WWE WrestleMania 35 RESULT LEAKED?! Chris Jericho WWE Heat? | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

WWE WrestleMania 35 RESULT LEAKED?! Chris Jericho WWE Heat? | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

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the Su-Su-Super News, wait no, that’s not right. Let’s begin the MECHA NEW-wait no. Hmm. I can’t do Luke or Oli’s gimmicks, I need
one of my own. I need something that’s big. Numbers are big. Luke and Oli do longer news, which means I’m
the third one, which means I’ve got a 33 and a third chance of winning at Sacrifice,
but then you take in Oli’s 75% chance of winning of we were to go one on one, and that
gives him a 141 and two thirds chance, while I only have a 8 and a third chance of coming
up with a suitable name for my longer news episodes! I don’t have a name yet. But let’s get on with the news! Today is stacked, because we’ve got stories
from across the spectrum such as a WrestleMania 35 result potentially leaked, the tensions
between AEW’s Chris Jericho and WWE continuing to rise, and of course we’ve got all the
happenings from last night’s Impact show, United We Stand. Click the timestamps in the video description
below to jump to any of those stories right now! To show solidarity in Luke, Oli, and Laurie’s
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day, which is: Who Should Beat Brock Lesnar? .If Seth Rollins doesn’t beat Brock Lesnar
at WrestleMania 35, who do you think should? Carmella Steals Nakamura’s Gear! This past week, some WWE stars appeared on
Jimmy Fallon in order to promote WrestleMania. The ones in attendance took part in a funny
little game where they had to cut promos written by young children and attempt to make them
sound tough. So you had Braun Strowman cutting a knock
knock joke, Drew McIntyre talking about pooping, and Carmella threatening to wax someone, New
York style, whatever that means. However, it’s the last of those three that
drew some ire from another WWE star however. Carmella posted a picture of herself on Jimmy
Fallon on Instagram, but her attire drew the gaze of one Shinsuke Nakamura, who responded
with three simple words: “It’s my gear” [When I say this part,
Shinsuke’s comment will be present on 009, so if you can zoom into where he says it,
that would be great] Well…he’s not wrong. WWE Couple Announce Engagement! From an unhappy WWE couple to a very happy
one now, and it seems congratulations are in order as Long Island Iced Z just became
Long Island Iced G. The G stands for groom. Last night, Zack Ryder got engaged to girlfriend
Chelsea Green, with the pair announcing their engagement on Twitter. I think Zack missed out on a “I woo woo
woo’d her” joke here though. A lot of love poured in for the couple, with
countless wrestling personalities, past and present, weighing in with their thoughts. Brandi Rhodes went one step further though,
taking credit for the whole thing. “I put these two together, and it worked. I’ll be charging by the minute now for match-makings. Crying with laughter emoji! Congrats you two! Love you guys! Champagne clinking glass emoji!” [When I say the emoji parts, zoom in on the
emoji I’m talking about pretty please] I see she’s been taking lessons from Vince
McMahon. Congratulations to the happy couple! “Rowdy” Roddy Piper HoF Statue Unveiled! Even more congratulations were in order, as
WWE have unveiled their latest Hall of Fame statue, and it’s here to kick bubblegum
and chew ass, and it’s all out of ass…wait “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was the latest to
be immortalised in statue form, joining the likes of Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino,
the Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. Other WWE legends were on hand to give their
thoughts of the unveiling, including Ricky Steamboat, Sting and Jimmy Hart. The late Piper passed away in 2015, but now
his astounding legacy, including but not limited to, his classic WrestleMania II feud with
Mr. T, being the host of a talkshow that paved the way for all future ones, and wearing a
rad kilt, has now been cemented. When you think you know the answers, he changes
the questions. Impact’s United We Stand Results! Last night saw Impact Wrestling’s WrestleMania
weekend show take place: United We Stand. It was a pretty stacked card, including an
Ultimate X match, a Monster’s Ball match, an Intergender match, the one night of the
year where Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground go head to head in direct competition, and
the best of all matches, a nostalgia match! Results for the show are incoming, so if you
don’t want to know as you haven’t watched yet, skip ahead using the timestamps in the
description below! Three, two, one… It seemed to be a very good show, with Sami
Callihan overcoming Jimmy Havoc while stapling a newspaper to his head, but not the WrestleTalk
magazine this time. *shakes fist*, Tessa Blanchard beating Joey
Ryan, Johnny Impact becoming the new number one contender to the X-Division championship,
Rich Swann retaining that X-Division Championship over Flamita, Team Lucha Underground beating
Team Impact, Taya Valkyrie retaining the Knockouts Championship, LAX defeating Low Ki and Ricky
Martinez and the Lucha Bros knocking off the ECW dream team of RVD and Sabu. I’m surprised we didn’t see Chris Jericho
appear on the show, with the tension between him and WWE seemingly rising and rising. Chris Jericho Denied WWE Stars For Podcast! Current AEW and former WWE star Chris Jericho
hosts a popular podcast called Talk Is Jericho, [I adlibbed a bit here, but include when I
