WWE Universal Champion AWOL For 3 Months

WWE Universal Champion AWOL For 3 Months

hello the Internet and Andy here for what
culture wrestling that it is with the utmost regret that I must inform you
that the big purple bastard is at it again
I am of course talking about Brock Lesnar and not ban offs now the Beast
incarnate remains the most divisive superstar in WWE today and with this
latest news he’s about to piss everyone off once again this is because according
to Uncle Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter current
WWE plans mean Brock won’t defend his Universal Championship until SummerSlam
which isn’t until August 19th given that Lesnar’s last major defense took place
at the greatest Royal Rumble which was on April 27th that will have mean almost
four full months will have passed from one defense to the other but remarkably
this would only be his reign second longest gap as four months and four days
passed between his defenses at new mercy 2017 and the 2018 Royal Rumble now
personally I still kinda like Brock Lesnar for the big fight feel he brings
to the events he competes on but surely this is taking the piss the absentee
champion stick grew tiresome for a lot of you a long time ago and this is only
gonna make things worse expect this news to go down like a turd in a Punchbowl
but maybe there’s some light at the end of the tunnel rumors last week suggested
that WWE will actually have less nor lose the Universal Championship at
SummerSlam so who knows maybe that will be the last we ever see of him and he’ll
bugger off back to the UFC but as always the usual disclaimers apply here it’s
all speculation at the moment so take a pinch of salt apply a hint of cynicism
and most importantly don’t take the big melts words as gospel and of course this
is WWE we’re plans can change on the night of an event itself but given that
Lesnar isn’t currently set to appear up money in the bank or Extreme Rules which
is on July 15th the SummerSlam plan seems perfectly feasible there’s no word
on potential opponents yet either but while Seth Rollins who probably be the
fans choice after fantastic start to 2018 on Raw let’s be honest
it’ll probably be Roman reigns anyway that’s all for today folks head on down
to the comment section and drop those I see hot Brock Lesnar takes while
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been Andy for what called your wrestling have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you
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100 thoughts on “WWE Universal Champion AWOL For 3 Months

  1. All WWE is trying to do is have Lesnar break CM Punk’s title reign record in order to spite him but to me it’s not the same since Punk actually defended the title very often where Brock only shows up once every blue moon

  2. Rather not see Brock than see him against Roman…. maybe when someone steps up to be worthy of fighting the beast we will see more of the beast.

  3. If The Only Choice Is To Put The Belt On “The Big Douche” Roman Reigns I Hope Lesnar Never Loses That Crappy Named Title

  4. Damn what's the point of him being champion anymore I actually forget that title is even around because it's gone he don't even wrestle on RAW witch is garbage

  5. So, if someone from RAW would win the Mitb Briefcase, he could never cash it in, because the champ is never at RAW. That means the Briefcase would be kinda worthless for a RAW Superstar.:D

  6. I get why they want lesnar to beat cm punks title reign but the difference is punk was defending it at almost every ppv in that reign so not very comparable

  7. When you remember the kayfabe times when champs got stripped off their championship if they didn’t defend it once every 30days.

  8. Not sure about Reigns going for the title. He's failed several times and WWE can't keep pulling that crap. My money's on someone like Lashley.

  9. I'd rather have Corey Graves win the belt than Roman Reigns.

    That aside, the one to blame is not Lesnar, it's WWE booking team. Lesnar doesn't owe anyone anything other than what's written in his contract. His contract, since he returned to WWE, said he only has to appear a very limited amount of times. Nothing has ever changed about that, whether he has the belt or not. WWE decided to put the belt on him; he definitely didn't ask for it. It's blatantly obvious that WWE did this on purpose to make people support Roman Reigns. But nothing's gonna help Roman Reigns. They couldn't pull the trigger on Reigns because they'd rather have a part timer than a full timer being hated as champion. So now they have to build up someone else, and Lesnar is stuck as champion in the process.

  10. If he has the belt he should be in the ring cuz if the champ is away nobody can go for it we’ll sure wwe know what they are doing 😂

  11. Let him keep that title. Make a new one with a proper name. That title was a joke the moment it was called the Universal Championship.

