WWE Wrestlemania 35 Travel Package Unboxing

WWE Wrestlemania 35 Travel Package Unboxing

so my WrestleMania travel package has
arrived today so I’m going to open it with you guys because I don’t know where
I’m sitting and before people say oh you should go separately you don’t need to get the travel package I know it’s obviously more expensive
getting a travel package is my first time going to Wrestlemania I didn’t want
to have to try and get everything myself so just thought I put that there before
people start saying anyway so it’s arrived I’m working from home today so I
could accept the FedEx delivery this is fancy
okay so oh it’s magnetic that’s nice Oh exciting what we got Wrestlemania
transportation to MetLife Stadium okay so we have like a seating plan how to
use the MetroCard how to use a MetroCard okay so the MetLife Stadium seating plan
okay itinerary lovely okay right where the
ticket okay so I’m assuming these these are the tickets let’s have a look what
what is this so there’s my MetroCard nice this is my train ticket wwe presents wrestle.. oh no thats axxess okay so this is, I’ve got new day
axxess these are my axxess ticketsI’ve got new day and Sasha banks and Bayley okay
so what is this now this is my WrestleMania ticket cool I already know
what block I’m in just looking at my ticket so I am in block eight
which is hard camera side and I am row E fifth row hard cam side look out for
me on the TV that is exciting oh my gosh thats so exciting I’m so pleased oh my
gosh I’m so pleased because I thought like if I got one of corner blocks or
something or I don’t know I mean either way like I’m gonna be super excited to
be there but I mean I’m going on my own by the way so like so I kinda want a
good seat this is a good seat happy very happy with that
I got the travel package literally as soon as it went on sale I think they
went on sale like 3 p.m. UK time and I was checked out by like 3:01 so I’m
really glad like we got a good seat there NXT f1 that’s like on the ramp side row
six same for raw same for smackdown that’s okay no that’s okay very excited
um yeah WrestleMania is like less than a month away now like my fly out on the
3rd of April and i don’t know what i’m doing but thats exciting

56 thoughts on “WWE Wrestlemania 35 Travel Package Unboxing

  1. Ur an inspiration ur my wwe idol i love u ur my favorite youtuber sending u lots of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. First Wrestlemania? Lucky! You never forget your first. (Mine was 11. [Yeah, I'm old.] Draw whatever unfair comparisons you want to make.) EDIT: I'm tempted now to find cheap seat tickets and travel into the city.

  3. Awesome!!! I’m on hard cam side too but row 14 which is a little further away but such a big fan and can we meet up for a photo beforehand???

  4. Awesome, dude! I thought about going on my own before but bottled it. Glad you’re not as much of a wuss as me!😝

  5. Just to make you aware, if you are part of the package and staying at the package hotel Marriot Marquis, we have a Facebook page for people staying there so people can interact before arrival, search 'Wrestlemania 35 Hotel – Marriot Marquis'

  6. Congratulations I remember my first wrestlemania in Atlanta. It was wrestlemania 28. I hope you enjoy yourself plus we going hope to see you there. Wrestling fans are the best so if you are going by your self, you will be ok

  7. I almost was going to go on my own too but I bottled it last min and I regret it so much lol! Hope you have a great time !

  8. Couldn't agree more Jess. Done the travel package 3 times now. Yeah, more expensive but so less hassle. I'm in section 113. Travelling from Glasgow.

  9. This is my first mania as well coming from Australia, got my package the other day and I’m row 6 in bay 8, can’t wait

  10. I'm going my 1st Wrestlemania next month. Block 126! I'll have an England flag on me. If you're near or In London one day we'll go together. I sometimes go alone to house shows in Wembley

  11. I don't mind the travel package because it's such a peace of mind. Getting tickets through Ticketmaster is such a mess.

  12. amazing that you are going to wrestlemania 35 and I can't wait for next years wreastlemania tickets go on sale. Tampa Bay are you ready


  14. Yeah I'm going to my first WrestleMania as well me and my brother are going and of course before that we're going to hit up axxess it's not the greatest WrestleMania card but who knows with surprises they may have in mind

  15. Going to my 1st mania also! I'll be there!…sitting in 212…middle…not floor..but not upper deck! So…still really happy!

  16. I'm also going this year & it's my 1st one. So exciting! I'm also flying out on the 3rd, I bet the airports will be fun lol. Great seats btw. We did everything separately but my best friend who I'm going with has been to 2 others so she knew what to do whereas I'd have been a wreck trying to do it lol. Have an amazing time xx

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  18. Enjoy your trip. I went on my own to WrestleMania Texas and had a great time. Looking forward to see your vlogs from NY

  19. Hey! I don’t mean to be cheeky but do you have an estimate of how much you paid for your travel package? I am too from the UK and would love to go next year and i’m just wondering how much I should save up roughly. Also, did you get flights separate?

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