mention WrestleRamble being listed above it] which regularly features current and former
WWE stars to share their experiences and shoot the breeze, or something. Now however, things may have changed. Jericho recently did a podcast previewing
WrestleMania 35, however he revealed on the show, that he was now forbidden from having
WWE stars appear on the podcast. “I don’t think I am necessarily banned from
the WWE, I don’t think that’s the case at all, but I know I’m not allowed to have any
WWE guests on Talk is Jericho. Yeah, that was told to me from a very high
source that it would not be appropriate because I am now with AEW.” While Jericho often plays host to friends
and other non-WWE wrestlers, there’s no doubt it’s a bit of a blow to him and the
podcast to not be able to showcase and talk to his friends and former colleagues in the
same way. Jericho has really been messed around by WWE,
removing him from the WWE intro clip, denying NXT stars on his cruise, banning WWE stars
from his podcast, and even while he was with the company, taking him in and out of matches
such as at The Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Speaking of Saudi Arabia… Saudi Arabia Show Postponed? WWE performed two shows in Saudi Arabia last
year, The Greatest Royal Rumble from the BEAUTIFUL, PROGRESSIVE CITY OF JEDDAH, and Crown Jewel
which emanated from… nowhere, just a totally normal place, why do you ask? The partnership between WWE and Saudi Arabia
at the time was reportedly very strong, with a multi-year deal confirmed. It was also revealed during financial reports
that WWE made somewhere in the region of $35-40million for the Greatest Royal Rumble. In comparison, WrestleMania 34 that took place
two and half weeks prior generated around $14million, well under half of the Saudi show. Now though, it seems there may be some readjustments
in play for the 2019 schedule of events in the Middle East. It had been previously reported by Rajah.com
that an unnamed show would take place in Saudi Arabia on May 3, which would place it two
weeks before Money in the Bank on May 19, don’t tell Kane, but interestingly enough,
would also put it directly before WWE’s European Tour, which runs from May 8-May 18. Now though, reports from Dave Meltzer of the
Wrestling Observer are showing that the Saudi show has been moved from May 3 to June 7. The reason being given for this supposed change
was for logistical purposes, so whether that means they wanted Money in the Bank, one of
their Big 5, to have more breathing room, or they wanted to separate their European
tour and Saudi Arabia trip further, remains to be seen. Reported plans for the Saudi Arabian card
include similar matches to the previous two events last year, including nostalgic big
names, with big draws entering left right and centre. And Hiroki Sumi. Two of the reported names for the show were
The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, however the latter of those two big names may now be in
doubt… WWE WrestleMania 35 Result Leaked?! Brock Lesnar is set to defend the Universal
Championship this Sunday at WrestleMania, where have I heard that before? This time though, he’s defending against
Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins. According to betting sites, the odds of either
man winning at the big show were actually fairly even, however that may be about to
change. It’s being reported by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani
that the UFC want Brock Lesnar back in time for a fight in August against current UFC
Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier. The report states:
“The UFC wants him back. As of right now, he wants to be back. They’re giving him a heavyweight title fight
if he comes back. Daniel Cormier, the heavyweight champion,
wants to fight him. Right now the plan is for him (Lesnar) to
fight in August, later on this summer, for that heavyweight championship. So it’s not signed just yet, but that currently
is the plan.” Lesnar and Cormier have a bit of history as
Lesnar showed up at UFC 226 to face off against Cormier, following the latter’s victory
over Stipe Miocic. Could this mean then, that Brock may drop
the Universal title on Sunday at WrestleMania before heading off to begin his training for
the UFC return? Where have I heard that before? The fact this report came out directly before
WrestleMania is certainly interesting, and it does beg the question of whether it is
indeed legitimate, or it could be used as another negotiating strategy by Lesnar to
extend his WWE contract. Where have I heard that before? After WrestleMania, one would assume that
Lesnar’s next big WWE appearance would be at the next Saudi Arabia show, but considering
that show has now reportedly been moved to June, there doesn’t seem to be enough time
for him to stay with WWE until then, then migrate over to UFC for his fight. Which means he may very well be leaving WWE
after this Sunday…I think. I can’t tell whether I’m being worked,
or I’m working myself, or the whole thing is a shoot, or a work shoot or it’s worked
itself into a shoot, I just don’t know anymore! We’ll see what happens on Sunday I guess. Make sure to subscribe to ScreenStalker and
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weekend pre-shows streaming WWE 2K19, which starts tonight. Check back here on WrestleTalk for live reactions
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who you can see below me, make sure to check out the videos over on the right from WrestleTalk
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46 thoughts on “WWE WrestleMania 35 RESULT LEAKED?! Chris Jericho WWE Heat? | WrestleTalk News Apr. 2019