  12. I dont blame Lesnar. He got the deal he wanted. I blame Vince for giving it to him and how hes booked.

  13. WWE is shooting themselves in the foot with this guy. Never mind the fact that his matches really aren't that exciting, but his reign is holding back a helluva lot of superstars. Balor, Strownman, Reigns, Owens (to a lesser extent), Rollins, these are all guys who have been held back by Lesnar. One of these dudes should be holding that title belt. Balor should have been in the title hunt right when he got back from shoulder injury. Roman (even if you don't like him) can put on a great match and has been built to be at the top. Strowman is one of WWE's most organic stars, and he's been squandered because he can't honestly hold a feud in the midcard (because he needs to maintain his superstar aura) but can't hold a feud at the top of the card because the top of the card is locked off for a champ that doesn't appear. Owens was sacrificed to Goldberg to make Lesnar-Goldberg Round 3 more appealing, and he's been on a downward slope since. Rollins is killing it as IC champion, but he could be killing it as THE champ on Raw. He's putting in main event work, he needs to be placed at the top of the card. With Lesnar at the top, all WWE is doing is crafting an upper mid and and dooming their most profitable stars to it. Raw is WWE's flagship show, but it's stars are having their legs cut out from under them by Lesnar

  14. Even if Roman does win that belt, I now want him to throw it to the mat and stomp on it as the worthless pile of leather and metal it is – if you're not going to show the big prize on TV and have it defended on practically every PPV like its sister show counterpart, why treat it like it has any value? Even the Hardcore Title has more value then the Universal Title does and that belt could change hands fifteen times in one show.

    Boot Brock and dump the Universal Title already, this is just a money-wasting contract deal and it's just lazy from an intellectual and business perspective.

  15. the only way lesnar will lose the belt at summerslam is if they do a cash in like seth at mania 31.

  16. Strip him of the title, Smackdown is the A show at the moment, because they actually have a champion and interesting wrestlers.

  17. The only way I’d want to see a last Roman and Brock match would be if it was 5 times better than their WrestleMania 31 match without a cash in

  18. I know this would never happen but it would be so awesome if Bobby Roode won MITB and cashed in to win the title off Lesnar when WWE comes to Toronto a week after SummerSlam.

  19. I have beyond had it with this bullshit, he clearly doesn't give a shit, and clearly Vince doesn't either, this is an utter embarrassment

  20. Let balor win MITB, then at a ppv reigns vs lesnar, rollins helps reigns win and then balor cashes in and wins back the title he never lost

  21. Out of sight, out of mind. If WWE doesn't care about the Universal Title then why should the fans? Brock could hold the title for 1,000 days and it would mean nothing if he only defends it 3 or 4 times a year. Just goes to show the title is nothing more than a prop to stroke Brock's ego. Thank you to the guys like The Miz and Seth Rollins who go out each and every night for the love of the fans and the love of the business, not the love of the money.

  22. Only way wwe would care about our opinions is if we just simply quit watching.
    Quit giving them our time and money.
    It's become damn near impossible to watch.

  23. i can't understand how someone with as much love for, and knowledge about the business (and backstage influence) as Paul Heyman is ok with his client being the laziest person on the entire roster. he must know how much this devalues the championship and the entire product but he doesn't seem to care at all

  24. There's only one true champion on raw and that's the Intercontinental HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING Champion himself Seth Rollins. In all caps because that's the only belt that still has those words in it.

  25. I'm so god damn sick of Brock Lesnar with that title. Full time wrestlers work their asses off every week only for the "world champion" to show up 4 times a year to work a 5 minute match? Fuck that

  26. Almost have to congratulate WWE on this: They've successfully made the Intercontinental Title the main title on their flagship program. By their clever strategy of having Seth have fantastic matches week in and week out, and not having the other title that's only existed for a couple of years on the show at all…

    Oh, you mean they still think we give a shit about the Universal title? Yeah, no. It's existed for less than 3 years, and… what… 5 guys have held it? The most recent of which shows up once every three months or so? Yeah, they need to give Seth a raise, he's the one keeping the show watchable.

  27. You would think WWE ratings are spectacular based off how they are going on 2 yrs with not having a major title on RAW consistently lol

  28. -Reigns wins MitB
    -Seth wins Universal title at Summerslam
    -Reigns cashes in on Rollins as revenge for Mania and turns heel
    -Reigns finally hated as a heel

    Book it, Vince.

  29. …wait…
    How and why exactly is this news?
    come to think of it, who is this Brock Lesnar guy you're talking about? By any chance is that the guy with really crappy ink and the even worse haircut that shows up carrying that belt every once in awhile as Paul Heyman starts talking almost like the bible about the Beast?
    I keep forgetting he's even part of the show.
    I'd take anyone else as Universal Champion right about now.
    …even Roman Reigns, if that's who it has to be. I can see it; Roman wins the title at Summerslam, and then Braun Stroman (or Finn Balor, or Kevin Owens for that matter) cashes in, and so Roman is champ for a total of 3 minutes. It happened to him before…

  30. If a Raw superstar wins MITB they are going to have to switch to the 24/7 hardcore rules and go to his house to fight him.

  31. The worst part about Brock is he's become lazy and selfish. More so than ever.

    He could put on one hell of a match in 03, and had a pretty damn complex move set. His matches back then were great.

    He's put on a handful of great ones since he returned in 2012, but the last 2 years he hasn't shown any interest in doing anything. And if you look into how he didn't want to play ball with Ambrose at their Mania match 3 years ago, he just has no interest in doing anything other than showing up when he wants for a massive paycheck, throwing a few suplexes and stiff shots. F-5, done. He doesn't even do the kimura anymore.

