Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for Xin Zhao’s story. The right hand man of King Jarvan the third
and the seneschal of Demacia. Xin Zhao came from distant Ionia, within the
coasts of Raikkon. His earliest memories were working as a cabin
boy in a fishing boat named Viscero. Even back then, he already had the same traits
when it comes to diligence and following orders to the letter. Although back then, the commands were just
from cleaning grimy decks to fixing tangled nets Far from the life threatening missions
that he will soon face throughout his life. It was a peaceful existence of hard work back
then. The smell of the sun and sea, greeted Xin
Zhao every morning as he swabbed the wooden decks of Viscero. Everything would have stayed the same until
he had aged like the elders of the fishing boat. Sunbathed and content. That is until they unknowingly ventured too
deep into foreign waters. Private warships from the Noxus empire had
seen their vessel. The commander of the warships claimed Viscero
and everyone inside it as his rightful property. Most of the fishermen were old and weak, unfit
for military service But nonetheless, they would be taken back to Noxian territory. The ruthless Kingdom would find a way to make
use of these old men, one way or the other. After enduring a harsh journey across the open ocean, Xin Zhao found himself in a strange new land. It was fortified walls upon fortified walls. Towering gateways that would make you feel
small. Xin Zhao who only knew the delicate beauty
of his village was overwhelmed but what awed him even more was the number of people within the capital. People were crammed into every available inch
of space. Xin Zhao later learned that the ruler of this
fearsome, yet glorious empire was “Darkwill” Seperated from everyone from Viscero, Xin
Zhao entered the service of the very man who had captured him. Xin Zhao was a natural with the spear, and
that didn’t go unnoticed from the eyes of his master. One good thing about Noxus is that there was
no discrimination when it came to strength. No matter where you came from, you will be
honored and celebrated if you have been deemed as a worthy warrior. Strength comes in all forms, and not just
from martial prowess, if you have the talent to be powerful, then it will be cultivated
and honed by the Noxus empire. You can rise through the ranks and gain respect,
no matter your background,social standing and even race. Something that the Honorable Kingdom of Demacia
seems to lack when it comes to mages. Young Xin Zhao having nothing to lose, embraced
this world of brutal battle for power. Xin Zhao shed his ragged clothes for crude
armor and entered the Reckoning arenas. It’s where mighty warriors battle in front of crowds who cheered for displays of skill,showmanship and blood. It’s basically WWE but with actual deaths. Xin Zhao took the name Viscero in order to
remind himself of his past life. His skills gained him victory after victory,
and soon enough, gained fame and glory within the arenas. The seats would be filled whenever he had
a match, the pockets of his sponsors getting fatter with each fight. However, Xin Zhao’s good fortune didn’t last. Beyond the world of Reckoning arena, the powerful
empire itself is facing difficult times. Hostile nations are gradually advancing through
Noxian territories, provoking rebellions all along the Noxian frontier. Darkwill and his advisors were offering a
fortune of gold for mercenaries, prisoners, and even Reckoners to be put in the frontlines
against the empire’s enemies. They were to join the empire’s warhosts to
boost its numbers and strength. With the passing of gold and a few handshakes. Xin Zhao and his fellow reckoners were bought
and placed on a transport ship heading to war In the costal fortress of Kalstead, the names
and reputations of even the most well-known Reckoners didn’t matter much. Xin Zhao and the others were hurled into battle
against the elite forces of King Jarvan the third himself. The King of Demacia who was determined to
reduce the influence of the Noxians within Valoran. Xin Zhao learned the hard way that war was
unlike any arena duel. They were faced with disciplined soldiers
that moved as one. His fellow Reckoners seeing the futility of
their stuggle, deserted the battle. It was only Xin Zhao who stayed and held his
ground. On that day, he stained his spear with hundreds
of Demacian soldier blood. It was then that the Dauntless Vanguard, an
elite team of soldiers, finally surrounded him. Still, young Xin Zhao, ever loyal to his orders,
stood tall, welcoming his inevitable death. However, Jarvan thought differently. Unlike the arena crowds, the king of Demacia
took no pleasure in needless killing. He granted the defeated Noxians their freedom,
if they would swear to leave Kalstead in peace. Surprised by his show of mercy, Xin Zhao thought
about what awaited him back in Noxus. He could return to a society where his life
had meant little beyond the gold he earned for his patrons… or he could fight for those
who embodied the virtues to which he, himself, aspired. Compelled by honor, he knelt before Jarvan
III, pledging himself to the king’s service. In the decades that followed, Xin Zhao proved
his loyalty time and again. As a seneschal of the royal household, he
became bodyguard and advisor not only to his friend and master, but also to the king’s
son—young Prince Jarvan, who would one day inherit the crown. Xin Zhao’s path to becoming a Demacian may
have been unusual, yet never once did he falter in his commitment to the kingdom and its ideals. This was not from a sense of duty, he reasoned,
but by choice. However, his greatest test came when a mage
insurrection threatened the capital. With the nefarious Sylas of Dregbourne wreaking
havoc throughout the Great City Xin Zhao stood ready to defend his liege, but the king
commanded him to leave on a personal mission of critical importance. With a heavy heart, Xin Zhao reluctantly obeyed. It was only when the palace bells tolled that
he knew the true gravity of his mistake. By the time the seneschal fought his way back,
King Jarvan III was dead. You see, Xin Zhao was tasked to deliver a
very important message. A message that he failed to deliver. Once he heard of the attack by Sylas, he went
rushing back to the Kingdom, only to find the King dead. Xin Zhao was devastated, but he knew that
the pain of losing his friend would soon vanish. Xin Zhao had pledged before to Tianna Crownguard
herself, that if anything happens to King Jarvan While he is in the King’s service,
then she may take his life. Xin Zhao believed his life would be forfeit…
but instead, Prince Jarvan reminded him of the pledge he had once made, and accepted
a renewal of his service to the kingdom. For now, more than ever, Demacia needs its
seneschal. The throne lies vacant, as the other noble
houses fear that the prince may not yet be fit to rule. Xin Zhao has no such concerns— He is utterly devoted to Jarvan, and determined to guide him in the perilous days to come.

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