WWE Wrestlers Rumored to Appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

WWE Wrestlers Rumored to Appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

– [Zach] Wrestlers are often described as real life superheroes so having them in superhero
movies makes sense. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the film industry, but there has only been one WWE wrestler who’s appeared in it. However, a number of other WWE stars have been considered for roles in the MCU, let’s go through them and see what characters they’d be playing. This first one is such a perfect match-up that it has to happen sooner or later. John Cena shared a picture
of Captain America’s shield on Instagram in November 2018. There was no description
to go along with it, leading everyone to guess and theorize. Were those claw marks a hint? Nobody knew. A month later, while on
the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cena was asked about it. He didn’t say a whole lot, other than he’d be willing to play the role of Captain America. Things went quiet for a while, but the story picked
back up in June of 2019. Information was leaked about the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series that suggested Mr. Hustle,
Loyalty and Respect would become the new Captain America. Specifically, it was
thought that Cena would play the role of a character named John Walker. In the comics, Walker
becomes Captain America when Steve Rogers is forced to quit. After the death of his parents, Walker goes a bit insane and becomes overly aggressive
and murders people. Because of this, the Captain America identity
is taken away from him, and he becomes the U.S. Agent. John Cena definitely has the look and build for Captain America, plus he’s one of the most
American wrestlers ever, so him donning the shield
is a match made in heaven. Unfortunately no official
announcement has been made about him appearing in the
Falcon and Winter Soldier series, but Cena’s acting career is still young, so there’s hope. Another fitting casting choice would be Ronda Rousey as She-Hulk. When it was announced that
the Incredible Hulk’s cousin was getting her own series at Disney+. Ronda Rousey immediately came up as the one to play the green superhero. The rumors refused to die down, with some even claiming that it had already been confirmed. According to reports, the series is gonna start
filming this summer, so someone’s got to be locked into the role of She-Hulk soon. Fans have put together
some really cool artwork showing the former RAW Women’s
champion as the heroine. It’s also worth mentioning that before her WWE days Rousey expressed interest in playing the role of Captain Marvel. That of course went to Brie Larson, but who knows, Ronda Rousey has more acting
experience under her belt, so perhaps now is the time for the baddest woman on
the planet to join the MCU. I’m beginning to sound
like a broken record, but once I tell you, you’ll agree this would’ve been an
ideal casting choice. Before the MCU had even begun, Marvel was interested in having Triple H play the role of Thor. I can definitely see it. The guy has the body and the beard and hair of the God of Thunder. Not to mention, he has plenty of experience
wielding hammers, and some shovels too,
if you know what I mean. Apparently, he was pretty high
on the list of candidates, which does make sense. Besides having the look, Triple H had already appeared in another Marvel film, Blade Trinity. In fact, he was so good, they actually wrote additional lines so he’d have a larger role. As we know, Chris Hemsworth ended up becoming the God of Thunder and perhaps it was for the best. Thor has already appeared
in seven MCU films, if you count the mid-credit
scene in Doctor Strange. So I wonder if that
would’ve allowed Triple H to become involved with NXT. If he has gotten the role, he could’ve followed
in The Rock’s footsteps and taken his career to Hollywood. Imagine how different WWE would look today if Triple H had became a part-timer or even completely left the company. Here’s a more random entry. A few weeks after his famous trip at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Titus O’Neil made another headline move. On his Twitter account, the former PrimeTime Player posted that he was excited to be slimming down to a quote, “leaner 41 year old 270 pound Marvel character” and ended by saying quote, “Dave Bautista, I’ll see you soon.” This was back in May of 2018
and nothing’s come of it. Some ideas of what
films he could appear in included Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame and Black Panther 2. The first two are of course not correct, but the Black Panther sequel isn’t set to release til 2022, so it’s a possibility. Guardians of the Galaxy
3 is another candidate, especially because of O’Neil’s
direct mention of Batista. It’s still up in the air, but the fact that this announcement’s getting close to two years old and nothing new has happened doesn’t paint a bright future. Hopefully everything is on track and Titus will slide right into the MCU. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being well over a decade old, it’s kind of surprising The Rock hasn’t made a single appearance in it. Well, that could change. Shortly after the release
of Avengers Endgame, the people’s champ took to Instagram to congratulate the cast and crew. He also mentioned he was
looking forward to meeting with Marvel Studios
president, Kevin Feige. While that little comment
is pretty open-ended, that didn’t stop speculation
that the Great One was going to be showing up in the MCU. One of the possible
roles The Rock could play is the antihero Namor the Sub-Mariner. That’d be cool to see, but the one big hurdle is that The Rock is
already gonna be playing the DC villain, Black Adam. Even with that obstacle, I imagine Marvel would still love to have The Rock appear
in one of their films somewhere down the line. Which WWE wrestler would
you wanna see in the MCU? Let me know in the comments. After that, check out
the video on the right, which looks at the times WWE stars did actually
appear in Marvel movies. With that, I’m Zach from Tap Out Corner, and take it easy.

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    Does superman go into random matches with two guys he trained with and beat the crap out of the victim, pick on a guy who thinks hes a king, and beat him up with a bunch of guys, he calls in guys and you talk about a numbers game even though your whole career was built on a numbers game, you pour dog food over em after he teaches you a lesson in how it feels to be ganged up on, and then you pick more fights with random people and act like a victim, wrestle terribly and talk on the mic like you have marbles in your mouth saying you would breat some guy named Brock Lesnar, then pick a fight with John Cena for some B PPV for no reason other than to get booked like god, you try to commit vehicular manslaughter on Braun Strowman because of a wrestling rivalry, can only win the rumble with the Rocks help, need wrestlers to sell for you to make the match and you look good, constantly gets turned on like a pussy, gets beaten to hell by Brock Lesnar, looks like a pussy constantly, interferes in matches you have no business in, then you call yourself superman?

    I smell Dog Shit. It smells bad. Almost as bad as Daniel Bryan's fanbase.

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