WWE TLC Main Event In DOUBT Because Of Backstage Virus?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

WWE TLC Main Event In DOUBT Because Of Backstage Virus?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

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we’ll be bringing back WrestleSketch for a one-off special later this month! It’s Gotta Be Kane! Monday’s episode of Raw was built around
Miz teasing a ‘fifth man’ for his TLC team against The Shield. The educated guess was Samoa Joe – who the
Wrestling Observer Newsletter note is “ready to return any time now” – so it was pretty
shocking when Kane ripped through the ring canvas, making his first WWE appearance since
December last year. Shocking because he’s currently involved
in a real-life political campaign, running for Mayor of Hard Knox County. The return was not only a brilliant piece
of nostalgic fan service, coming almost exactly 20 years after the Kane character debuted
at Badd Blood 1997. It was also one WWE went all out for to keep
a surprise. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter,
WWE went to “great lengths” to hide Kane’s return – not letting any of the talent know,
and even flying him into a different airport to where Raw was taking place. It’s probably good Kane has been kept separate
from the rest of the roster – because a virus outbreak has reportedly spread across talent,
and it could significantly affect this weekend’s TLC pay-per-view. TLC Card In Doubt
WWE have confirmed to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Bo Dallas hasn’t been on
the last two episodes of Raw because he’s “sidelined with an undisclosed illness”. Miz acknowledged his poorly Miztourage member
on Monday night, wishing him well in the Miz TV segment. But the Wrestling Observer notes that Bray
Wyatt – Bo’s real life brother – has also missed the last two weeks of WWE dates, as
has Bray’s real-life girlfriend, ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Wyatt’s Sister Abigail promo on the 9th
October Raw was taped in advance, and he wasn’t on the go-home show at all, despite being
in a featured match against Finn Balor this Sunday. Pro Wrestling Votes – the Twitter account
that broke the Neville and Nia Jax stories over the last week – is reporting all three
are sick: “Bray, Bo and JoJo have been off TV due
to an illness. I will not report personal details, however
that is the reason.” Justin LaBar, however, has – tweeting they
haven’t been at TV because of viral meningitis. But JoJo’s mother claims otherwise, replying
to Pro Wrestling Votes: “FYI JOJO IS NOT ILL”
That ties in with PWInsider’s report, who write Bray and JoJo have been kept home from
WWE in a “preventive move in case they may have also been exposed to the illness”. But again according to Pro Wrestling Votes,
that might be too little, too late: “I am hearing other Superstars may indeed
be suffering from the same illness, and it may drastically impact Sunday’s PPV event.” Which Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin backs
up: “Hearing this viral meningitis scare on
the Raw roster is very real and could definitely affect the TLC card.” And a possible WWE insider on Reddit ironically
named KAY-FABE – who broke that Miz would add a fifth man – has posted:
“Did some digging and was told that the rumors of Bray, Bo & JoJo being sick are true… Also… those 3 might not be the only ones
effected. IT (whatever illness this is) could change
the TLC main event. No more details at the moment.” AJ Styles Also Unwell? Additionally, Cage Side Seats are reporting
AJ Styles missed Smackdown’s first live event in Argentina on Thursday due to illness
– but it’s said to be “an unrelated stomach bug” and he’ll be cleared for the weekend
shows. So it seems one unintentional consequence
of the WWE brand split is quarantine. Why Tom Phillips Missed Smackdown
At least there’s happier news with lead Smackdown play-by-play announcer Tom Phillips. Michael Cole opened Tuesday’s episode saying
he’ll be filling in commentary because Phillips is “on assignment”. But thankfully neither backstage viral outbreaks
or disgruntled talent walkouts are to blame. WrestlingNews.co are reporting it’s because
Tom got married last Saturday, and he was given time off for his honeymoon. He’ll be back for next week’s episode. Vince McMahon is furious with Neville! And what heel turn is planned for the eventual
Shield break-up? Click the videos to the left to find out more,
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100 thoughts on “WWE TLC Main Event In DOUBT Because Of Backstage Virus?! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2017

  1. Hey Olie. I donated to Kane’s political campaign. Got a Glen Jacobs shirt, a letter from him, and he called my house to thank me. He actually talked a while, since I don’t live far from WWE Headquarters.

