WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game – GameShelf #5

WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game – GameShelf #5

If you found any typo or other mistake, inform us
by leaving a comment in the comment section below! One of my favourite oldschool game I played a lot back in 90s was WWF WrestleMania – The Arcade Game. Yes, that’s game about wrestling, but it is more likely arcade fighting game. (American WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade game commercial) First it was released on arcade machines and then ported to home-consoles and PC. So, I wanted to play this game again and bought SNES version. But after starting the game I realised that I made a mistake. There are only 6 playable characters, in Genesis version there are 8 of them. I searched for some info on this and found out that Genesis version is the best. Other versions have framerate issues, lags and loading screens in the middle of a fight. Also, Genesis controller is the most similar to arcade one. As I said, it is fighting game, but some people don’t want to know what this game is because it has ‘wrestle’ in the title. And they miss quite nice game. The game is developed by Midway, developers of Mortal Kombat that is loved by many players. Now imagine that this gameplay is brought to ring. Even controls are the same. I think you would love it. In this version there are 8 playable characters. It’s not too much, but let me introduce them. Doink the clown, the most crazy character. He is sly and fights not fair. In real-life wrestling Doink is not one man. The first Doink was Matt Osborne, after that some wrestlers took the name of Doink. Razor Ramon or better known by the name of Scott Hall. Succesful wrestler famous for his addiction to drugs and alcohol He earned many rewards and notoriety. Undertaker, “He buries them alive”. His dark appearance of a real undertaker makes him really noticeable. Successfully continues his carrier of a wrestler to the present day. Yokozuna. This word refers to the highest rank in professional sumo wrestling. Actually, this wrestler is not Japanese but American. He is also one of the heaviest wrestlers in the history of wrestling. Unfortunately, he died from pulmonary edema in 2000. His weight was 680 lb at that moment. Shawn Michaels. He really likes to show how handsome he is. However, he is a good wrestler and continues his career to the present day. He is a real old-school wrestler. Bam Bam Bigelow, another heavy man. He loved fire so he made a tattoo of it on his head. Despite being quite heavy, he moves very fast. Died from drugs in 2007 Bret Hart, another very famous wrestler. He is also a writer and an actor. Stu Hart’s(Canadian wrestling Legend) 8th child. His brother Owen was famous wrestler, too. Actually, Bret Hart is born to be wrestler. Finally, Lex Luger, he can grow some metal things out of his body. Besides wrestling, played rugby. Nowadays appears in WWE with the name of Narcissist. Every character has many maneuvers, but there are less of them in manual instruction. Like it tells you to find them yourself. At this point those books with game secrets and cheat codes were very helpful. They made gameplay variable. With help of them we could hit with shock or tombstone and wrestling maneuvres. To perform them you need to grab your opponent by pressing (->)(->)(Z). Also, manual instruction never says you can do those things 4 times in a row. But to do more than one time you need to figure out what button to press. For example, choose Doink, grab your opponent and press (down)(down)(C) He hits opponent to the floor. Now, do it again but after (down)(down)(C) press (A)(A)(A). Doink hits 3 more times. It is more fun, isn’t it? That’s not all, the real fun begins after you have noticed that meter under health meter is filling as you hit your opponent. It is called combo meter. This information is also never mentioned in instruction, but as many maneuvers start with (->)(->), you will notice that (->)(->)(Z) when grabbed an opponent as Bam Bam Bigelow with full combo meter performs a fast punch streak. After this combo meter will reset to 0. Same effect as Shawn Michaels – (->)(->)(A), as Undertaker – (->)(->)(C). After some more hours you will find out something new. Every character has 2 basic combos. They are pretty simple. For example, Undertaker. (–>)(–>)(Z) – grab, then (–>)(–>)(C)(C)(C)(A)(A)(A)(X)(X)(X)(Z)(Z)(Z) and so on until the combo is over. All you need to do is to find the first button of combo to press and the direction in which you should press next buttons: clockwise or counterclockwise. These combos are very similar to Brutality from Mortal Kombat. The only thing is blood replaced with different things like skittles. Besides 2 default combos, there are some different ones. For example, you can press any other button while performing a combo or even more than one button. Doing so may finish combo with some different action or the character will uppercut the opponent into the skies. When I was young I wrote down all combos I found myself. At that moment I had already discovered 17 different combos for Razor Ramon. Now imagine, how insane cooperative mode is. But you need not to mess with each other. The instruction is not much informative, but there is something interesting at the very last page: you can order video guide on VHS for $15. A copy of this VHS is really hard to find these days, but the real fan won’t stop before anything. Actually, there is not too much information, too. The video lasts less than 20 minutes. There are some combos that I never heard about. And the most interesting is unique video about creating the game. According to the video Bret Hart was in charge. Actually, he did some random stuff. All the content of this VHS will be uploaded on this site. Unforunately, some things from arcade version were cut. In that version every character has an ending after completing the tournament. Backstory of them, like in Mortal Kombat. There was even FATALITY! You get it? FATALITY! Actually, only one and it was performed only by Undertaker: (down)(up)(down)(up)(punch) According to some rumors, Midway were up to make Fatality for all of the characters but for unknown reason they were not allowed to do this. There were many rumors on this game. For example, in Genesis/MegaDrive version you could also perform that Fatality. But after numerous tries, I couldn’t. Yokozuna and Doink had Fatalities, someone officially said there was secret wrestler. And nothing of this was never confirmed. As I was gathering info, I found something interesting on Wikipedia. The game has a sequel. WWF in Your House. Immediately I found an intro video and… I wasn’t up to see gameplay, I just ordered a game and in 3 weeks it was delivered 10 playable character(7 of them are brand new), Fatalities, Season mode and multiplayer. Oh yeah. What a rant. The game was hilarious on all platforms: Playstation, Sega Saturn, PC. In this game some cool wrestlers such as British Bulldog, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Owen Hart made appearance. Even characters from previous game are hilarious with the same combos. There are power-up’s all over the ring and they spoil the game. Because they appear suddenly and if you get it in the middle of a combo you get stunned and the opponent freely hits you. Every character has its own ring in the style of one. Most of them are ridiculous, audience repeat the same animation every 2 seconds. There are even the same people on the screen. Background music acts really weird. Sometimes it plays, sometimes it doesn’t. Voice acting is terrible. The most terrible is “Pin him”. Just listen to it. I think voice actors were about 10 years old or drunk men. The real voice actors were Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler from the arcade game Sometimes someone on the background says “What were they thinking?” Yes, Acclaim what were you thinking when created this game? Health is lower and recovery from stun punches is longer. That’s why fights became shorter. And the loading screen between them are annoying. It was also a problem of games on CD. Even if there are more than 4 players every character will load in the middle of a fight before joining the game. It doesn’t matter whether you are performing a combo or out of health. With the fact of this playing using Multi-Tab is not considered. Now, Season mode. I thought it was something with story, upgrades, fights on unusual levels, but it is nothing but “fight’em all including yourself” It is normal for arcade fighting, but not in Season mode, I suppose. One exception is Undertaker. Even the commercial was ridiculous. (American WWF in Your House commercial, 1996) So, here are some Fatalities or Super Pins as they are called in this game. This game is worth playing only to watch those clips after every mode. Ah…Rest on the shelf, boy. Thanks to Pavel Philyushkin for assistance with capturing the gameplay and all the staff of Level UP.

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    Story of Thor, Dune этих шедевров нет на снеске. А ломать голову в 90-х над джрпг мы бы не стали, тем более куча их выходила онли ин джапан.

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