | WWE Smackdown Live Jan. 29 2019 Review

  1. R Truth deserves a title run probably more than anyone else. He is probably one of the most underrated talents they have. He works his tail off and does whatever is asked of him. I hope they let him have a title run of more than week.

  2. What would fans rather see at Wrestlemania: Becky vs Ronda 1 on 1 (YES YES YES YES YES) or Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte in a triple threat match (NO NO NO NO NO)???

    You would think that after that amazing eye-opening segment between Becky & Ronda on the post-RR Raw and the way that the crowd was so emotionally invested in it giving Becky one of the loudest pops ever seen while totally turning on Ronda that WWE would realize that they got the makings of a real blockbuster main event between the company's most beloved female Superstar & it's most famous one and just leave it as is but nope, they just have to go & add Charlotte for no reason other than the fact that Vince just needs to keep reminding us that Charlotte is his chosen one & he doesn't care about anyone else in the women's division and has to put her in every women's main event that there is!!! Charlotte is becoming the John Cena of the women's division & I do not mean that as a compliment in that just like Cena back in the day, Vince continues to aggressively push Charlotte down our throats non-stop over every other Superstar on the roster trying to force the fans to back her despite the glaring all too obvious fact that Becky is the female Superstar that all the fans are clearly & unanimously behind each & every week as was made perfectly obvious at the rumble than again on Raw the following night!!!

    Becky vs Ronda already has the feel & atmosphere of a high profile Las Vegas prizefight, does WWE really need to diminish that by adding a third Superstar who has already main evented countless times including at last year's WM where Charlotte infamously snapped Asuka's undefeated streak???

  3. One proper match? Just one proper match? This is why i only watch ppv's and I'm rewatching the Monday Night Wars.

  4. He needs to stop giving things high and low ratings… the ratings are there for a reason pick one… unless we all get +- in our polls too

  5. Dean Ambrose is a work he is going to leave for AEW to turn and burn it down just like Hall & Nash so Oli go sign with AEW for your big pay day now!! #swaftnation 315NY

  6. They could have made the Daniel Bryan segment so much better IMO. Why not have the other guys come out outraged that he’d thrown the WWE title in the bin? It just looks silly that they’re all suddenly wanting to win the wooden one…

  7. Mustafa Ali was made to look like a fool during the WWE championship segment. Samoa Joe was fantastic. And I love Daniel Bryan so much.

  8. 1:18 fake news or WT is written by a goof that does not watch the product Becky got hurt at the Rumble by Nia Jax.

  9. 6:08 funny how you can tell that there are a lot of npcs in the fandom when are gushing over that new title. It was a gag a great one that fits his character. Im pretty sure he takes a plane to get to other states and i maybe be wrong but isn't themiddle plate on the title made of wood that poor tree had die for a satire political wresling angle.

  10. I enjoyed it though. I think more solid wrestling should be saved for PPV’s and only occasionally given on shows and more time should be given to building stories for payoffs. I do want wrestling on my show, but a show like this after a grueling PPV to start new storylines or enhance current ones should be more common

  11. R-Truth is getting a push because he is friends with Jack Hager and WWE says hey truth heres a belt, can you help us get him back here…blahs blahs blah…they dont want to risk him going to AEW

  12. Where's Asuka she's the Smackdown's Women Champion and didn't even make the show?? Way too much talking/promos for a 2 hour show that should actually have more wrestling!!!

  13. I can't watch modern day rasslin unless it's New Japan, that's mainly because they let people dress like manga-like characters

  14. Other dirt sheets reporting Truth won because Nia hurt his ankle at the Rumble – so this was a payoff. Either way it's nice to have a change.

  15. R-truth deserves it he bon there so long and never got any push he is getting old he is about to retire that's why he got the title

  16. I think you guys are great, very informative and I love that. However however you guys are usually too long. I know 11 12 minutes is your usual time. But this one I like more and had more time to watch because of half the time. I am a big fan of you guys though. And thank you for doing this I have seen every episode. Although most of the time it does take a few times.

  17. In all honesty, Smackdown is truly the better show than Raw. I would love to see Samoa Joe get that belt, bad ass heel, great promos that man deserves a run and a good one not that bs that they pulled with him and Lesnar.

  18. You say Galanderson you're surprised are still employed but they've got Botchamania to ruin with their own show. Can't do that with AEW!

  19. Homophobia is a myth, as a phobia is an irrational fear, but over 75% of homosexuals have an STD and over 90% of children raised by gay parents are abused.

    There is nothing irrational in fearing people like that.

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