100 thoughts on “WWE WOMEN’S MATCH For Saudi Arabia?! MAJOR NXT Update! | WrestleTalk News Mar. 2019

  1. A women's match in Saudi Arabia is NOT a good substitute for Evolution 2 or another all women's PPV. Funk dat!

  2. Well, if US president could sell more weapon to Saudi and taking money from them, why WWE can't? The question it's good or not should address to Donald dumb not WWE. Because at least WWE not accepting blood money, unlike Donald dumb.

  3. With mounting pressure on nations (especially the US) to stop supporting Saudi Arabia you can beat your arse that the PR firm Mohammad is paying to make him look "progressive" are desperately trying to sell him & other officials on the let women compete thing.

  4. This video's "from outta nowhere" turned into "where's W-Oli" instead 😂 Brilliant video as always guys 🙂👍 #SupportWrestleTalk

  5. “Self-depreciating emoji”? I think you meant “self-DEPRECATING”, Ollie. Unless you really meant to imply that Stevie-boy was literally devaluing his personal brand equity via smiley.

  6. 2 things.

    1 why does he have to give up the belt? Brock Leasners health and doesn’t show up 😂

    2) find it hard to believe the women will be aloud a match in SA

  7. If they do bring women to Saudi Arabia than the women would need to be careful because male domination is a religion over there.


  9. 3:34 to 4:32 = Master Z is the 3rd Martial Arts film that Batista has starred in. He was also in The Man with The Iron Fists as well as the remake of the Jean-Claude Van Damme classic: Kickboxer which featured a returning Van Damme this time playing the mentor to the character he originally portrayed in the original.

  10. Really tired of the Fakidor army crap. If I wanted stupid storylines that make no sense and are only written to sell something…

    I’d watch WWE

  11. The relationship is really healthy… Yes they are pushing the events in Saudi Arabia that's because this is one of a few sports/entertainment that the country will allow at the moment. So the push is definitely a good thing WWE has going for them and capitalizing on the opportunity.

  12. Goddamnit, Ciampa has the worst luck! He got super hot in RoH, got hurt. Got super hot in NXT, got hurt. Gets super, RED hot again, gets hurt AGAIN. it's not just a bummer that we don't get to enjoy his work, this might make WWE higher-ups not want to take a chance on making him a top guy because he's injury prone.

  13. If WWE is doing a womens match in SA, it will probably be two extremely thin men wearing burkas with socks stuffed in their chests and just the eyes showing.

  14. Haha. I had to rewind 3 times to find you in your Outta Nowhere gimmick. Ugh, pathetic.
    Anyone else have trouble or at least brave enough to admit it?

  15. I have been an avid wrestling fan since the day's of John Tolos, Victor Rivera, Chavo Guerro Sr and many-many more. I finally decided to quit on the WWE as of their first show in Saudi Arabia (Royal Rumble). The WWE simply pimped out their brand for the all-mighty dollar. It was a direct insult and slap in the face to all of their female employees. Then they did it again for the Crowned Jewel. There is no difference if the KKK Grand Wizard offered the same money to the WWE to perform in Kentucky, but only if they don't bring any black employees. I am sick to my stomach
     with the WWE and can not wait for the AEW to finally get on TV

  16. there's wolf warrior but for pure martial arts ip man is the best martial arts franchise of the last 10 years, what video on the left ?

  17. The Saudi Arabia deal was okay at first until the murder cover up. On a brighter note can we get a where's Waldo type book but with WrestleTalk instead? Took me a while to find Oli.

  18. Saudi promotes terrible ppv events. Nothing good can come out of old men wrestling. They're better off doing a ppv at a retirement community.

  19. Still watch you guys occasionally, but don't watch WWE anymore. Mostly because of Saudi Arabia, but also because they don't seem to know what they're doing anymore. At least last time I saw, which was right before Crown Jewel. Like you's guys show though. Thanks.

  20. Many other companies have pulled their business from Saudi Arabia. I think the WWE should follow suit. It's going to be a huge deal of negative press every time they go there, and regardless if women compete there, it hampers WWE's desire to be seen as a progressive company that treats women respectfully now.

  21. Sorry I'm not sorry but you're talking about Saudi Arabia while you come from the UK dude one of the most evil empires that ever landed on earth killing occupying and enslaving people for hundreds of years… get over it

  22. Destroy WrestleTalk! A womens match for Saudi? what a way to go WWE for disrespecting Saudi's culture idiots! ok there better be a match for the mens title at that controversial prejudice man hating ppv evolution!

  23. There are still way too many problems with doing business with Saudi Arabia from a moral and political standpoint. I don't know why the hell WWE got in bed with the nation's government in the 1st place.

  24. The thought that the women's match will happen is hilarious. The middle east so backwards, you people give them too much credit.

  25. Luke trying to act is so painful I had to stop the video. Stick to what you do best, tucking your ear into your hat.

  26. I understand WWE is getting killed in the TV ratings and they have shareholders to account to, that being said….. I feel as long as the Saudi's are killing reporters, oppressing women, and a litany of other human rights violations…… There are better ways to increase profits short of selling out.

  27. Would the women be safe having a match in Saudi Arabia? What if something horrible happens? I have a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach about this….

  28. I was willing to give them a chance. However with the outright Murder of that reporter it has shown us that they will never change. Always will Saudi Arabia be an oppressive nation.

  29. WWE has clearly been nothing but a joke going to Saudi Arabia because…….MONEY!! Real life events be damned.

  30. WWE's relationship is nothing more than a cash grab since their ratings will go back down like always, and they will be wondering why again soon enough.

  31. The only way I will watch a Saudi show is if every woman from the wwe roster comes out naked other wise no interest suck it Prince of Saudi Arabia

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