  2. This lead to the shield not reuniting in the match, aj styles fighting finn balor in a dream match-up with no buildup and KURT ANGLE RETURNING TO WRESTLING TO FILL IN FOR ROMAN

  3. Confirmed: Kurt Angle is returning to action in the main event after Roman Reigns suffers from illness. Finn Balor will face Aj Styles.

  4. Bray and Jo Jo? talk about 50 shades of Bray. Thumbs up for the big guy and hope all those who are sick get well soon. WWE may want to put TLC Back at December.

  5. YOU SOLD OUT! 👏👏👏👏👏 YOU SOLD OUT! 👏👏👏👏👏 YOU SOLD OUT! 👏👏👏👏👏

    Jk . You gotta make money somehow!

  6. "ITS TRUE… ITS DAMN TRUE!"Roman is sick and kurt angle is taking his place in the match.. Aj styles is also taking bray wyatts place against finn..

  7. tired of hearing "according to the wrestling observer newsletter". any long time fan of wresting can star a match and it's as good as meltzer because it's personal choice

  8. The shield won't be at Tlc a infection our something infected 3 wrestlers and they will. Be replaced by aj styles and Kurt angle and with the virus the infected wrestlers will become zombies and will we all become infected and zombies yeah zombies

  9. Well Guys Roman Isn’t Going To Be At TLC , instead Kurt Angle will be replacing him. And Bray Wyatt won’t be at TLC aswell instead AJ Styles is replacing him.

  10. hey oli, they have just turned the line up for tlc it's now going to be aj styles vs finn balor and roman will be replaced by kurt angle. any reasons why?

  11. There better be some surprises cause it sounds like TLC is going to suck No sister Abigail no Shield cause Reigns is out it sucks

  12. TLC is going to be trash the shield match not happening what was the whole point of the build up what a waste of time

  13. According to WWE.com Bray and Reigns are both out for TLC this Sunday. With Kurt Angle replacing Reigns and AJ Styles replacing Bray. Now Styles vs Balor might just make it worth it to watch the PPV, though how the announcers are gonna explain AJ's presence since he's supposed to be Smackdown exclusive should be interesting to hear.

  14. WWE had championship matches on raw and smackdown before. And now there is no championship match even in a paperview. So they have a wwe champion who sits in home with the title not defending it. WWE has gone worst than worst to have a champion like that boring and lazy Brock lesnar

  15. But who was sick first… bo bray and jojo… but.. what happened to roman… he was fine on monday… i think roman is a work.. they are saving shield return match for SS

  16. Roman is also reportedly​ down and Kurt ( if it is true and Roman can't compete ) will be stepping in and joining the shield for his first match back

  17. All these idiots know it all kids saying TLC gonna suck..why because Roman, a less talented wrestler who made it this far because of his cheekbone and got into Vinces bed ,gets replaced by a once Olympic gold medalist and a far better wrestler Kurt Angle ?or because the fat waste of space Bray Wyatt gets replaced by the Phenomenal 1 AJ styles??please smarks do us all a favor and quit watching wwe . forever you will never get satisfied in your life with wwe.go watch ROH or something who cares

  18. Can't believe aj, and kurt are wrestling this Sunday.. I feel bad for Roman, and bray.. But as a fan, I'm super excited to see my two favorite wrestlers on the show

  19. Kurt Angle + Seth Rollins + Dean Ambrose vs Miz + Braun + Kane + Sheamus and Cesaro has been confirmed, along with AJ Styles vs Finn Balor because Bray and Roman have a virus.

  20. i heard roman reigns is sick and will miss tlc and they will replace him with kurt angle and bray wyatt will be replaced with aj styles both seem unlikely but i actually saw this on wwe.com

  21. I'm just saying WWE has AJ Styles Finn Balor and Shinkauke and two of them on that same show Balor should be on SD so we can get a dream triple threat match

  22. So let me get this straight. This show shows us tweets and posts on reddit, with no concrete proof or sources, and calls it news? I'm sad for the wrestling Fandom.

  23. Damn, meningitis is no joke. Had it in the summer and was sick for 10 days. You get the worst headaches and neck pain and feel sick to your stomach. Speedy recovery to the wrestlers that have it.

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