WWE U.K Champion Pete Dunne on what makes WWE’s return to Royal Albert Hall so special

Having the Royal Albert Hall is so
important to the show, because just like the Blackpool show,
it looks British. It shows that we’re proud to be from
the UK, it’s something different. And as far as venues of that style go, I think this is the top one
that we could’ve possibly got. I think it’s gonna look completely
different, especially to an American audience that aren’t used to that,
or a worldwide audience. I think what makes the UK title so unique
is we have a different style of wrestling, we’re proud to be from Britain. The British style of wrestling has
always been a bit more rough, and a lot more of a technical style than what you
might see on RAW or SmackDown every week. I think the first tournament proved
that people can come out of nowhere and just tear the house down, and show
something completely different and unique. And so TakeOver WWE,
there’s gonna be loads of new faces. But I don’t see anyone
as potential threat. Just them, and me.

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