    And this is coming from a huge mark of his. It's frustrating, because he could do much more and much better. But Brock is just gonna do what Brock wants to do.

  32. Brock is a great character, but you can't expect fans to respect and value the title when you willingly allow your champion to disrespect and devalue it.

  33. I’d love to see Strowman win MITB, Reigns vs Lesnar at SS, Reigns wins, Braun cashes in has Reigns beat but Lesnar comes back and attacks him, then both Reigns and Lesnar beat Strowman down, making him fail on the cash in. Next night Heyman announces he’s Reigns advocate and Reigns and Lesnar we’re united before their match and competed out of friendly competition (turning Reigns heel) which is why Lesnar saved Reigns after. Strowman then feuds with Lesnar eventually going over him, then targets Reigns and beats him for the title.

  34. And then you have to consider what will happen to the Money in the Bank winner. I mean you going to have to wait for months before whoever wins it is going to get the opportunity the cash in his money in the bank for a title shot at Brock Lesnar. It's stupid. I just wasted there are way get to speed up things will Brock Lesnar will be forced into a match with somebody beats Brock Lesnar for the belt. So I guess WWE is satisfied in pain Brock Lesnar of huge pile of money to sit home on his Jaws and do nothing but count his money while the title sits and putrefys. This mess is turning out worse than the Bobby Lashley and his sister sketch.

    Peace Whoga

  35. He's the reason raw sucks cause they don't have a real champion vince is a idiot who needs to give up his position

  36. They should just make another wwe championship belt and let brock keep that piece of shit universal title cause its already devalued and worthless

  37. Lesnars reign is a absolute piss take and it’s completely ruined Raw. Smackdown is the new number 1 brand.

  38. It's funny that people hated the Universal title. Now they want to see it on Raw every week lol
    Miz Sucks

  39. What's new? I've come to expect this nonsense. Brock Lesnar is a joke and has completely devalued the Universal Title. The only good thing that could come from this is Seth Rollins winning the title from him.

  40. If all we have to do is wait for Summerslam for Brock to get cashed in on (hopefully from Braun or Joe) then I can wait

  41. The history books will record 2018 match of the year like this:
    Brock lesnar stepped into the ring, only to be choke slammed, he gets the piss beaten out of him and then after a grueling couple of minute beat down, gets a finishing chokeslam. I didn't say the name? STAND BACK no one can beat down brock like THE HURRICANE

  42. From this day forward Lesnar's new moniker is BEAST INCOGNITO the phrase Beast Incarnate reference is now shelved permanently.

  43. I’d rather him keep it then give it to roman anyways is anyone surprised he’s leaving again he’s like a dad trying to reconcile with his kid and leaving

  44. It used to be when you were champion anything.. You defended it weekly if not daily and proved you were champ. I'm sorry, but today's WWE is lame because they do not respect titles like they used to. But wait, that was before Disney stuck their mousy hands in Vince's wallet. How's that working out for you, Vince? You're in bed with the Saudis and your sucking the Mouse's thumb.

  45. It's not the part time the bugs me the most, it's the fact that he is literally just there for an easy pay day. He just doesn't care. The part time is an issue, but the not caring is the killer

  46. Honestly this is insulting and the fact that vince insists on keeping the title on him is ridiculous if he doesn't lose it at summer slam wwe is on a swift decline

  47. Y’all need to stfu why the fuck do you wanna see the main title defended every Monday night or every fucking ppv why that doesn’t make it special or prestigious! When lesnar shows up with the title everyone sees everyone wants to see for that fucking reason the title shouldn’t fucking change hands every couple ppv or every raw fuck that lesnar holding the title makes it prestigious!!!

  48. Y’all fans remember how excited you were when he came back from ufc 😂😂it’s all the fans faults they asked for it the cunts

  49. Why the fuck haven't they stripped the title from him? He hasn't defended it in 4 months. Last time I checked they have a 30 day limit in which they don't have to defend it but 4 months is bullshit

  50. brock lesnar is a great athlete and a gifted wrestler, there is no denying that. but he seems to be utterly passionless for the sport of wrestling anymore. and as a result he is an embarrassment for a champion. he breaks the 30-day rule literally every gap between title defenses. he doesn’t collaborate well with anyone (ex: for his match w/dean ambrose at WM32, brock emailed what he wanted the match to be to ambrose.) and he’s flirtatious with the idea of going back to UFC as leverage to get as much money as he can out of the WWE. and the WWE suffers from this, mainly the RAW brand because without a main champion appearing on the show, the audience declines.

  51. I wouldn't mind if his few matches a year were good, but they're hyped to hell and then mediocre at best suplexfests. Hope he leaves and goes back to UFC for another run, he was much more entertaining over there.

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