  1. OLI: EVERYBODY BE NICE TO PETE! And subscribe to ScreenStalker because Luke, Laurie and I will be livestreaming us playing the NXT TakeOver card on WWE 2K19 from 10.30pm BST! https://bit.ly/2J2Hl6q

  2. Dude like why would you want to ruin shit for people the fans and performers. You all are the wprst type in the world. Stupid.

  3. Will lashley cost Brock the championship at wrestlemania finally setting up a match. It would have been nice if that happened.

    We need to see a Brock vs bobby match as well as Seth vs Kofi Kingston at survivor series

  4. Please please please please please please Lesnar lose that's all I want that's it please I'm begging you wwe

  5. Their universal title already means absolute crap. It is a part time title held by a part time wrestler. Take that title out and shoot it because it died the second they placed it in Lesnar's hands. You need to create an actually RAW world title because as I said before your title is dead. Fire Lesnar you're losing paying fans because he is a three move joke. No more part timers please we don't want or need them WWE.

  6. MEH. He is THE BEAST, and only has to work ONE WWE SHOW every 2-3 months. Mania in APRIL, SAUDI in June in a quick squash match, and then Summerslam in August before the UFC Show which will probably be around August 31st. He can train all the time when not working his few and far between WWE dates, and have him be away from RAW even more, and between now and August will be enough time, if necessary, to get off whatever "sauce" he might be on and pass the UFC drug tests this time.

    THE BEAST BROCK LESNAR will be the 1st person to hold both a WWE Title and a UFC title at the same damn time.

  7. I didn't hear any of Lesnar news and heard "he's dropping" (to be clear I want him to/think he should. Of course WWE would love to see him as UFC and WWE Universal champ (which let's admit they want to be the main title ATM but it aint working, how you convince people of that with a title they never see?).
    Although….. I don't think he beats Cormier (although admittedly I want him to win there too, cus wrestling fan)
    Either way, Seth SHOULD win tomorrow.

  8. there doesn't have to be a leak for us to already know how the universal match will go down

    Seth will lose and Brock will win like every single time

  9. Wrestlemania 36 Dream Card "GREATEST WRESTLEMANIA OF ALL TIME"
    Seth Rollins vs CM Punk – WWE Universal Championship
    Roman Reigns vs John Cena – WWE World Championship
    The Undertaker vs Sting – Final Match Ever for Both Legends
    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock – Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Triple H vs Dean Ambrose – No Holds Barred
    Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels – Student vs Teacher
    AJ Styles vs Goldberg
    Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton
    Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey – Raw Woman's Championship
    Charlotte vs Asuka vs Sasha Banks vs Bailey – SD Woman's Championship
    Finn Balor vs Brawn Stroman vs Bray Wyatt vs Drew Mcyintire vs Kofi Kingston – Intercontinental Championship No DQ Elimination Match
    The Miz vs Samoa Joe vs Shinsuka Nakamura vs Rusvev – United States Championship
    The New Day vs The Revival vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zane – Raw Tag-Team Championship Steel Cage Match
    The Hardy Boyz vs The Usos vs Alister Black & Ricochet – SD Tag-Team Championship Ladder Match
    Andre The Giant Battle Royal (30-Man) w/ surprise entries from Chris Jericho, The Big Show, Kane, Bubba Ray, Devon, Christian, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, Goldust & Dolph Ziggler
    featuring; Bobby Lashley, Sheamus, Cesaro, Baron Corbin, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan, Andrada, Elias, Shelton Benjamin, etc.
    Chyna Woman's Battle Royal (20 Woman) w/ suprise entries from Trish Stratus and Lita
    Cruiserweight Championship
    Woman's Tag-Team Championship

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